The Drug Enforcement Commission in Luapula Province has recorded one of the highest numbers of drug trafficking cases and arrests in the country.

Luapula Province Regional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Martin Chitamba explained that most of the cases involve youths who engage mostly in cannabis business both within and outside the country especially in the bordering Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr. Chitamba said this necessitated government to come up with the Joint Permanent Commission that involves the security wings from both Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo with the purpose of conducting sensitization and drug identification as they go about their duties.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Chitamba was speaking during the sensitization meeting that was held for security personnel from Chembe and Mwenda Border in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Chembe district.

He explained that apart from the security wings in the country, the Drug Enforcement Commission has also been working in collaboration with churches, communities, work places and schools where sensitization sessions are conducted

He said most victims of drug abuse and drug trafficking in the province are the youths hence, the introduction of the Education and Counseling Department under the Ministry of Education where such youths are assisted in resisting such vices.

Mr. Chitamba noted that Zambia has great potential among the youths to excel and take the country to greater heights in terms of development hence ,the need to work towards a drug free youth population.

He has revealed that after recording high cases of money laundering, the commission has also opened a money laundering office in Mansa district were these cases will be reported by the general public.

Mr. Chitamba has appealed to members of the general public to come to any security wing in the Province or visit the Drug Enforcement Commission Offices and report suspected drug trafficking or money laundering cases.

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  1. The herb is used in the manufacture of medicinal painkiller pills…you foools are busy arresting people!!


  2. Why not ban the production and consumption of alcohol especially vijilijili the adverse effects of which are there for all to see and research on the health and economic benefits of cannabis?


  3. Nika dobo che, leave the youths without employment alone, thats how they survive.

    Give them jobs or leave them alone, it’s just the herb and I’m sure it’s not leading them to cause trouble.


  4. Makes no sense to fight against a green therapeutic vegetable matter that grows naturally on the land and allows the youth to earn a living. Human rights violation!



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