Friday, April 19, 2024

President Lungu dates Copperbelt


President Edgar Lungu will this Friday  be on the Copperbelt Province in Ichimpe, Kalulushi  for the Launch of the pole treatment Plant for ZAFFICO.
President Lungu will also have attend the First Ever Kopala Youth Interactive Forum at Road View Hotel in Kitwe
President Lungu is expected to conclude his visit  with the Fundraising Dinner for the PF on the Copperbelt Province at Mist Gardens in Kitwe on Friday 15th December 2017.
The fundraising dinner is meant to raise funds for the construction of the PF Provincial Secretariat.


  1. He will also meet the Jerabos most probably since he must have heard their voice notes telling him PF is no longer popular pa CB.

  2. @ken stick to the topic mwana your president is busy dealing with party issues instead of national issues like the cbu fracas or the farming crisis even cholera issue in lusaka inchito kunwa ama shots and cocktails cutting ribbons and what not

  3. This koswe song by pilato is depressing, even more than upnd is doing to Zambia already. Zambia is no longer safe going forward -God have mercy on us!

  4. Jerabos are not happy, Copala varsity students were battered for demanding for their food rations, Imbwili is destroying the grass roots like a tsunami, Pilato has released a photo copy of the PF bad way of doing things and it’s a cover up to say that it’s a pole treatment plant opening ceremony and fundraising that the president is going there for. What is the job for Jean Kapata?

  5. Does treatment of poles require the all president to attend? That does not even need delegating Lusambo but only a Counsellor. Our president has nothing to do in that office we gave him hence he is in and out every minute. We deserve a serious president not a tourist. Honestly how can a president go to look at poles with a huge entourage? I feel ashamed to read certain programs from state house and it reflects the type of advisers this president has. Shame on Freedom Sikazwe and Kaizer Zulu. You are all let down!!

  6. Ako, kamwendo munjila, nothing to do in the office, so why not make night allowances, meanwhile no ubulimi for farmers. Yah getting sick with this traveler mwe

  7. bamudala aba capwa.koswe mumpoto lol.Abena chipata shani tupeniko imbeba imwe mwatupela wapwisha koswe.Imbwili yalaonaula.Pantu inyimbo ya NDC ni koswe mupoto.We have adopted the song.It’s like dochi kubeba song during RB time.Chipata pipo awe tefitu.

  8. The president hes a superviser of any project funded by goverm small or big thats why hes accountable above this is not a small project my friends in deny ,this are is duties .

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