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Zambia Association of Musicians disapproves Pilato’s latest song ‘Koswe Mumpoto’

General News Zambia Association of Musicians disapproves Pilato's latest song ‘Koswe Mumpoto’


The Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) would like to acknowledge that musicians across the world are important agents of change through the contents of their music, songs and personal character. Zambia, being a democracy, ZAM encourages its members and all artists to continue exercising their right to comment on social and political matters with full citizen responsibility, professional objectivity and mutual respect for everyone. Despite Pilato not being our member, ZAM would like to make its official position on the song as it concerns our sector.

In this regard, ZAM would like to disapprove of the latest song ‘Koswe Mumpoto’ done by Pilato as we deem it to be another abuse of freedom of expression using music.

As it is very clear that the song in question is meant to demean the Head of State and President of Zambia, ZAM finds the song to be too politically vindictive, judgmental and one that fosters character assassination, political hostility and division in the country.

As a matter of fact, ZAM believes that music should not at any given time be used as a tool to propagate hate speech, citizen hatred and bitterness.

To the contrary, ZAM is of the view that, music is a tool to be used for promoting unity, love, peace and oneness in the spirit of ’ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION!’ This is in reference to Page 44 of our Strategic Plan and I quote,” ZAM and its members, through music, can play an important role as positive change-agents in Zambia by commenting on social issues and raising awareness in such areas as politics, health, education, and gender issues, and spur action for positive change.”

The last time Pilato did a similar song, ZAM distanced itself even against a background were some sectors condemned us. However, we were happy to have learnt that Pilato demonstrated some level of maturity and responsibility by openly apologizing to President Edgar C. Lungu and the first family.

However, it is regrettable and unfortunate that Pilato’s current song is once more against the core values of ZAM and does not help to steer positive change in society apart from being too politically malicious, defamatory and hostile.

Therefore, ZAM would like to both denounce and distance itself again from this song and only believe that in due course, Pilato will find the right Christian and democratic reasons to openly apologize as he has done before.


    • There’s no such thing as abuse of your rights. Why is it a right in the first place. This statement is made in ignorance. That’s the problem when you want to put “umuchinshi” above the Constitution. The Constitution is for every Zambian whether you grew up in the village and was told to respect the elders or you were born in Zambian but grew up in South side of Chicago. Someone’s perspective of respect for Elders should not be the basis for interpretation of constitutionality. A right is a right and it’s universal.

    • People don’t appreciate Art. Why is that the ugly animals in Ndola were not branded as abuse of freedom of expression or attributed to any Political Party leader? Because it’s Art. Well, for your information, MUSIC is ART. I hope you understand that.

    • Listen to Pilato – Khoswe Mumpoto


      Here you go.


    • Pilato’s song is an apt description of the illegal president of Zambia. The man is a thief. This is true. No need to vilify the artist for making a verified statement in time and space. Kateka wa Zambia ni SakalaNyongo.

    • Koswe mumpoto reminds me of tomato balunda,,,,,, these are twin songs ,,,,,very good songs,,,,, they scare rats,,,,,,,,

    • Just heard the song… classic Pilato, but this one is triple Gold Platinum. I want the same weed he smokes.
      Ba Koswe!!!!

    • I listened to the song. Nowhere does it mention LUNGU’s name. Anyway the guilty are always afraid.

      it just shows that even his brain-damaged worshipers know that Lungu is a BIG BIG THIEF, even bigger than FTJ.

    • The Catholic Church and the Church mother bodies have made their position clear on the abuse of Freedoms and institutions by the current government. What has ZAM ever said to defend citizens even when people have been brutalized by state agents and state thugs. Pilato has shown exceptional courage in a country dominated by fear. And you now want to betray him to the state. Ba ZAM Koswe!!!

  1. Freedom of speech means you can’t be attacked by your government for your opinion.

    It is not something that can be abused.

    Defamation is a completely different story.

    It’s something our PF doesn’t seem to understand.

  2. This what is happing in our communities and in our work places so intake it or leave it venawamane waivelela

  3. Hapless and Hopeless ZAM! Pilato’s latest vibe is an apt commentary on the current political scenario in Zambia. Own up or Shut up!!!

  4. What a genius, this guy Pilato! I just listened to the song on Youtube. Excellent! This Zambia Association of Musicians is a useless organisation.

  5. Disgusted. I wouldn’t even buy it. Even as satire its like drunk was singing. We are 100 years behind the Congolese. Let’s be honest as Zambians.
    There is no beauty in the song. Matuvi period.

  6. Since Pilato never mentioned the president, it therefore follows that ZAM are the ones who have interpreted that the Koswe mumpoto is actually the president. As such they have to tell the nation as to how they came up with that conclusion.

  7. I have listened to the song on youtube ,I dont see any thing wrong with it these musicians have their own way of giving messages to the public . The remedy to assumptions is to clearly explain to people what people are suspicious about keeping quiet is not good and destroys your good record .
    Some one was asked how he acquired colossal sums of money he fall short of giving history keeping quiet means consent.
    Politics can be so cruel to some politicians especially if they seem to be doing wrong , in politics you should have a thick skin reason every one is interested in what is on the ground , I have been warning characters in politics who have bags of wrong doings how dangerous it can be for them to rule this nation.
    However we have to respect democracy as chiluba said ; government is…

    • I Xi have just listened to the song. Pilato’s only flaw is that he has veiled his metaphors too thinly so everyone can associate mbeba with Lungu and cobra with Sata. However, He does the typical euphemisms expected of music artists. He mentions no names so its up to ZAM to attach their own meaning to the song

  8. To be honest it is a useless song typical of a pretense of a musician called Pilato. How many people can go to a show where Mr. Pilato plays songs of this nature which seem to be his specialty – only those with a particular inclination. That is not what artistes do – except those devoid of ideas.

  9. My comment below might seem am against the ruling party, am not, I believe amongst all the presidential aspirants we have now, ECL is the best in my personal opinion.

    Having said that, I’d hasten to say Pilate is an artist. I have heard the song, what comes to mind is an artist painting what he is seeing by alluding to what is obtaining in some circles in the country.

    Pilato is not painting a false picture, he also has backing of the Auditor’s Report.

    We seem to be wanting to condone and sympathise with people looting the country’s coffers.

    The only way to ensure the ambers of the AG’s report remain hot is by doing what Pilato is doing. We still have not heard of any sensible movements to secure arrests.

    I really cannot see anything wrong, if anything I see the song to be…

    • (Cont—) one that annoys some good principled people in power to distance themselves and resolve what is obtaining.

      So for me!!! kudos Pilato

  10. Amadonkis are still in denial! Keep dreaming, one mammal will never be what you wish for! When will this get into your heads of denials?

  11. The boy musician thinks it is funny but what he doesn’t know is that he is cutting shot his days and cursing himself. Once he had “repented” but that was a false utterance! God help him!

  12. Pilato, true uwana wamubemba,he understand the history between the two tribes and he knows how to use metaphor.

  13. Does this ZAM know anything about freedom of expression? They sound like the Zambia Censorship board. Music is about expressing oneself. ZAM should be providing soundtracks for our minister of information because both could make good govt prefects

  14. “Kalusa sangayi kwele bus, Bola naikosa”
    Kalusa was definitely H.H in the Morally corrupt song “Dununa Reverse” which Zambians eventually woke up to the fact they cannot eat Dununa!
    Did’nt hear these Belly -( Zambia Association of Musicians) goons complain to such low level lyrics & musicianship!
    The way Taxpayrs cash is wasted on wrong causes, I know these Belly leeches (Z.A.M), will recieve tu ma 2 pin tomorrow, solied corrupt brown envelopes.
    The mentality today is “IF KA TAYALI DID IT, WHY CANT WE ALSO DID IT”

  15. pilato is not a ZAM member, the best response from them would be he is not our member no further comment than to start acting like they are the cersorship board.

  16. The people that should be blamed are the ones who are thinking that the song is about president Edgar Lungu. If the song does not mention president Lungu, why is everyone assuming that it’s ECL? It therefore shows what the same people think of ECL. They think the song describes Edgar lungu’s character because they know that what is being described is his character. Why are those people not pointing at another person like say HH, Davis Mwila, Felix Mutati or Chishimba Kambwili. If I were ECL, I would condemn the people who think the song is about me because Pilato has not mentioned any person in his song. I hope the PF cadres get some sense in what I am saying because they are indirectly insulting ECL themselves.

    • Trump – The people who should be blamed are people like you who want to pretend that the song is not directed at the President. The inability by your kind to pretend not to know the difference between satire and stupidity typifies your kind.

  17. The song is a master piece though. My ribs almost got damaged from laughing when I listened to the song yesterday. Every time I listen to it feels like it’s the first time. I can’t get enough of it.


    • Chief Bootlicker, thats the mistake you making. Thinking about 2021 when there are mounting problems waiting to be fixed. It’s just a matter of time before people snap and start demanding Lungu to go because they are the ones to suffer the consequences of his lack of action and laziness just like jay says

  19. Poetic licence means that poets have the right to express their feelings freely. Their feelings are based on context in which they live and also on their personal inclinations. In poetry, uniformity is redundant. In poetry, good poems are the antithesis or bad poems. There is no good or bad in poetry, as aesthetics depends on the perception and motivation. As for public media houses, yes these are free to play what is deemed in good taste. But private media are free to play music based on demand and supply. Sending some poems underground is more harmful than it appears. If you are defensive, then you must be a suspect. Give an interview, ask questions, seek the truth and mind your business.

  20. Pilato should not think that he’s intelligent because this song is not even a satire due to it’s thinly plain as to know that he’s just insulted the two dead former Presidents Mwanawasa and Sata…And that is a curse he’s put on his head together with those danderheads supporting him till they repent and learn to respect the dead…Pilato should also know that by insulting the current President and former President because of the predictive nature of the song, he’s alienated himself from the majority of Zambians who love the current President…

    • &ZAKEYO,
      That is where you are mistaken. No one loves a President, except their families. The other people just support them. This is what Mugabe found out recently, when the entire ZANU PF who were pretending to love him abandoned him in droves. I am sure Lungu knows very well that no one loves him except his family, who are such a good and devoted family. You Zakeyo definitely do not love him.
      As for Pilato let him express his feelings and views and those who feel like him will appreciate him and appreciate the freedom in our country

  21. @Dr MK Private Citizen
    You are demanding too much from the overly polarized Zambian folksy. Your reasoning in this particular case is way above that of an average member of ZAM. Here in Zambia we have this tendency to ascribe meaning to obscure work of art and in the process insulting the very people we seek to protect. That said, I just say you are right on the money; but again did ZAM people get it?

  22. On the Musical or Poetic Score, I give Pilato 0 out of 10. The rant has neither rhyme or rhythm I would not spend any hard penny buying this drivel.
    As political commentary, Pilato is on point but has fared no better than Kambwili or the Kaponya call boys who always have a point to make about any and everything.
    Pilato should have spent a little more time refining the lyrics and the tune. There really is nothing here but I hope the Great Zambian Police Force does not go on to make a mountain out of this molehill and a martyr out of this unkempt social commentator

  23. My right is my right! Nothing like abusing. When your bapongoshi gives you a woman to marry, they do not have a right to tell you how many times you should be having sex in a day. When something has been given to you, no one should be there to tell you why this and that! #Fikwidi! #fikoswe!

  24. Wako ni Wako at play.
    Muleke. Because tomorrow somebody else will be in power and we will be watching your statements. When Mr Sata was in power every rat was making noise, manje you want to condemn everybody who is complaining about the current government. Vaupuba. If you can’t stand criticism then don’t seek to be in power. Even vima NGOs which you set up for the purposes of criticising Chiluba and now you are using the same NGOs to attack everybody who criticises the President just because ndimwe akumawa. You should be ashamed of yourselves vima tribalist Easterners. We appreciate you have a certain affinity for the President, but you should know in your dead brains that we didn’t force him to be President. Ngatalefwaya kuyabebele. Bakoswe.

  25. While West African songs are doing well in Zambia even at Kitchen Parties like my girl, Particular, etc our talentless Pilato is busy insulting the president in the name of freedom of expression. Shame on you Pilato you are a missed call. Useless to our country.

  26. All these comments demonstrate that people are playing the song. Keep on singing Pontius Pilate and condemn their fake Saviour with his fake humility. Koswe pa Plot……

  27. Pilate sounds like a lost person, if happy with Zambia he must go somewhere where the freedom to bully the elected Head of state is accepted.

  28. Cwale esi yena ya ipilaeza kiyena lilengwami! Ni byona bicapu bwahae bya meeno byani, apuu, mane inge misumo ya kubu sikapu tumukela mungala! Pupeho hahae mucaha ya nyenyisa, mane esi fokumwi u bonahalanga inge si Zinjanthropus. Ka spokesman kahae kona kika pombwe famunyanya.

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