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Zambia targets to employ 30, 000 health workers by 2021


MINISTER of Health Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
MINISTER of Health Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Health Minister, Chitalu Chilufya, says his ministry has set a target of increased staffing levels to 30, 000 by 2021 in line with the government’s transformative agenda.

Dr Chilufya says the ministry is for this reason undertaking human resource development for health personal deployment and training of the Community Health Assistants (CHAs) , as part the broader agenda.

He said this in a speech read for him by Minister of Health Permanent Secretary, Kennedy Malama, during the 3rd Graduation Ceremony at Mwachisopola Community Health Assistants (CHAs ) Training School yesterday , in Chibombo District.

Dr Chilufya indicated that CHA have a critical role to play in the transformative agenda of government especially in the health sector.

He added that the ministry has strategically decided that the training of CHA will be done in all provinces and urged provincial health directors to ensure these trainings are decentralized.

One Hundred Ninety Eight (198) Community Health Assistants (CHA) from Central, Copperbelt, Eastern, Western and Southern Provinces were presented with certificates during the colourful ceremony.

Government through the ministry of Health has introduced new training programmes in various training institutions focusing on promoting preventive, treatment, rehabilitative and palliative care services.

It has this year alone has employed 9,000 health workers and will continue improving the manning levels to accord CHA 80 per cent of their time in communities.

And Dr Chilufya has given Central Province Health Director and team up to January 1, 2018 to come up with a master plan that will transform Mwachisopola Community Health Assistant Training School into a center of excellence in training.

Meanwhile, Central Province Health Director (CPHD) Rosemary Mwanza said the CHA will be deployed to communities where they came from to ensure primary health services are taken closer to the people.

Dr Mwanza said the CHA will ensure that health promotion and health prevention activities are implemented at the household level.


  1. And thus thug buys silly ambulances at exorbitant prices so that he can stand up and pose for a picture like that. He is another disguised thief, and anyone with a pocket must be ready to be his jailer and keep the keys to his cell somewhere where we will not find them. Hospitals have no drugs but he sat through a cabinet to allow the pruchase of ambulances that are overpriced and fire tenders that are priced to insult generations of Zambians!

  2. That’s good!! disease prevention is the key element in health sector, That’s why community health assistants should be recommended by carrying out this important work. But surprisingly, community health assistants in Chipili district of Luapula province does not get the rural hardship allowances since they got employment in 2015, despite working hard in disease surveillance, control and research.

  3. 30,000 is the magic figure, 2021 is the magic year and TARGET is the magic word.
    They use target because targets can be missed

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