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It is time that we rise against unjust actions and online bullies

Columns It is time that we rise against unjust actions and online...

By Tasila Lungu

It has come to my attention that I have now become the victim of two troublesome and untrue stories which have circulated widely – it was reported online in July, 2017 in the Zambian Observer that I was involved in the illegal trafficking of mukula trees, and whose proceeds I was alleged to have utilized to construct a home or homes. Earlier this month, the Zambian Watchdog, another online publication had alleged that I was swindled in a fake gold transaction. I can categorically deny both stories and declare them false. I have not at any juncture been involved in either of the alleged criminal transactions. This is kind of reporting is highly regrettable. While social media is a positive tool that we can all use to share news and express our ideas to communities and vast networks, it is very sad that others are using it for cyber bullying.

Media is the fourth estate and responsible reporting devoid of malice, misinformation, sensation and speculation is an obligation and mandate of everyone calling themselves a journalist or media house. We must realize as citizens that we are privileged to live in a very peaceful country where we are able to express our thoughts and ideas freely. Let us enjoy this freedom responsibly and use it to share accurate information, positive thoughts and ideas and most importantly, improve our own lives instead of trying to destroy reputations and lives of others. I refuse to be victimized and I am pleading to ZICTA to investigate the authors of this false information so that they can face me in court. It is time that we rise against such unjust actions and online bullies.

Like a few other leaders in our communities, I have become a victim of cyber bullying. My character has been assassinated over issues that I have absolutely no connection to and I wanted to express my utter disappointment. I am not only a citizen but a representative of over 200,000 residents of a ward and among these, the majority are young people. I have continued to work hard and serve as a positive role model to these young people. I wish to announce especially to the communities that I am privileged to serve that I will continue to serve them to the best of my ability, with honesty and integrity.


PF Nkoloma ward one Councillor Tasila Lungu
PF Nkoloma ward one Councillor Tasila Lungu

As a professional with a Masters degree in Criminal Justice, I understand my rights and I understand that defamation of character is an offense and those who have continued to spread these falsities to destroy my character must be dealt with.

As one who has spent many years understanding human behavior and social structures, I can identify criminal acts and the consequences of this not only on the offender but on society. As an avid environmentalist I totally abhor needless acts of environmental degradation or deforestation, most of all for short term or individual benefit. For this reason I take great exception to being even remotely associated to this atrocity against the environment and indeed our nation.

After the first publication, I ignored this allegation but it has now become clear that this is a campaign to paint me in a negative light and ultimately to disrupt the connection that I enjoy with the communities that I serve. I wish to encourage the authors of these articles to report the allegations to law enforcement who I’m certain will assist with a more thorough, fact based investigation.

I am not that morally bankrupt or desperate that I would resort to criminal transactions in order to sustain my life. I am a qualified professional who lives humbly; and when I need to supplement my income, I work honestly and hard for it. I have always upheld the law and I continue to serve and make an honest living.

Lastly and most importantly, I would like to thank the communities that I am privileged to serve, for their unwavering support. I pledge to continue to work hard for them in anyway they permit me to, to the best of my ability. I have been privileged to have been chosen to represent and serve as a Councillor for Nkoloma Ward 1, Chawama Constituency since August, 2016. I am proud to stand with the people as we work together to develop our community. We are focusing on the projects that will have the greatest and most direct impact and transform the lives of all residents for the better.

Providing clean, potable water to tens of thousands through installing water kiosks, rehabilitating drainages to ensure waterborne diseases do not afflict our young children, tarring community roads to improve the local environment and developing Kuku Sports Ground from a bare piece of land to a modern youth and community facility that will provide artificial football pitch and running track, basketball and netball court, changing rooms with full facilities and a much later on we hope to add a community centre building. We addressed our safety and security challenges this year through the acquisition of a police vehicle to conduct mobile patrols and ensure public safety – we were supported by the wider local community. We are also reviewing proposals for enhancing health facilities in our community. Many more projects are in the pipeline.

I continue to push my passion for educational excellence for our young people across our vast country, and in particular, in our most remote parts of Zambia. In this regard, I have been privileged to work with the Anchor of Hope Charities based in the United States of America for close to 2 years. We have in this partnership distributed over 30,000 pairs of new shoes to various school children to contribute in motivating them to continue their school attendance. This is one of our projects under the Ubulayo initiative and is aptly named ‘Going Miles for Smiles’. It always gives me the greatest pleasure to see the smiles on our childrens’ faces and their eyes light up when, some for the very first time, put on a brand new pair of shoes.

Perhaps the most challenging of our projects is our Women’s Empowerment Fund. This initiative is a collaborative effort between WeCreate Zambia, who provide the local small business women and traders of Chawama business and finance skills, after which when they graduate the same women can access our interest free revolving fund – this programme is funded through the monthly allowance I receive as a Councillor. Several hundred women have benefited and we continue to add more women as more women repay to replenish the Fund. My steadfast belief is that empowering women, strengthens households, builds communities and helps our children to thrive.

Our focus remains serving the communities we are privileged to represent.

However I continue to assume the best in the people of Nkoloma Ward 1, Chawama Constituency and Zambia. My faith in the Zambian people is total, I interact with them everyday, and have been witness to their warmth and kindness.

I thank you all for your continued support.

The Author is the Patriotic Front (PF) Councillor of Nkoloma Ward 1 in Chawama Constituency and a Daughter of Republican President Edgar Lungu


    • Your friend’s child is your child,! Our daughter has written, she is learning how to write in politics
      Bullying and stealing is evil and bad, I hope she knows that

    • I like her but I fail to understand what she is trying to achieve here.

      She runs me the wrong way.



    • WeMwana wesu Tasila teka akasanga mulinso.
      Where are your brothers to fight for you, if your father has failed to protect you? This is why children rebel against own Dads.

    • TASILA had changed her surname to that of the white man who married his real mother bcoz she was ashamed of her alcoholic, homeless, widow-swindler father.

      Upon hearing that LUNGU had become president (through pangas), she rushed back from USA & changed her surname back to LUNGU. Today she’s the richest woman in Zambia building several mansions due to MUKULA & her corrupt dad.

      What a useless PIECE OF SH1T.

    • Its better to keep quiet than to rub it in like the dusgraced Mugabes.

      Right now its impossible to know the truth about your illegal dealings because your father would not allow anyone to investigate you independently. To make matters worse your father is also a thief so he will protect you no matter what.

      My advice to you is engage in business in ways you will be able to substatiate in future when called to show evidence of the source of your income and how much taxes you have paid. Otherwise you be reduced to a bitch.

      Look into the future when your father s power is taken away.

      Timely advice .

    • @Wanzelu.
      Good and timely advice to Tasila. You couldn’t have put it better. I hope she takes your advice otherwise she will run away into exile leaving all the houses behind.

  1. Nice one, Tasila. At this juncture in our politics, we have a mediocre opposition that will resort to anything to get their way. Just like Nkumbula before them, he caused havoc because Zambians rejected him. However, it is true, it’s about time we got into line and fought this evil. Keep it up, young lady.

  2. Tasila don’t be a hypocrite. Remember God sees everything. Are you seriously denying that while others cannot export Mukula you and daliso are actually making a lot of money from it with a guy called Sam. Tasila don’t mock us. We know! Zambians are really suffering because of your evil acts and our prayer is that God sees an end to your fathers unjust rule. Don’t try to come out clean when you know you’re exporting. We can expose your entire cartel and how you are moving. Your time is coming

    • Chitotela please do it if you have the b.alls and hard evidence. Hmmm…on line bullies ah…otherwise known as cowards. Expose her if you must, rather than hide and lie behind a computer key board.

    • This Chitotela is reminiscent of the gullible upnd mindset, they shy away from the truth and pander lies instead because they are a frustrated lot just like Zambian citizen has mentioned above. It’s in their DNA right from childhood, you should hear how cantankerous they sound on radio stations every morning.

    • Comment: people she said she is ready to stand with anyone in Court with anyone who has the information over her illegal dealings.So come out in the open and challenge her don’t be a coward .

  3. The UPND are not an opposition they are imposition, they impose their fake opinions on the nation. What kind of opposition funds online fake news sites such as ZWD??? Even if they will form the next govt which I predict they will it will only be because of mass dissatisfaction with what has gone on this past year. Ba Tasila yes you personally are performing well as a councillor and kudos to you but understand there is also poverty in the rural areas where a low maize price has affected millions of farmers. Let us pray next year you the ones in govt will improve on the issue of the maize price- had it not been for mushrooms and mangos many rural dwellers would be in problems.

    • I agree with you, PF has really messed up this year especially with fire tenders and this will make Kambwili and HH plot an electoral coup in 2021.

  4. Using the same platform in self defense is guaranteed under the Law. It is wrong to fabricate stories. It is correct to write good stories. A good story informs, educates and entertains readers. Misinformation is unlawful conduct and punishable if aggrieved opt for adversarial court action. In most cases, the good work overwhelms the bad work of detractors.

  5. My hearty commendation Tasila for a well – written and well – thought out article. Keep up the good work you are doing for your community and, by extension, for this country. But don’t be surprised and, indeed, don’t be deterred if the usual suspects – the prophets of doom – start hurling insults at you even on an otherwise decent website like Lusaka Times. My advice is: ignore them. Keep on with your humanitarian activities for the vulnerable communities in Chawama and even beyond. Let me conclude by quoting you the wisdom of Albert Einstein: “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution”.

  6. When you become a public figure in life, watch your back as people are watching your every move and the tricky thing is that everything that you do is in public domain. There’s no secret under the sky

  7. Why do we have to mention our educational credentials when explaining something so basic.

    Master’s in law, “PhD in Glasgow”…. anyway you are welcome to do that when you meet girl children to motivate them.

    • Just to let the cyber bullies know they are not dealing with a non-entity. Some of these cowards have not seen the inside of a college lecture room.

  8. Why bother to respond if its not true? You are giving your accusers a platform to hit you even harder. Ignore them and keep working for your electorate. However, do not forget that you are part of the ruling class in this country. The 1% who control 90% of the resources. As you work in leisure, we toil in poverty and so you will be accused of stealing from the people you serve. History will either aquit you or condem you

  9. I like zed dogs response to this article, LT show us good journalism ethics by balancing this story,don’t be like deadNBC.

  10. You ‘ll suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True powers sitting back and observing everything with logic. True power is restraint. If words control you, that means anyone can control you. Breath and allow things to pass.

  11. Little girl Tasila, your attempt to exonerate yourself is in futile. ulebala wa mina ameta, tekanya. tondolo musuma. If you have committed any corruption that is yet to be determined after your father’s tenure of office. Mwanawasa set very good precedence on FTJ corruption which saw Sakala fimo fimo in prison, the same prison which is also awaiting Chanda fimo fimo.
    And you say you are improving livelihood by distributing shoes. That’s unsustainable little Tasila. They can afford shoes if they were empowered with developmental projects. You said you are providing water kiosks. No no, our people deserve installation of running water at every house. Others works should be routine works by council. Little girl whom are you kidding?

  12. My little girl you should know that you are no ordinary person but the presidents daughter and as such accusations will follow you but like others have said don’t worry yourself if you are clean. Concentrate on your good works because it is what you do which will defend or destroy you.

  13. Africans must demand that the wives and children of Politicians must behave the way wives and children of CEOs behave: Clear separation between the work of the Father or mother and the family situation. The families of these politicians deserve respect but they should not think they are also rulers (We have had enough lessons from Mugabe, Grace and their Children). Wives of CEOs and their children are respected but they do no assume anything beyond that! We should not mix politics with Royalty! What is the point of reminding people that you are daughter to Mr. Edgar Lungu? Wives and children of Politicians need to stop assuming power which they do not have!

    • And where in the article has she even mentioned the President? She speaks as a councilor, a people’s representative and a citizen who knows her rights, with qualifications and morality that enable her to distinguish wrong from right – READ THE ARTICLE SIR!!! Clearly preconceived notions and prejudices are a disservice to most of our people and they end up ‘imagining’ and even reacting to what’s neither said or intended!

  14. The best that Tasila can do is to stop responding to accusations. She should understand her position in Zambia today. She is not an ordinary citizen but the President’s daughter and a councilor of Nkoloma Ward in Chawama constituency, Lusaka. lot of things will be talked about her whether they are or not. She should just keep on serving the community in Nkoloma ward. Who knows may be someone is sending her a dossier.

  15. “I am not that morally bankrupt or desperate that I would resort to criminal transactions in order to sustain my life.”
    Anyone see anything wrong with this sentence?
    It could also mean, “I am a little morally bankrupt and desperate that I resort to…”
    Just saying. It is the queen’s English and none of us are masters of it.

  16. I am surprised. Some bloggers are saying Tasila should not have responded. Just last week there was a story about HH threatening to take Tayali to court regarding hh’s membership to the freemason. Those supporting hh encouraged him for answering back. Now you don’t want Tasila to defend herself. How strange.


      We are dealing with schizophrenic bloggers here. They are incapable of seeing contradictions in their own behavior.

  17. The Supreme Leader HH of the UPND himself sponsors hate speech and tribalism as well as insults on his Zambian Observer and the Zambian Watchdog…Everyone knows this fact…

  18. It’s encouraging to see women taking up challenges that our fellow men are shying away from.
    Cyber bullying is real.
    Please let us not say what we can’t say in person to fellow bloggers or our fellow citizens online.
    Everything we say online is not PRIVATE.
    You just never know when you will be dragged to court or pay dearly for your irresponsible statements online.
    Special advice to the desperados from UPND to desist from insulting voters.

  19. Zambians are big lairs, they are the last people to associate with. Thank God here in Belfast i live safe with my Zambian wife not when i was in London. Zambians are bad news too much mouth, competitive jealousy and character assassination. Just read the comments it tells it.

  20. Don’t worry madam! Online bullies are members of Dog Watcher in Zambia and chronic losers UPND! They are losers and jealousy! What a people! They have no life! They are Under Fives! Keep working hard they will never have their loser as a president.

  21. How much are you worth now and shouldn’t you be advising your father on a personal level on issues education to achieve excellence and water etc? Can you say anything about ‘Talu’ shopping mall currently under construction in Uganda please? While at it, can you kindly tell the nation what you currently do for work with your Masters in Criminal Justice?

    • You seem to know more and not just talking crap hopefully so share your evidence, as you know the burden of proof is on the accuser especially one that doesn’t even have the balls to use his own name before making wild claims cowardly behind a computer screen! Any coward does that, be original show us your fellow bloggers your proof kabili!!!

  22. It is time that we rise against unjust actions and online bullies
    Ba LT correct grammar would be: It is time we rose against unjust actions and online bullies

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