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ZNBC grants HH Sunday Interview request

Headlines ZNBC grants HH Sunday Interview request

Minister of Information Kampamba Mulenga talks to Znbc Director General Richard Mwanza after touring both ZNBC and ZANIS Studios in Lusaka

Management at ZNBC has granted UPND President Hakainde Hichilema an opportunity to feature on its flagship Sunday Interview TV programme this Sunday December 17th 2017.

This follows a request by the UPND through its Spokesman Charles Kakoma who had written to ZNBC Director General Richard Mwanza requesting that Mr. Hichilema is featured on the Sunday Interview on December 17.

Mr Kakoma had written that Mr Hichilema would use the appearance on Sunday Interview to share his attractive economic policies among other issues.

And in a letter addressed to Mr Kakoma, Mr Mwanza said the programme will be prerecored on Thursday at 10:30 Hours.

He said ZNBC has had to waiver its schedule to accommodate Mr Hichilema after making special consideration after his request.

And some sources at ZNBC have disclosed that the UPND leader is expected to arrive at ZNBC studios aroud 10 Hours for the recording.

The sources said ZNBC management have asked Presenter Grevazio Zulu to make the programme as uncomfortable as possible or perhaps even worse that the BBC’s Hard Talk

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    • Fake they will record the program and then heavily edit it and subsequently they will come with a reason not to Air it…..and if indeed they air it, there will be mass power cuts nation wide.

    • Sunday Interview has always been a live programme. The pre-recording condition this time round is to facilitate preview and censor critical statements that will be viewed as not sitting well with those who have the authority.

    • Why prerecording it? why do you want to edit it? how do you edit an interview? why do you want us to listen to want you want and not what we need hear? (The sources said ZNBC management have asked Presenter Grevazio Zulu to make the programme as uncomfortable as possible or perhaps even worse that the BBC’s Hard Talk” Ehehehehe….. kuti waseka) Kulota sitilesa manje kalotedwe ndiye kamene tilesa

    • Grevazio,
      I believe you are a professional hence you are not being dictated questions that you will be asking, especially those stupid ones concerning Masonry, as that is part of legal procedure under court, therefore, there is nothing to talk about now.
      Focus on what HH can do differently for this country what ECL is not doing, touching all areas represented by ministers in ECL government.
      Those are the areas you should be grilling HH on and not those childish questions to satisfy PF Cadres.

    • Does he have to request to be on ZNBC/ Pa Zambia napo! If the gut is of interest they should have just brought him on. Look at the BREXIT rebels (Conservatives MPs), they are all over the news because they are of interest. I work up in the morning and one of them was on “THE TODAY” radio programme telling the country why he voted the way he did. They have bee called the mutineers, self consumed and all sorts. Koswe Jonathan Chaima thinks he owns Zambia

    • Done told ya’all … the Ayatollah asked thus needed to be granted!!! Some elements of the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise need useful clowns to make the needful well meaningful.

      Useful = A Clown pretending to be what they are really not. E.g. act as a democratically elected element when in fact the subject is a supreme leader of that entity he alone can fully control it. In this case UPND, the parte.

      Needful = A Democratic Dispensation requires a useful clown. This needful clown makes the process legitimate because while such an element is a diametrical opposite of what he purports to be from inside (his own parte) outside he creates an even playing field.

      Meaningful = A Legitimized System requires a useful clown, who is needful because such an element aspires to…

    • Continued …

      Meaningful = A Legitimized System requires a useful clown, who is needful because such an element aspires to something greater than self despite it’s internal flaws. Devoid of making democracy meaningful, anarchy and apathy prevails.

      Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single Of Us ~ B R Mumba, Sr … thus the need for useful needful clowns who make everything meaningful but much more importantly, everyone lives peacefully!!! Great job ZNBC; this makes our democracy stronger as we continue to be a beacon of democracy in the region.

      Ayatollah, Ayatollah, Ayatollah, Ayatollah, Ayatollah!!!!
      Copyrights reserved ~ Original Content

  1. Good.
    Ask him HH
    Why is he fighting with a small boy Tayali?

    Why taking the case to Livingston not Lsk?

    Is he not worried that some people would say that he is tribalist simply by taking the case to Livingston.

    In his view, is he not worried about what people might think if anything bad can happen to Chilufya Tayali while in Livingston?

    Privatization of mines and many other companies of which some he bought himself.

    @ What point did he become rich? After privatization or before?

    Ask him if it is true that he is a free mason or not?

    Can he publicly reject his religion in favor of politics or can he accept his religion at the expense of his religion?

    I will be happy if he explain this questions.

    • @ DJ7
      1. Tayali may be “small boy”, but thanks to largesse of the Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation, Tayali has become synonymous of political krap
      2. Do you know that HC in Livingstone issue written Ruling in days whilst HC in Lusaka it may take three years or more !?!
      3. Some imbec!les like you still believe that in 90 days there will be more money in their pockets
      4. Tayali will be “protected” by ZPF like any other Zambian Citizen
      5. Can you produce evidence to back-up your malicious slander?
      6. Read Constitution of Zambia, Part III, Art. 11(d)
      7. Read Constitution of Zambia, Part III, Art. 11(b)
      8. Learn to express your self imbec!le
      9. All questions answered. You must be happy now. By the way, do you suffer from genetically transmitted “…

    • 9. All questions answered. You must be happy now. By the way, do you suffer from genetically transmitted “imbecillitatem”?

    • Mr Free.
      Thank you for your answer. However, u still haven’t answered questions regarding

      privatization, and,

      At what point did he (HH) become rich. Before or after privatization?

      Is it true that he (HH) also bought some of the companies he recommended for privatization?

      Questions around the Religion of HH,

      and whether he is ready to reject his free mason religion in favor of his political life

      or he is ready to accept his free mason religion at the expense of his political life?

      Can you answer this questions? If yes, answer them. If no, y not?

    • Please do not show your inbreed “imbecillitatem” again.
      Read Constitution instead.
      You are asking questions to HH about religion and get rich? Instead, ask same questions to your Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation.

    • ingoma takalile for tayali ati akula,he has already manufactured bones in his life a 15 year old daughter and you call him boy,let him just man up, if you uncle was using juju to become a businessman yes you can know at what point he became rich, but for a genuine business their is no point at which one becomes rich,but wealth is built up block by block .

    • Free

      U are not intelligent! If anything u are a grade nine village boy.

      Y are you not answering questions? You are corrupt like HH. Remember, HH is going to pay our money back. U can’t come from Bukachema to Billions over night.

      Your Tonga tribalist UPND leader is a thief, self centred person. By the way,

      When are U going for UPND elective conference? We want a Bemba GBM to take over UPND now.

    • DJ7

      Why is HH not investigated for stealing ?? And unlike lungu I think if any personality came out and publically said HH stole , they would find themselves in court….

    • HH will be investigated after Tonga UPND convention.

      You have failed to answer the above questions and that means the followers of UPND have no brains but faith in they leader.

      Remain dull UPND supporters until …..

    • Let us not trivialise the issue of how HH became rich because he is seeking public office and the people have a right to know but when it comes to religion is a personal matter and even if I proclaim publicly that Iam a christian that doesn’t mean anything because you don’t know what I do in the cover of the dark and that is the reason Jesus himself said not every one who calls me Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In my view this interview has to concentrate on what solutions does his party have which will eventually create the middle class which we currently do not have because that is where the problem of Zambia is.

    • @ DJ7

      Sorry for suspecting that you are sufferer of imbecillitatemis, you are just plain average pillock who thinks that IQ is measured by the size of your own gonorrhea dripping pen!s.
      As to calling me “boy”, ask your mum who is your grandfather.
      By the way, what are you by profession, raw BJ performer?

    • My little boy Free

      My profession is 100 % better than yours.
      My problem with u is that u support what you don’t understand. U have faith in your little small god HH who infact is a thief who because of his self centeredness sold our mines and in return benefited himself.

      He should pay back the money and he will never rule zambia.

      When are U going for Tongo UPND elective conference ?

      We want GBM to take over because Tongas have failed.

    • Ba DJ7 so you can’t read between the lines that “Free” is not a “boy” or male. How dull are you?
      I see you have ( financial) issues in your life. Just work hard also and you could be as rich as HH. You can also start “Bukachema” before it’s too late ( you grow old) than hating on HH’s wealth.
      I for one have issues with HH’s style as a politician, but not because of his wealth and tribe. I am actually proud for him being on the list of the “paradise list” together with the people like Queen, “Lewis Hamilton” and other famous people. It just shows how smart the guy is. and you DJ7 should be learning something from that; a guys being wealthy outside politics in Africa is smart, to be honest . So just work hard also than hating and Tonga this, tribal that, it won’t help you..

    • @ Manb

      The question is: at what point in time did HH become rich? Is it before privatization or after?

      When I do background check about HH, there is nothing that shows that his father or mother had anything. They were both poor just like other Tongas in the village.

      Can he then tell the nation of zambia how he suddenly become rich after especially privatization of mines and other companies?

      What does that say about him?

      It is either HH is a thief, Satanist or free mason. Now which one of the three concepts do you think HH your leader belong?

    • DJ7 okay he became rich through witchcraft, is that what you want to hear?kikikiki… also for you, I know a very powerful witch doctor that can make you rich like the Gupta family in South Africa. Just inbox me and I will hook you up. Please do it fast so that by next year 2018 you will be as rich as Dankote….kikikiki..

    • Lungu has so much hatred for HH, each and every day he was scheming ways to have HH incarcerated, hence the fake treason charges and the subsequent incarceration , until the Commonwealth Secretary General RT Hon Patricia Scotland came to put a stop to the nonsense. Lungu has tried to employ people in the past to scandalise HH’s name, the likes of Tayali, Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, Frank Bwalya Sakwiba Sikota and Davies Chama. Can you imagine if indeed HH became rich because of Privatisation of the mines illegally as Lungu’s minions or fawners suggest? I am no UPND cadre but will support any level headed person to lead the country out of its current political quagmire, Lungu is not that person.

    • [email protected] seems to be spending sleepless nights over HH’s riches. Lungu was in UPND before he joined PF and he was very close to HH. Lungu knows HH very well and he has the details how he became rich. I imagine DJ7 you are closer to lungu than you are to HH, you ask Lungu how HH became rich, maybe just maybe you will have one of your numerous problems solved. If Lungu had any thread of evidence regarding HH’s riches or if Privatisation had to do with his riches, he would have wasted no time in taking him to court. Lungu knows that HH did not became rich fraudulently and that is why he is sniffing around using others just in case something came up.

  2. We are happy that HH, our national leader is featuring on our national broadcaster. This is supposed to be a daily norm. HI should be featuring intermittently on ZNBC to share his vision on how he wants to lead our country.
    We all know he has good brains and good vision for mother Zambia.
    But cowards and greedy criminals who think they are the only ones who should rule mother Zambia are always blocking him and make him feel an alien in his own country.
    VIVA IT VIVA! VIVA UPND VIVA! Use that platform to expose Lungu and his thieving PF!

    • Since when did HH become a national leader? HH is only a leader for Southern province. The national leader is ECL who has support from 11 out of 12 provinces. You guys are living in fantasy island, in a perpetual dreamland. Even if we were to vote today, HH will be again beaten because of your regionalism thinking.


    • Lungu is loved in 9 provinces and many have seen much progress under his leadership, only the Southerners are blinded by tribalism.

    • Asegai

      The only progress seen is lungus bank account……..2 million to 23 million in one year , what bussiness enterprise does he run ?? Since you know him maybe you can tell us….

    • Kikikikiki @Asegai, what progress when there is Cholera coming? Please go to the other 9 provinces and see how people are suffering. To make its easy for you, just visit UTH and you will see “Lungu’s progress” kikikikiki

  4. Kampamba sure has got nice legs. I always watch her when she’s seated in a chair issuing those useless PF statements. I didn’t know that behind the chair lies those beautiful legs. Do me favor Honorable Kampamba, Kindly issue all your statements while standing so that I can always get the pleasure of watching your beautiful legs. I now understand why the president can’t fire you even when he knows that you were Kambwili’s girlfriend in the past.

    • Masturbation is health and safer than your live s3x with wh0res around your shanty compounds pig. I can masturbate if I want and it’s really non of you fu3king business. Just go and sleep with your whores in shanty compounds and get HIV.

  5. Unfortunately HH will not choose questions to be asked. All will depend on the interviewer. What if the interviewer does not ask questions on the economy? What if the interviewer concentrate on questions that make HH and UPND uncomfortable? Perhaps he could have done paid up programme where he could sell himself! However, thank you to both ZNBC and HH for agreeing to work together. Make the best of the time.

  6. “Attractive economic policies” will turn into vilification of PF. Just put your manifesto on the table without seeking political mileage on a deserved prison time.

    • You are very wrong. All the Sunday Interviews are prerecorded. Some time back, I wanted to do a phone -in to challenge one of the guests on the programme who was purveying falsehoods. I managed to get a ZNBC landline number and called only to be informed that the programme had been prerecorded a few days earlier. So there is nothing sinister about this.

    • You are very wrong. All the Sunday Interviews are prerecorded. Some time back, I wanted to do a phone -in to challenge one of the guests on the programme who was purveying falsehoods. I managed to get a ZNBC landline number and called only to be informed that the programme had been prerecorded a few days earlier. So there is nothing sinister about this.

    • Get facts about this Sunday interview programme before saying anything untrue. This programme has always been a pre -recorded one. There are live programmes which znbc does and are indicated as such

  7. Grevazio don’t forget the pertinent questions about Privatization theft, Free Masson practices, Petition delusions, UPND Convention.

    Cane this Under 5.

    Don’t spare the whip and spoil this already spoilt child full of self entitlement.

  8. Why pre-recorded when it comes to HH’s interview when all are given live things? 2021 is still far hence there is no need to rush processes, why not postpone it to next Sunday? HH should always learn to dictate the pace at which some things move in the interest of democracy. A lot of people are already behind him with or without any ZNBC appearance.

    • You are very wrong. All the Sunday Interviews are prerecorded. Some time back, I wanted to do a phone -in to challenge one of the guests on the programme who was purveying falsehoods. I managed to get a ZNBC landline number and called only to be informed that the programme had been prerecorded a few days earlier. So there is nothing sinister about this.

  9. Just the headline itself “ZNBC grants HH sunday Interview” puts to question our democratic credentials and the serious doubt of ZNBC impartiality.The TV station is the one who should have been seeking HH’s interview if they were truly a free media house.

  10. He’s scared now that znbc has agreed.
    Only Southern Province will watch him, the rest of us will have Load shedding!!

  11. Gravazio this is your opportunity to prove what are you are worth. You understand zambia issues better than surcker Stephen from BBC. You followed his petition process which never brought out any tangible issue. You know what the constitution says about petition. You know there’s no petition live in our courts. You covered the namwala saga and understand how thuggish this upnd operate. You live in Zambia and ve seen how development is unfolding. You know why hh was released and that his case was very serious. In short hh can only lie to foreign journalists not you. Treat him like an under5 he has always been.

  12. We are sure that ZNBC reluctantly agreed to the HH Interview. Knowing how Lungu and his treacherous PF Party works we can expect another twist b4 the Interview is streamed on Sunday show. The prerecorded Interview will be heavily edited with Directives from Koswe and his fellow Rats.

  13. We are sure that ZNBC reluctantly agreed to the HH Interview. Knowing how Lungu and his treacherous PF Party works we can expect another twist b4 the Interview is streamed on Sunday show. The prerecorded Interview will be heavily edited with Directives from Koswe and his fellow Rats.

  14. So opposition leaders have to plead for an interview on a public broadcaster ZNBC to be granted one? This is really shameful. I think that from this point forward a firm schedule must be drawn for equal coverage of all political parties all year round. I shudder to see a situation where, ZNBC will be flooded with requests and a questionable selection criteria is used to chose who should feature and who should not. Bwana DG, come clean on this one. Show the world you are transparent and fair to all parties by granting all the same opportunity on the public broadcaster and circulate in advance the schedule

    • It’s hh and upnd who publicly refused to be covered by znbc. Remember last time znbc reporter was brutally beaten at their secretariat fir trying to cover them. It’s upnd going back to their own vomits. Yes znbc do send invitations to patriotic citizens to digest some issues concerning our nation but for upnd they distanced themselves and void never to associate themselves with znbc.

  15. Then someone will say that there is no freedom of speech in this great land. The opposition leader has been given chance on a national broadcaster to explain why he has been losing elections for six consecutive time.
    He should explain why he does not want to hold elections in his own party.
    He should also explain why only a tonga person can lead UPND party.

  16. He should also explain his investment outside the country on the offshore….where he got all the money. I know some people will say he is a business man, but let him tell us how he started business from the scratch to were he is….How he hopes to use his huge amounts that he has to improve peoples lives. He should also tell the world why he opted to do his investment on Tax free zones and how he hopes to just be in state house without putting us in danger of turning this country into a Free Manson………wapya munziii

  17. The issue of religion must be asked,so that we know the truth, and if possible Grevazio must obtain the register from grand lodge in which HH’s name is appearing as a place where HH is said to have been initiated as the occult grandmaster. kkkkkkkk.

  18. We are yet to grow. Is it our educational system at fault? Whether it is the media, the police or the Judiciary, there is an unmistakable shadow of the PF government hovering around.

  19. The cattle loan he got from Cattle Finance Company through the late Muntanga, he should tell the nation if he has paid for them.

  20. From live to recorded. A country of lawlessness indeed. And you call yourselves Christians. When did day change to night?

  21. HH is a smart cookie. After being offered an interview at ZNBC, He quickly sued Tayali so that Grevazio does no touch on the issue of Masonry as it is before the court. After the interview he will quickly drop the suit so that Tayali does not present evidence in court. Clever chap! Shrewd as a snake.

  22. @ Daudi; Facts

    Typical zed critics, KASEMPA et al haven’t even bothered to take note of the photographed reply! one wonders how they can lure me an unaffiliated voter to their side

  23. This is a very great chance for HH to clear the “wrong” perception on his richness materially. A Business guru may not necessarily make a good President with capital P. WE SHALL BE GLUED TO THE SCREEN to see the expression on the face of the bitter man and indeed listen to his “wisdom”. I only hope he shall not dwell on character killing like he did after the Heroes stadium mishap.

  24. Why would anyonev want to be a middle class? I thought each one of deserves the very best?
    Classes are a thong of the past and sorry our colleagues in UPND are so brainwashed that they believe only HH got to be where it matters through stealing of course.
    Believe you me, the next President of Zambia after President Lunch in 2026 is yet not known and of course NOT from UPND

  25. People talk about HH when it comes to privatization safety! What of Chitalu the master minder of it? Is it because he is Bemba?

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