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President Edgar Lungu should disclose the total amount of money he has earned this year

General News President Edgar Lungu should disclose the total amount of money ...

Keith Mweemba and Pep President Sean Tembo
Keith Mweemba and Pep President Sean Tembo
Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) President Sean Enock Tembo has petitioned President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to disclose the total amount of money that he has earned this year through various allowances such as international and local trips.

In a statement to today, Mr. Tembo said such a disclosure by President Lungu will serve very important purposes as it will allow the citizens to know the total amount of remuneration that the President earns, given that the law already requires full disclosure of the Presidential basic salary which is in the public domain.

Mr. Tembo further stated that the disclosure of the various allowances earned by the President will also allow Zambians to do a cost-benefit analysis of the Presidential trips by comparing the cost to the taxpayer versus the perceived benefits.

“President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to disclose the total amount of money that he has earned this year through various allowances such as international and local travels” Tembo said

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  1. He should explain all that he has earned since coming into office. In 2015, he declared ZMK 2.5 million, in 2016, a whopping ZMK 23.7! (Lusaka Times, June 8, 2016). The Statutory Instrument 19 of 2016, has President Lungu’s monthly salary as K 36 000 per month. One would need mathematics out of this world to argue that his salary savings led ECL to his current wealth. The problem with most Zambian journalists is that they don’t dig deeper. I miss the Post. The wealth increase from ZMK2.5 million to ZMK 23.7 million, roughly ZMK 20 million, would and should swing Zambia’s Financial Intelligence Centre or ACC into action! If ECL had private businesses that would probably justify but he has not publically declared if has private businesses, but that could also cause conflict of…

  2. There’s what is known as “MEANS TEST” in ascertaining one’s income in a particular period. What it entails is to aggregate all known (and unknown if the subject chooses to disclose) sources of income for a particular period. You then compare that against all known expenditure and investments made within the same period. The difference, especially if it’s a MINUS (as I suspect it would be foe most politicians’), is income “earned” from other sources which the suspect must explain. It’s simple as that.

  3. Fully agree with brother Tembo. He should go further and disclose all his wealth as public servant for the Zambian people. Parliament should changes laws to make the President of Zambia should to attend everyday and be grilled like Zuma is by opposition. Lungu has been the most questionable president Zambia has ever had and the worst as he surronded by all types of characters from all types of jungles.

    • ECL is wasting Zambia’s years of development. Completely without vision, direction and plan. Sad wasting years for a poor country such as Zambia.

    • @Boko Haram,
      How old are you? Where were you when late President Sata instituted a heavy investigation on that and drew a blank?
      And if you are an adult, how can you take pride in using a name like Boko Haram which is associated with so much brutal killing of innocent people in West Africa? How would you feel if you found your siblings and parents have been shot dead for no reason other than that they do not believe in what Boko Haram believes in?

    • Bro Brabus What do you expect from Panga Welding PF Cadres. This is just what they are BOKO HARAM

  4. Such disclosure by the Republican President can be a nice platform to combat corruption. If he comes clean, even what he says will mean real zeal. But if it’s like “Do what I say and not what I do”, haha, then follow the leader, everywhichway, sangwapo, tulatwabane icuma. Ba Pompwe teti bapwe. Let’s fight corruption for our own good.

  5. Absolute nonsense ba Tembo (hope you are a Zambian). Sean thinks that by attacking ECL his sponsors will be impressed – pick another subject baba.

    Kawalala sawulula vamene aba, unless he is in Police custody under a Kampelwa torture contraption.
    This Mbava Jona will only wulula once he’s out of office /Plot one, & only then will he sing like a budgie!

  7. RUBBISH. This caliber of opposition does not impress me even a bit. Talking about Lungu’s money all the time and I wonder how that is going to better their own incomes. What we want is encouragement and talks of how the younger ones can start to develop their own future to become like those who mentor us.

  8. Cheap politics are you not crying for the same post. Are you going to declaire your asserts when God willing you become a President, give us a break will you!

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