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Senior Chief Mweemba saddened with the demise of Hantobolo


Chief Siachitema of the Tonga speaking people of Kalomo district in Southern Province says he has learnt with great shock the demise of Clement Hantobolo, the man who was burnt together with Senior Chief Mweemba after unknown people petrol bombed the house they were sleeping in a fortnight ago.

Chief Siachitema, who spoke through his spokesperson Johns Chiboola said the death of Mr. Hantobolo, who died at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) was disheartening.

The Traditional Leader said this in an interview with the ZANIS in Chikankata district in Southern province today.

And the traditional leader has praised the Zambia Police Service for apprehending people suspected to have torched Senior Chief Mweemba palace recently.

He said those behind the setting ablaze of the traditional leaders palace which resulted into the death of a second person should face the wrath of the law.

Member of the royal family George Bbabbi confirmed that Mr. Hantobolo died on Monday at UTH following his referral from Livingstone General Hospital after his conditions worsened and was put to rest in Sijuwa village in Sinazongwe district.


    • That’s why I don’t and will never trust a politician. Their mission is always to paint a bad picture about their opponents. When it comes to real issues such as this sad case, they keep quiet. Every time we change government, we start missing the previous government, why? It’s because all politicians are liars and selfish. A palace has been petrol bombed and no opposition has uttered a word. Like you have said they are falling over each other to say something about CBU and Pilato because they want that extra vote.

  1. Mwandini walanda mune Abilima, not even ka condolense from bakaamba ba hh nangu abaice babo ba gbm. Baishibafye ama politics lyonse.

  2. Condolences to the two who’ve passed….

    Very sad indeed, very sad. Presidency seem to be a focus. But for who? The people dieing are the people…

    Let’s get away from things that divide us and concentrate on issues that unite us.

    Let’s all take the middle road and move on.

  3. I wonder why these politicians have kept quite on this death of the petrol bombed chief palace , I feel sad that these guys don’t mean well for us as zambians.
    Indeed if they keep quite it could mean they may be involved , however a traditional leader must be respected and be defended by every zambian .
    Now who can explain to us what has made our loudmouth politicians to shut up vulgar lips ! Really I am deeply disturbed that we are not safe .
    These guys keep on complaining about the police now they are saying nothing and it is the very responsible police who are defending us from them!
    That is why I respect the police they do good job un biased.long live the police we are behind you as common citizens .

  4. To be honest a spark in violence in the country is a warning.

    I am really afraid of HH to be honest. He is capable of murder without a flinch.

    Standing up against HH If and a BIG IF, if elected President, a lot of people will be murdered, disappear or indeed jailed.

    However, am comforted by the fact that the other 6.5 provinces have provided a check and balance.

    VIVA Zambia

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