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Suspected Wizard found naked at a farm in Kazungula District

Rural News Suspected Wizard found naked at a farm in Kazungula District

A 47-year-old Deputy village headman of Ndangalaza village in Makunka’s area in Kazungula district in   Southern Province was allegedly found naked in another man’s farm between 06:00 and 7:00 hours.

ZANIS reports that according to an eyewitness,  Benson Chazanga of Mulingula village said Mr Arthur Hamusinza was allegedly believed to have been practicing witchcraft in someone’s farm.

Mr. Chazanga said it was bizarre to find an old man allegedly naked in someone’s farm very early in the morning  “ unless the person was practicing witchcraft.”

He said the community suspects that Mr. Musinza was attempting to be-witch the owner of the farm so that he would not produce enough food during the next harvesting period.

Mr. Chazanga told ZANIS in an interview today that since witchcraft was common in most rural areas, it was certain that the suspect is an alleged wizard.

He said village headmen around the area are planning to hold a meeting on Friday this week to decide what to do to the suspected wizard.

Mr. Chazanga charged that the man used to live in Sichifulo Game Management area in Chief Nyawa’s chiefdom and came to ask for land to stay in Sekute’s chiefdom after he was chased from Sichifulo Game Management area by Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officials.

And commenting over the same issue, Mike Mundanda of Makunka area said it was a sad development that a visitor in the area could do such a thing because he was supposed to exhibit good morals by emulating the owners of the land who accommodated him in Sekute’s chiefdom.

Mr. Mundanda said there have never been cases of suspected witchcraft reported in the area for a long time now except the current scenario involving a visitor which has left many people with different feelings.

He said the village headmen will decide his fate during a meeting to be held on Friday whether to chase him out of the area or not.

When contacted for a comment the suspected wizard said he run away from his house in the night to go and hide in someone’s farm because he was scared of ZAWA officials who were reported to be in the area.


  1. Lungu look what you have done now?kkkkkk hunger in PF regime is driving people crazy these days. Even murder has become common place. Lungu please leave before 2021kkkkk.

  2. He needs to be medically examined. The District Medical Officer should contact this person and examine him for dementia and age related cases. The fact that it has happened before means that he may also be suffering from some form of mental illness.

    • Sure, I love your observations! it’s sad. Witchcraft failed all our ancestors. The colonists walked all over our ancestors, even outlawed witchcraft, burned shrines. Witchcraft is a state of mind. It’s FRAUD at best. Why do we still have so much hunger if the witches have supernatural powers to increase or increase farm yield? 21st century …

  3. He is a UPND stalwart and adviser to HH. Why do you think HH has stayed at the helm for so long withoutout any meaningful progress in the fortunes of the party, like winning a presidential election.

  4. We need to educate people For most people with Alzheimer’s, the earliest symptoms are memory
    lapses. In particular, they may have difficulty recalling recent events
    and learning new information. These symptoms occur because the
    early damage in Alzheimer’s is usually to a part of the brain called the
    hippocampus, which has a central role in day-to-day memory. Memory for
    life events that happened a long time ago is often unaffected in the early
    stages of the disease.

  5. Mr. Musinza was attempting to be-witch the owner of the farm so that he would not produce enough food during the next harvesting period.
    Kikikikiki! What then? if he doesnt produce enough food does the wizard get rich?

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