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Numba takes stock of COSAFA U20 exit


Zambia Under-20 coach Mumamba Numba has revealed the critical areas that he needs to address in the team following their 2017 COSAFA U20 Cup exit.

Zambia failed to defend their COSAFA U20 title on home ground this week after finishing 3rd in Group A.

Numba’s said his team of mostly Zambia Under-17 players, who won the COSAFA version of the tournament in Mauritius in July, improved as the competition grew after losing 2-0 in their opening game to Uganda.

Zambia rebounded to draw 0-0 with Malawi before wrapping up their Group A matches with a 2-0 win over Swaziland.

They finished Group A one point behind Malawi and Group A winners Uganda who were tied on 5 points and separated by goal difference.

“It is a good sign for us as coaches there was progression in all the three games that we have played,” Numba said.

“We are happy with what the boys have done and now trying to prepare them for our next challenge,” Numba said.

“All we need is players to strengthen in some positions.

“We still need to add players in the flanks, at right back, left back, central defence and need to do a bit of work in central midfield.”

Next for Numba is the 2019 U20 AFCON in Niger which Zambia must now qualify for as defending after winning it as hosts in 2017.


  1. Just stay focused Numba. Don’t listen to those loud mouthed CNPs. There’s a bigger prize coming in 2019. CAN U20

    • The change was too abrupt.How can you sideline all the players who won the championship.This simply tells us the former under 20, were not real under 20.Apapane inba above 20!!

    • “We still need to add players in the flanks, at right back, left back, central defence and need to do a bit of work in central midfield.” In short, we had the wrong team!!! FAZ, get rid of this clown, he is well out of his depth. The young lads’ progress will stall under such tutelage…

    • I think they were jealous of his achievement, hence politely removed him from the team. I have never heard of activitive Under 23 tournaments, can someone update me, please.

  2. For as long as they continue to select players based on whom they are.This team will go no where.
    He cant claim that when before the tournament he said the team was ready for any challenge.
    At times its better to accept where you have gone wrong and ensure the right things are done in future.
    Arrogance does NOT help.
    This is Zambia National Team NOT Lusaka select or chikaya team

  3. Kkkkkkkkk I agree with David N.The changes outlined by coach means changing whole team.selection was biased periodnext time cast your net wide.

  4. Am just wondering what this coach could have said had they gone far in this tournament……some one please help me think through….

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