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Teachers warned against having intimate relations with their pupils


Teachers in Central Province have been warned against engaging into intimate relationships with their pupils.

ZANIS reports National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia ( NUPPEZ ) Central Province Chairperson, Godfrey Moonga, says teachers should refrain from girl-chid and teacher close relationships.

Mr Moonga says it is barbaric to see a teacher engage in an intimate relationship with a girl child, adding that the vice is tarnishing the image of the teaching fraternity.

“We have heard about the girl-child-teacher relations. As a union we urge you to refrain from such acts,” he says.

Mr Moonga has urged all erring teachers to stop as the law will visit them and consequently lose their jobs.

He said in an interview in Kabwe today that the union is committed to ensure girls and women are empowered especially in the education sector in the country.

The union chairperson further adds that teachers and parents should take a leading role to ensure the girl child is protected and attains an education.

Mr Moonga also adds that it is disappointing to see how most cases of early pregnancies and early marriages in schools are being handled especially by parents.

“Most parents prefer to sort issues outside court, just talk with the perpetrator, make them pay something because they fear losing out,” he says.

Mr Moonga adds that many perpetrators have not taken to court as most parents opt to settle matters their way instead of following the law.

Meanwhile, Ngabwe District Education Board Secretary, Rodgers Chuulu, has also implored parents to take a leading role in educating the girl child.

Mr Chuulu says most parents do not take responsibility of their children and in some cases force their children into early marriages.

He has called on the community not to allow such acts but report them to the authorities to ensure perpetrators are punished.

The District Education Board Secretary further adds that education is key to women empowerment and to end gender based violence in the country.


  1. Teachers should also be warned against getting double pay , from the Ministry of Education and the Zambian intelligence or OP.

  2. Why warn them when there is a clause in their contract that say they are the adult and if anything occurs, they are taking advantage of a minor who cannot make informed decisions. It should be an automatic firing and 5 years jail time. Enough with the warnings and no action. If those teachers were caught in those illicit sex parties, they need to be in jail by now. Learn to take action ba Zambia.This is why these issues will never end in our society.

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