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Up-close with model/brand ambassador Christina Sakala


Christina Sakala is a 24-year-old fashion model and law student. I started modeling when my boyfriend at the time tricked me into auditioning. He said we were going on a date and I found myself at an audition. He had been trying to get me to start and I was just not interested LOL. So I guess that was he’s last resort. Now looking back I’m glad he did it. There are so many people looking up to me, including myself and I cannot disappoint them. I know I’m a great model and one day I’ll put my country on the map.”

She has been a freelance model for almost her own career. “If you are a hustler work freelance but if you’re not get with an agency. As a freelancer you have to be a hard worker, go out there and get jobs but with an agency the agent does that for you.”

In her career as a model Christina as attained a number of titles such as:

  • Top Model of the world Zambia 2015
  • Miss Globe Zambia 2017/18
  • Vodafone Jump Brand Ambassador
  • Mumba Children’s Project Brand Ambassador
  • Face of Lace by Mwengz 

She has walked the runway of Zambia Fashion week from 2015 to date and also participated in Swahili Fashion week. Asked about her best model experience she mentioned that it is undoubtedly her participation at this years Shanghai Black fashion week (held in Shanghai, China).

“It was an amazing experience. I loved every moment of it. It was very humbling because that was GOD. I didn’t reach out to them they reached out to me! God works in mysterious ways. It was a different crowd, different vibe, I met new people and made new connections. It gave me a taste of the international modeling scene and now I’m going for the whole cake!! I’m excited for what God has in store for me come 2018.” she exclaimed excitedly.

Apart from runway modeling, Christina has also done other model works such as:

  • TV commercials (Vodafone, eezee noodles, Thai green tea)
  • Billboards (Airtel, Giordano, SBM)
  • Editorial (Nkwazi inflight magazine, Kamanga wear look book, Bulletin and Record Magazine, Essays (SA) magazine)

 Asked if she has preference between photo shoots and runway modeling, her response was that she loves both. When I’m behind the camera I can be whoever the client wants me to be. I get to role-play and that’s always fun. When I’m on the runway I’m the best version of me. There’s something about that thrill. It’s amazing.”

The Zambian modeling industry is growing steadily but still faces a number of challenges. In Christina’s view the main challenges are; lack of opportunities and some peoples lackadaisical attitude towards modeling. “A lot of people don’t take models seriously and so before you establish yourself it can be tricky. This ties in with pay. Money. People want you for a job but aren’t willing to pay properly and when you can’t agree on a figure they would rather go and use their relatives or friends for the said job.”

She went on to say business need to understand that modeling is a job like any other and that the models are helping to bring the business’s brand and vision to life thus, they must be paid well for that.

In Zambia, non-traditional jobs such as acting and modeling are at times, not taken seriously. Whereas in the western world people are able to make a comfortable living with them. Christina attributes this to mindset. “Traditional type of mindset where in order to make it you have to be a lawyer, doctor, accountant, engineer etc. but I believe God gave us talents for a reason. If you can make your passion your paycheck then good for you. People need to get out of that traditional way of thinking.” 

Christina has achieved a lot in her career but still has ambitions to accomplish even more.

“I’m going to be the cover of Vogue Magazine, Elle Magazine and all the big names. I’m going to walk for the biggest designers in the world and walk the biggest most glamorous shows in the world. Be the brand ambassadors for the biggest brands and names. I’m coming for it all.” She said with determination.

When she is not working Christina loved to spend her time reading. She says reading opens your mind and enables you to explore new places without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Christina gave a word of advice to upcoming models, Stay focused. Stay true to yourself. There’s always the right way to do things and even if it takes longer always go that route. BE KIND ALWAYS.” 


Follow Christina Sakala on social media:

Twiter: tintin_themodel

Instagram: its_tintin




  1. I personally think she’s a little too late in the modelling industry. What she’s doing, she should have been doing at 19-21 so that her current age is for solidifying her income, brand and portfolio. It’s not too late but her best chances are outside Zambia at her age. Kuno we’ll stagnate her progress.

  2. It is the looks and experience in posing which matter not so much the age. I also believe she would do well outside Zambia because of the multiple categories she can model in. More power to her.

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