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Trump Decision On Jerusalem Total Madness- Sinkamba


Green party aspirant candidate peter sinkamba accompanied by his wife found casting his vote at Rokana polling station in Nkana constituency. Pictures by Sylvia mweetwa
Green party aspirant candidate peter sinkamba accompanied by his wife found casting his vote at Rokana polling station in Nkana constituency. Pictures by Sylvia mweetwa

The decision by US President Donald Trump to recognize annexation of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move which is contrary to the 1980 UN Security Council Resolution 478, is total madness,” Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba said in Kitwe on Thursday.

Sinkamba, who likened Trump to Judas Iscariot, added that as a declared Christian Nation, Zambia should demonstrate biblical vigilance by strongly condemning and rejecting the annexation of Jerusalem by Israel and chose to stand by the side of the oppressed people of Palestine and Jordan.

Commenting on Trump’s decision which was announced on Wednesday this week that the US has decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and that the American Embassy will soon be shifted from Tel Aviv, Sinkamba charged that so long as the UN 1980 Resolution remains in force, the annexation is null and void. He said no right thinking leader should have contemplated doing so in the first place, considering hundreds of thousands of deaths in the past in the region and great milestones attained so far to achieve peace.

Likening him to Judas, the Green Party leader said it is a pity Trump has decided to trade lives of Palestinians and Jordanians to serve personal interests and hopes that he will live to regret his betrayal.

“Trump’s betrayal on the UN Resolution is typically like that of Judas Iscariot. We hope he will follow the footprints of Judas whereby when Judas saw that Jesus was condemned following the betrayal, he was filled with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elder. We hope Trump will live to regret this betrayal one day his lifetime,” Sinkamba charged.

“It is a pity that President Trump has decided to trade lives of Palestinians and Jordanians for personal interests. Anyway, the comforting news to Christians is that this provocative move by President Trump has happened during the Advent Season when, we, the Christians, are invited to be vigilant. We hope that Zambia, as a declared Christian Nation, will demonstrate vigilance by strongly condemning and rejecting the decision to annex Jerusalem to Israel,” Sinkamba said


  1. Edgar Lungu said Zambia will host Israel-Africa summit. Let’s wait and see in which capital city, Lusaka or PF capital city Ngabwe.

    • Jews don’t decapitate people’s head just because one does not believe in their religion. please let them have their jerusalem,afterall these muslims got their mecca too.

    • Sinkamba is right. There was no need for Trump to do this. The Islamic world is now outraged. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has warned of “dangerous consequences”, Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Saudi King Salman have cautioned the US, Turkey has threatened to cut ties with Israel, Iran has declared that “the Palestinian nation will achieve victory”, China has said it “could sharpen regional conflict”, Egypt, the Arab League and several European nations have expressed grave reservations, and the Pope has pleaded for status quo. Hamas has threatened an intifada, and Hezbollah could react aggressively. We in Zambia, friends with both Palestine and Israel, are in a quandary. But we better support Palestine, as Dr Kaunda did.

    • Dear bloggers, Before you comment to try to understand the historical background of the Jews and the Palestinians.
      1.Jerusalem has and will always be a Jewish city.
      2.There is no land or country known as Palestine.The term Palestine is rarely used in the Old Testament, and when it is, it refers specifically to the southwestern coastal area of Israel occupied by the Philistines. It is a translation of the Hebrew word “Pelesheth.” The term is never used to refer to the whole land occupied by Israel.
      3.Whoever curses Israel is cursed by God.Zechariah 1: 18-21.
      4.The Arab spring uprising had nothing to do with Israel and so the threat of a new uprising against Israel is nothing new.
      5.The conflict between Israel and the Arabs will usher in the Anti -Christ and the second coming of Jesus…

  2. Sometimes it is wise to keep quiet than comment on things without clear and proper understanding. Jerusalem belongs to Israel and there is nothing wrong that Trump has done. Jerusalem is very significant in the role it plays in the lives of Jews, Christians and Muslims. One has to understand this history before they make conclusions and condemn.

    • @Adage you are wrong. Sinkamba is right. Jerusalem is a holy ancient sacred city to both Israel-Palestine. Jerusalem has the Western Wall, part of the mount on which the Holy Temple stood, containing the Holy of Holies, the most sacred Jewish site where Jews believe the foundation creating the world was located, and where Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son; the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam; and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Jesus is believed to have been crucified, and where he rose again. Millions visit these shrines, in the name of Christianity, Islam and Jewish religion believes: The question then is who should have monopoly of the city: should it be Jews, Muslims and Christians? The answer is all of them, not Israel

    • I strongly agree with you. Jerusalem is mentioned in the bible as the city in which to run to in times of the coming trials and tribulations.

    • @Zambia please check your facts. Arabs came to occupy Jerusalem which has always been a Jewish city.The fact that they built that mosque there does not make it their city. You can not say because the British built buildings in Lusaka therefore it belongs to them? The most holy shrines for Muslims is in Mecca. Arabs know this very well they are the occupier

    • i didnt know zambia has an increase in slow punctured brains like those of sinkamba. which christianity is this loon sinkamba refering to which gives the palestians the right to jerusalem. Sinkamba stop listening to disgraceful and shameful CNN too much you will end up sounding like a clown.
      Trump has done what the weakling Obama failed to do… thats applying the scripture correctly. zambia as christian nation must support Trump and quickly locate its embassy in jerusalem.

      pipo of zambia ignore i.m.b.e.r.c.i.l.e sinkamba let him continue smoking dagga thats his speciality

  3. Sinkamba should stick to smoking weed. His ignorance on the matter has exposed him. Trump has not done any but has just called it what it is. Israel’s capital is Jerusalem . Trump has not made Jerusalem the capital of Israel but he has simply called it what the Jews call it and that is ‘Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel’

    • it is true and i think its better for anyone out there with no information conerning this matter to just shut up.

    • Sinkamba is right. Where was biblical Galilee? The northernmost region of ancient Palestine, now corresponding to modern northern Israel. Where was Judea? In Roman times, the kingdom of Judea was divided into Judea, Samaria, the Paralia (Palestine), and Galilee. The town of Bethlehem of Judea, about six miles south of Jerusalem, has always been considered the birthplace of Jesus. Bethlehem was later moved to Nazareth in the northern Galilee region.The city of Jerusalem was once “the city of Judah” (2 Chronicles 25:28). The geography of the area is complex. Recognizing the annexing Jerusalem to Jews is total madness.

    • @Zambia there has never been a country called Palestine. Please check all historical facts The Romans you refer too never occupied a country called Palestine. Palestine is a word coined most recently Romans occupied Israel. Do your research. There is no nation called Palestine. The never was.These are Arabs who came to occupy Israel which had two kindgoms namely Samaria and Judea.This a historical fact .Yes Jerusalem is the city of Judah and what does it mean? Who is Judah? If I may ask?

  4. Judas was not a bad person. He helped Jesus fulfil his mission on earth. May be Trump is meant to fulfil some scriptures as well. Remember the writings in the Bible about the last days.

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with President Donald Trump making Jerusalem as Capital of Isreal. Trumps has done a great Job. Sikamba stick to Zambia politics

  6. Sinkamba don’t be ignorant and don’t pretend to be christian when you don’t know anything about Christianity Trump is right what He did by recognising Jerusalem as Israeli capital it’s biblical and prophetic at the same time.

  7. Does our government have a foreign policy?Why are they always quiet when we expect them to talk?They can only talk about ambulances defending trhemselves agaist corruption allegations and foreign travel.

  8. @2 adage please first study the history of the Holy Land before commenting. Basically if the Europeans had their way Israel could have been somewhere between Uganda and Ethiopia, but decided that the Biblical Israel was more ideal. There was no Israel at the time of world 2. It’s like if someone came to Zambia and said that the area belonged to the bushman so all Bantu speaking people will have no rights. Trump has problems and this could lead to more wars in the world.

  9. Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. This is a historical and theological FACT. No matter how many mad men and terrorist dispute This, it remains a fact.

  10. The Jewish state has been the subject of many ancient prophesies and the object of their fulfilment. That they would return to their homeland is simply on of those prophesies

  11. Middle East is a complex region. It needs informed opinion. The creation of Israel resulted from human conduct in the diaspora. The entire region needs to accommodate each other. It is necessary to give each initiative a chance to succeed. In short, dialogue is needed. In the absence of dialogue, then certain moves might create pace for it.

    • @Zambia check all Arab history and Islamic history.Jerusalem was never a city for Arabs and Muslims . Even Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him did not consider Jerusalem as holy as Mecca . Even the Koran says a true Muslim must visit Mecca once in their life time. It does not say visit Jerusalem
      Jerusalem is and has always been sacred to Jews and Christians. Remember the crusader wars?? So who is selfish here?

  12. Sinkamba you are a poor student of history. Jerusalem called the city of David was the capital of Kingdom of Israel. King Solomon the son of David built the temple in Jerusalem. The city has been captured and recaptured several times in history, leading to occupation of Palestinians who have lived, built systems and practiced religious beliefs in Jerusalem for many hundreds of years. You will remember that few decades ago the Jewish people from across the world got united to claim their ancestral land Israel. The claim included the City of David, Jerusalem the capital of Kingdom of Israel, now Jewish state called government of Israel.

    • Sinkamba is right. Jerusalem is a holy ancient sacred city to both Israel-Palestine. At the heart of the long-conflict lies the tussle over who gets to control the ancient city that is sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians. After the end of the First Arab-Israel War in 1948, Jerusalem was partitioned into West and East, under Israeli and Palestinian control respectively. But in June 1967, during the Six-Day Arab-Israel War, Israel snatched East Jerusalem from Jordanian forces, and Israel’s Parliament declared the territory had been “annexed to Israel” and Jerusalem had been “reunited”.

    • @Zambia in the Sun. Don’t miss a point. No one disputes that Jerusalem is religiously sacred to both Jewish and Palestinian. But land or city of Jerusalem belong to Jewish people. Your good history will teach you that Jewish people were in exile when Palestinians completely occupied Jerusalem. The recent history you mentioned about diving Jerusalem happened when Jewish people are reclaiming their own ancestral land.
      This is similar to cases of white settlers in South Africa, Zimbabwe though this happened in presence of our ancestral black. However, Whites have occupied these land for around 4 centuries. their generations became Africans but the land and cities belong to us the black rightfully owners.

    • Abena Ng’umbo-Luapula boy

      So by your reasoning the whites of Zimbabwe and South Africa can also say the land does not belong to the present day blacks who are also Bantu migratants from the north ???

    • @Abena Ng’umbo-Luapula Boy: From your pseudo name, I may be right to guess you are from Luapula Province. And probably from one of the short Tubulu tribes of Ng’umbo who ran away from the menace of enslavement by Msiri/Msidi/Mushiri of Bunkeya in Katanga Province. The question is: Would it be right for the Katangese to reclaim Luapula on account that historically, the Lundas of Luapula were subjects of Msiri?

    • What I am saying is that let bygones be bygones. After all, the geographical set-up of Canaan, Mesopotamia, Galilee, etc is more complex than 1+1

    • @Zambia in the Sun. Yes I’m but am totaller than you. The point I get from you is let bygones to be bygones. Nevertheless, based on ancestry, we can reclaim our land in Katanga. The question is do the ng’umbo people have the will to fight for their land back? If not mordern progressive thinking lies in your point.

    • @Abena Ng’umbo-Luapula boy. If you are taller than me, then your not Mwina Chishiki. In that instance, you must be uMutabwa, or something like that. That said, I am glad we are on the same platform. If the Jerusalem annexation will be official, then States like Zambia will be justified to annex Katanga. We will be justified to consider the 1884-1886 Berlin Conference and Leopold’s occupation of Katanga illegitimate. We will reject the limitation of time law which limits all civil claims from six to twelve years. Then bygones will not be bygones anymore. What is good for the goose must be good for gander. Lets wait and see!

    • @Zambia in the Sun. Hahaha you know we are hybrids. And it’s by matrilineal I claim. I reckon your points. Thanks.

    • Abena Ng’umbo-Luapula boy

      A case of ancestory ??

      Jews were not the first inhabitants of Palestine or what is now Israel

    • @Spaka like lilo. with you it’s an endless debate. I know you. You know the borders of Palestine, Jewish, Assyrian, have historically been very fluidity, was about capturing and recapturing. I agree King David conquered the land and built Jerusalem.

  13. Sinkamba, when you hear about ‘the two state solution’ on Jerusalem, to Israel it’s a non-starter solution while it’s a welcome solution to Palestine. Jerusalem rightfully belongs to Jewish people, and have refused to share. Nevertheless, Christians, Muslims, Jewish freely worship and have always practiced their religious beliefs in Jerusalem.

    • The US should not exhibit double standards on UN Resolutions. In December 2016, the UN reaffirmed that Jerusalem’s Palestinian territories were under “hostile occupation”. Though the positions of countries on the status of the city differ by degrees, but virtually none recognize the Israeli claim. The UN backs a two-state solution. The US is expected to be on the side of the UN all the time. Otherwise, Trump should shut up on North Korea missile programme. Now, he should let the North Koreans continue with the nuclear proliferation programme because to them the Treaty is a “non-starter”

    • @NSHILIBEMBA: The issue is more complex than that. Mathew 2:1-2. says “Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, saying, “Where is he who has been born King of the Jews? For we saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.” The question is: where is Bethlehem, in Palestine or Israel? Bethlehem is in the country of Palestine. According to the biblical book of Genesis, Abraham left Ur, in Mesopotamia (Iraq), because God called him to found a new nation in an undesignated land that he later learned was Canaan. Where is Canaan?Canaan was the name of a large and prosperous country which corresponds roughly to present-day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel.

  14. We live in the world that does not want to hear the truth, trump was right to recognize Jerusalem has the capital city of Jerusalem because it is the fact. There would be no meaningful peace talks were truth is suppressed. Jerusalem was created by David an Israelite, where did the Arabs find the name Jerusalem, who is of the arab ancestors associated with Jerusalem? It is only by claim not by right. The destruction of Jerusalem by the romans , the scattering of the Jews and their gathering and resettling is purely the act of God, it stands in the bible prophecy. So I would not be surprised if God moved Trump to make this assertion.

    • And the romans named current london as Londinium where many Roman artefacts are found as it was a roam city, have the Romans got the right to claim London as theirs ????

  15. To Si-Chamba -Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises. It’s now clear that you don’t believe in what you promise bcoz you can change your campaign promises once voted.

    • si-chamna or ist ci-kamba must shut his ignorant dys-functional mouth. insulting the President of USA will not make his cocaine weed dagga party move forward, he is the waste of space.

  16. Trump has only done this after carfull calculations the the Muslims and Arabs are tired of wars and bloodshed after the brutal wars with ISIS ..and to divert public attention from his Russian scandals.. …it may still come back to hunt trump

    • which scandal naiwe… the scandal that was created by obama and hillary after they were humiliatingly defeated. Trump promised this during his campaigns naiwe ka like lilo echo lilila caz you are lilo. the russians never influenced the americans to vote for Trump its vipuba ma democrats who create this illusion

  17. this Sinkamba is a mad and ignorant person. where were the Palestinians when Jerusalem was the capital of the Jews before Mohamand started Islam? Trump has done the right thing. the majority are always never right. Zambia is still going through the curse of what KK did to side with the Palestinians because of oil.

    • So by your reasoning the Turkish people, the descendents of the ottoman empire have the right to claim back all the old ottoman empire which covered hungry , Austria, eygpt , Libya ?????

    • @Spaka like lilo: Are you aware that Nazareth is known as “the Arab capital of Israel”. Are you also aware that Jesus birth place of Bethlehem is in Palestine. Are you aware of Jesus’ Triumphal entry into Jerusalem and that most of the Jews do not embrace Christian belief, nor believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah? The problem around Jerusalem is ancient, and the more we let sleeping dogs lie, the better

    • Zambia in the Sun

      I don’t belive any of that stuff that has no scientific proof, for all I care It was written by humans just like you and me prone to exaggerations.. ..

    • @Zambia there never was a land called Palestine. Jesus was born in Nazareth a Jewish town but under occupation now by Arabs and who are claiming it as their own. The refusal of Jesus by Jews in Jerusalem affirms who owned Jerusalem

    • For once we’re on one side of the coin. People on LT are either pretending or do not know that the state of Israel was created in 1948 after Jews were decimated by Hitler. They created the state in Palestine and displaced the Arabs from their land. If we’re to follow the bible then the entire mideast will belong to Jews. ..from Yemen, Jordan, Iraq. …all that land biblically is Hebrew or Jewish.

    • @Ndanje Khakis. The Kingdom of Israel existed separate from other gentile nations. So to you the kingdom of Pharaoh was Jewish? Hebrew is in macerdonia now Greece. Not every land was Jewish.

  18. Sinkamba the Judah Iscariot is those who moved Jerusalem from Israel in 1980. Remember what God Abraham (Israel). ” I will bless who bless you cure who curse” so be careful of your utterance.
    Yah this is a comforting news to Christians is that this has happened during the Advent Season as Christmas gift to Jews and Christians. And there is nothing for Christians to be vigilant about this as a declared Christian Nation. In fact Christians must demonstrate vigilance against Sinkamba for we do not why is against this move by Trump by strongly condemning the decision to annex Jerusalem to Israel,

  19. Some political leaders are so immature! You don’t understand the recognition of Jerusalem, please keep quiet! I support the move and God bless President Trump!

  20. Do you see the people who want to lead Zambia? They are all a bunch of Satanists! Especially UPND! Look at HaSpaka above, and read HaJayJay’s the man who constant abashes the President! They all oppose God and the Bible! Do you think they are far from Three Mansions’ practice! God bless Jerusalem! God bless Zambia!

    • sharon …. from today i will totally support you not these loudy mouths for nothing toddlers like jayjay and like lilo. useles chaps viva ECL for proposing we israel expo in zambia

  21. Go against the anointed children of Israel at your own peril Sinkamba. The Muslim extremists should name their own capital, what is wrong with Mecca? It’s like occupying and developing a town for a certain tribe who have been taken captive thinking they won’t survive and come back, then all of a sudden, you see them coming back to reclaim there place which is named in their mother tongue.

    • @George Reader, So by opposing this Trump move, Pope Francis has also gone against the anointed children of Israel? Are you aware of Jesus’ Triumphal entry into Jerusalem and that most of the Jews do not embrace Christian belief, nor believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah? The belief that Jesus is God, the Son of God, or a person of the Trinity, is incompatible with Jewish theology. Jews believe Jesus of Nazareth did not fulfill messianic prophecies that establish the criteria for the coming of the messiah.

      So who is holier, the one who believes in Jews or the one who believes in Jesus?

    • @Zambia let us not mix matters of faith with historical facts. History says Jerusalem was the City of Judah and Judah was a Jew. Jerusalem was and will remain the capital city of Israel. Arabs came to occupy Jerusalem and it is factually wrong to say Jerusalem is significant to the Muslims …not according to the Koran. It is Arabs ,not Palestinians because there is no such a nation, who must not claim what has never been theirs from day one. If you read the history of what you call Palestine you will see how the Arabs came from everywhere to occupy Israel

  22. Zambia is a Christian nation. We already knew Jerusalem was always Israel’s capital. Let us talk about the mines sold by chiluba and hh, the wheel barrows PF has bought. These are the things pertinent to Zambia. God shall handle Israel in his own time. Fix Zambia first.

    • Nzelu: If Zambia is a Christian Nation, unless our Christianity is mere lip-service, then Jerusalem must be one the core agenda issues as the country,just like Lusaka is. Jerusalem is a sacred place for Christians. It must be more important than wheel barrow issues you are talking about

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