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Zambia Army urged to be innovative

Zambia Army Parade at African Freedom Day in Lusaka
Zambia Army Parade at African Freedom Day in Lusaka

Zambia Army Parade at African Freedom Day in Lusaka
Zambia Army Parade at African Freedom Day in Lusaka
Zambia Army Deputy Commander, Major General Jackson Miti has urged the military in the country to be innovative by coming up with various fundraising ventures for self-sustainability.

Gen. Miti says despite receiving less funding from government, the military cantonments across the country devise ways to increase their sources of revenue, as government alone cannot address all the challenges facing the military.

Gen. Miti has, however commended Kalewa Garrison in Ndola for having embarked on various projects aimed at increasing revenue base for the barrack.

He said the construction of a banquet hall which is almost complete in particular will help the garrison financially once completed.

Gen. Miti also observed that projects such as poultry, fish and crop farming which the garrison has ventured into resonates with the army commander’s desire for military garrisons to be self-sustained.

ZANIS reports from Ndola that the Deputy Army Commander said this when he graced the 2017 Kalewa Officers’ Mess Annual Ball last night.

And speaking earlier, Kalewa garrison commander, Lieutenant Colonel Churchill Moonga thanked President Lungu for having spear-headed the wall fence project at the garrison which is of great significance where security is concerned.

Lt. Col Moonga said, as minister of Defence during Late President Micheal Sata’s administration , President Lungu made several tours to the barrack where the need for the project was presented before him, adding that that it is gratifying to not that the project has materialized now .


  1. Bad idea to involve Zambian military in business ventures.We pay taxes so that they can solely focus on defence of the nation

    • Shocking revelation indeed! If the government does not have money to pay soldiers then soldiers should move in and remove these thieving PF thugs in the manner Mugabe was removed.

      Chakolwa Lungu and his PF thugs have stolen all the money and now left with nothing to pay soldiers.

      The only country where soldiers were asked to raise their pay by themselves was Zaire now Congo D R under Mobutu.

    • The Military should not be encouraged to venture into business activities or told to be self sustaining without relying on the government of the day. ZNS is in place for the activities the Army is being encouraged to do, the Army is a protective unit delegated to serve and protect and no dig and grow. Soon you’ll hear the police also going into construction and peace works.

    • @Tino Brown

      If we are serious about economic development we need to involve every institution like the South Koreans then withdraw them once we kick start our economic engine. You guys envy other countries cause you see the end product but don’t want to go through what they have.

      South Korea is famous for its spectacular rise from one of the poorest countries in the world to a developed, high-income country in just one generation.

      How did they do that? By doing what all of you are rejecting. South Korea still remains one of the fastest growing developed countries in the world by creating favorable policy directive for economic development.

      Significant economic policies included strengthening key industries, increasing employment, and developing more effective management…

    • (Cont–) South Korea was dependent on imports of raw materials, such as oil, a major government objective was to significantly increase the level of exports. Which Zambia can easily do if we had the will power.

    • By engaging in food production, the military will supplement their ration budget and divert that portion of the budget to other pressing issues. Engaging in food production cannot compromise military preparedness – unless you think that the whole army will be in a maize field.

  2. Agricultural activities is the only way for all these institutions. There’s boi they way…

    Investing in cash crops such as coffee, cotton, wheat including chamba as suggested by the Green Party president Can seriously make these institutions not only financially strong but contribute immensely to Zambia,s GDP.

    These guys should not only be relevant when there’s war honestly, they should make Agricultural activities their nature and priority to defend the country economically at par with protecting its sovereignty

    • We are always shooting down thinking outside the box. Zambia always want to do what they are used to do.

      Anything outside the box is leprosy to them.

      If Henry Ford was born in Zambia, he’d never would have developed a V6 engine by virtue of being in a country so constrained in its mindset.

      Zambian wants handout only and repercussions are that it constrains the national budget and ultimately they continue living in abject poverty the best way they know and understand how.

      Zambians are horses lead to a river of economic well being but won’t drink from it.

      Zambian won’t think through an idea.

      Zambian will rather invest in Mobile hospitals, buy 42 fire tracks, sell all of their national jewels than pull themselves out of poverty.

      With that money they could have invested…

    • (cont—) business ventures to promote agriculture and start up innovative businesses.

      But no, Zambian wants to suffer and blame God for his suffering.

    • Give a Zambian a fish and you will feed him for a day…. Give him religion and he will starve praying for that fish.

      If that fish doesn’t come through prayer, he will blame God.

      What a people

  3. Innovation is not about business and any military involved in money making dilutes their military professionalism.

  4. If the government, thru the army is farming that means they are competing with the poor farmers of zambia,
    The army has an unfair advantage due to its access to labour, machinery and no doubt funding.
    A pro poor government disadvantaging the very pipo that promised they would look after.
    Is that why they have taken over bars in ndola, great idea government, army beer is duty free so you collect less revenue,
    How js the money from all venture accounted for, wher does ot show in auditor generals report.
    Zambia the real africa…yesterday znbc said they had deficit on income against operating costs, tazara not paid for 2 months

    • @ Masalamuso – think outside the box, change your mindset.

      Masalamuso you are thinking within the box, bars in Ndola and any other local businesses in Zambia are local with limited expansion capacity.

      A deliberate policy to focus global outside Zambia is the idea that is being proposed. Do you know for instance that Coffee export alone is a $20 billion dollar industry on a global scale? If anything a pro farmer will benefit from the army through value chains.

      The army should not compete with selling vegetables but high value international cash crops that will never disadvantage a local farmer. The market is huge.

      Think Masalamuso… Zambia! hehehe small thinking

    • zns has been doing this since inception ,how have they faired? if ba radius can give us statis on zns business ventures and why they have failed to become self sustaining when they have been in business for so long.

  5. There is the chance ZAMBIA ARMY be innovative by removing these thieving bastards masquerading as honourable MPs, Ministers, President.

  6. What will happen when our soldiers are busy in the farm and a security threat presents itself? Let ZNS do business and soldiers remain at their security posts in anticipation of armed action

  7. Radius with due respect but the article i read refers to the products that can be sourced from loca producers.
    So my comments are related to the concept that the army spokesperson addressed, is growing fish, eggs, crope and building reception hall thinking outside the box.
    We on the outside know of coffee value, but zambia actually grows tea and coffee withoit the quality upto world standards, maybe its doesnt get cold enough. I will give you a crop which is high value, returns money in two years and will last upto 20 years whilst multiplying each year, asparagus. Thats one i have many others thst have been given to government but no action. You havent addressed my qyestion of where the CASH from these army venture goes or is accounted for. See i agree with you but i addressed the…

    • @ Masalamuso – You are correct, about asparagus and of course they (army and other related larger entities) should not participate in what small scale farmers do. It is definitely not right for them to venture into small adventures like that, it defeats the whole purpose.

  8. I addressed the article and pointed out the bars as another example of INNOVATIVE army initiatives
    We look at the cashew nut program by government, the give trees but then the farmers are by themselves,
    5 years before small return at least 7 years for commercial return, how do they survive in the meantime.
    Value of nut depends on quality, so good farm practices needed, fertiler consistent water, then processing and roasting at correct temperature, no farmer has that. Do we have an established value chain for it.
    Another project that army can do but wont impact on villagers, research pawlonia trees, hardwood can be harvested i 8 years but we are letting chinese take our hardwood with no replanting. Have always thought outside the box, governments dont

  9. Modern defence systems have grown to demand many hours needed to master them. Growing vegetables, maize, tomatoes, cabbages is not a key thing for our defence people to get involved into. We have farmers right across this land who are struggling because the Lunatic’s government has no brains to do the right thing.
    The best Zambia army can do is to do the Zim solution before things get worse, before Zambians start disappearing into death camps because this regime has stolen too much money which it wants to keep in its possession at all costs. We have seen the militization of Zambia Police, making it into a PF Police service. Zambia Army must take over and restart our democracy. We need a transition government to clean up the mess from the judiciary, to Electoral Commission, to the…

  10. @Radius
    You’re on point to a ccertain extent. I still stand by engaging ZNS to carry out more farming, road construction, skills training etc… We should look into employing more youths in the ZNS and reduce the numbers in the Army to suit a combat units, battalion’s and special forces. We have an overly blotted army. We should move a large number of these army officers to the ZNS and keep what we need to serve and protect us. I don’t want a vegetable grower protecting my border/country!!! I want someone who is constantly prepared for warfare mentally and physically. The mental aspect being key. Leave all the economic necessities to ZNS

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