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Don’t rush for those products on promotion cautions CCPC


The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) in Western Province has cautioned consumers against buying substandard and defective products during this festive season.

In an interview with ZANIS on Friday, CCPC Provincial Economist Bravo Muchuu said consumers should not get too excited with most price discounts but cross-check products to avoid buying any expired food stuffs and products.

“This is the period (festive season) that most of the prices are on discount, there are a lot of promotional offers such that consumers don’t even mind about the expiry dates of some products, or cosmetics or some drinks or whatever, food stuffs and end up buying food that is expired, especially those in rural areas,” he explained.

Mr Muchuu said it was imperative for consumers to question traders over attractive promotional offers which are rife this time of the year.

He observed that some traders intend to make clearance sales thus capitalizing on bulk buying from customers.

Mr Muchuu urged traders to be honest with the state of some products which have defects and are put up on promotion.

The CPCC Provincial Economist advised buyers to conduct window shopping of several stores before purchasing goods to avoid buying substandard products and not to incur financial losses.


  1. If anyone from CCPC cares, why is it that shops and supermarkets in particular are allowed to price their goods with prices like K9.98, K40.42, when they know very well that, our currency denominations do not have 1,2 ngwee, to give a customer change. At the end of the day these shops make hundreds maybe even thousands of kwacha that they do not deserve, by stealing from the consumer. If CCPC cannot help with this, who can??

  2. If you know that those cheap goods are expired or substandard, then why the he’ll do you allow the shop owners to put such goods on shelves?

    • Hi Umwaume,
      CCPC inspects various trading premises and seizes expired products because such products are not allowed 2 be on the market. We also need to be on the look out as consumers because some traders tend 2 cut prices on goods about 2 expire and we buy in bulk and and up losing out. Thus, let’s always check the products before paying 4 them and use our toll free line 5678 to report unfair trading.

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