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Germany pledges €700,000 to refugee response


ongo DRC refugees at Kenani camp transit centre in the Nchelenge
Congo DRC refugees at Kenani camp transit centre in the Nchelenge

The German government has pledged to contribute more than K8 million (700, 000 Euros) towards the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) refugee response in Zambia and Angola in 2018.

This is in the light of an influx of asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),now put at over 10,000 who are fleeing unrest and are currently being hosted at Kenani transit centre in Luapula Province.

German ambassador to Zambia Achim Burkart said in a statement that his country’s commitment to assist Zambia was based on the realisation and appeals by the Zambian Government and the UNHCR for support from well-wishers to lessen the burden.

“Zambia and Germany share the common experience of welcoming refugees fleeing from conflict into our respective countries. My Government is familiar with the logistical, financial and integrational challenges and I am, therefore, very glad to announce that the German government has committed 700,000 Euros to the UNHCR refugee response in Zambia and Angola in 2018,” he said.

Recently, the Germany embassy in Zambia donated assorted items worth K600, 000 to the Congolese asylum seekers at Kenani transit centre, making the German government one of the first bilateral partners to respond to the calls for assistance.

UNHCR representative to Zambia Pierrine Aylara said on Monday that the number of registered Congolese asylum seekers at the Kenani transit centre had gone up to 10, 065 since August this year.


  1. That amount of money is nothing, a drop in the ocean compared to what Germany is looting in DRC. Germany is the most industrialized Country in Europe and they are incredibly benefitting from the minerals being stolen from Congo to manufacture cellphones and other high tech devices in their Country. To give this amount of money is hypocrisy of the worst kind.

  2. Herr Burkart das ist zu wenig Geld. Um, Gottes Willen! If we can pay Refugees in Germany who are willing to go back to where they come from, up to 3000 Euros per person then we can also do better on this one, to stop people from getting over to German and Europe. The Government of German can do more than this we all know that. Just know were the political button Berlin is. Most Refugee camps in Germany are empty. They were built for millions of euros and were never occupied, which is good and bad. The brandy new empty refugee camps in German are waiting for new occupants of which some are sitting right there in Zambia, imagine. The good journey of those good people probably has not come to an end. Just imagine. If you give me water I ask for wine as well. It’s not bagging at all, the…

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