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HH assures equitable development, promises to stop corruption

Headlines HH assures equitable development, promises to stop corruption

HH waves to the supporters in Solwezi
HH waves to the supporters in Solwezi

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has assured that he will work round the clock to develop the country in a fair and equitable manner once in government.

Addressing scores of Solwezi residents on Sunday, Mr. Hichilema stated that his recent arrest by the Patriotic Front will be used to not only to help restore normalcy in the governance of the country but also foster peace, unity and development.

“We have suffered enough as a country, but I want to assure the nation through you people of Solwezi that we will develop this country, we will be different from those who arrested us for no crime, because if we behaved the same, you, our people will not see the difference,” said Mr Hichilema.

Meanwhile, Mr. Hichilema also stated that he is seeking public office not for personal gain but to help alleviate poverty in the country.

“We seek public office not for personal gain but to help alleviate poverty in our country, we are a different crop, a crop that means what it says and that our people must have food, quality education, quality health and if you like quality infrastructure, we will run a government whose policy will be zero tolerance to corruption because corruption is cancer,” said Mr. Hichilema to the cheering thousands of Solwezi residents.

He stated that when in office his time will be occupied with ensuring that the country has enough food adding that this will be done through predictable policies that will not leave the country hurting.

He stated that he remains committed to fighting for the greater good of the country adding that no threats will make him stop speaking against injustices.

Mr. Hichilema who was accompanied by party National Chairperson Mutale, party Secretary General Stephen Katuka and several other senior party officials also thanked the thousands of Solwezi residents for their moral and physical support during his arrest.

The UPND President Hakainde Hichilema was in Solwezi to launch the provincial card renewal exercise.

“Thank you all for your unwavering support and commitment to fight for a better Zambia, we all have a task to set our country free from those who never appreciate dissent, those that arrested us for no crime, we remain committed and we ask you all to do so, we will work round the clock and develop our country by creating an enabling environment,” said Mr Hichilema.

HH in Solwezi
HH in Solwezi

HH addressing supporters in Solwezi
HH addressing supporters in Solwezi


  1. Considering what we are going through in the country, HH makes a lot of sense and I believed he will make a good president……. Right now we have a disaster of a president.

    • What will he do if the police came to him with evidence to arrest Edgar Lungu? Will he interfere with the process and stop the execution of justice just to show that he is not like them? He will be just as bad if he interfered with the police. HH should stop making these childish noises exhibiting ignorance about statecraft. He was arrested by the police and the DPP took the matter to court. It was the same DPP who entered a nolle. This DPP will still be in office even after 2021.

    • For those who were born way before Radio Mulungushi, Radio Phoenix, radio Ichenelo etc must be aware of one the popular song that about DEBT, ( Inkongole shilaleta umu sebanya). Zambia got issues with the mounting debt from China and they’ve been warned. Now wonder they GOVT of Zed has been begging us to invest back home whilst there’re no fruit basket. The unemployment rate is ridiculers, and you decide to hire foreigners first. I got 2 vehicles and I can donate one if there was no corruption in the Zambian GOVT. Lungu really has to put his act together, this is completely out of line. This was not President Sata’s vision.

    • The problem is that UPND remains a tribal party. People of NWP and WP are only being used via a onesided cousinship for the benefit of the Tonga speaking people. As long as it remains so, HH will never be acceptable in the 9 other provinces. Then, he will still lose in 2021.

    • Iam so amazed at Mrs Nalumango openingly acknowledgin the HH is bound to loose in his own party but willing to test him again at national level. Ask the new leaders of ANC is good to go through those emotions at the party level without being protective. HH is not popular in his own party.I wish you had consultated .

  2. Those are same bantustan voters who have been voting for HH’s upnd for years!!moreover,those are few people as compared to huge crowds which PF attract!the cancer which kills HH is regional voting!!in 2021 HH will win in all those 3 bantustan provinces WHILE PF WILL KOLOPA VOTES IN 6.5 PROVINCES TOO!!the issues HH spoke about in Solwezi is the same old story!!this man has nothing new to offer!!PF is already offering solutions to the issues HH raised here.YOU WILL DIE TRYING KAINDE!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017.

  3. The same monotony. Nothing to address the question HOW? Meanwhile, Edgar is steadfastly delivering on his promises. The status quo will not change in 2021, only the margin will be bigger in favor of Edgar.

  4. If Edgar Koswe Mumpoto is delivering then Zambian are blind. Mbili Yakale must be a Chipatanese where ther hearest economy is the Luangwa National Park, an animal Kingdom!

    • Are you one of those that are blind then, since you are admitting you have seen nothing at all? It a pity. I command you to open your eyes and see political Bartmaeus!

  5. Why is this chap cheating the villagers? Which Zambia is he going to rule. In the first place he will never be president of our Mother Zambia, secondly how sure is he that he will win the so called UPND convention that he is yet to host? Does it mean that he will not allow anyone to challenge him at their convention? This chap is not democratic, he is just like ka Larry Mweetwa…losing 6 times and he still believes he will win the next elections……wishful thinking !!!!

  6. Great ideas but make your party zambian.Trump is facing the same peoblem lucky to have won because of the elecrol college.Cleanse the tribal tag,rest assured of victory.Make your party national through elections.

  7. Tribal politics is what I smell here. Trumpism is tribal politics. It doesn’t work anywhere in the world, not even in Trump world. Surely it can’t work in Zambia.

  8. PF and UPND or LUNGU and HH, honestly, even though you’re a born hater, the difference between the two groups is as clear as the sun. Anyway, talk is cheap. Let’s leave it to the people of Zambia who are feeling the heat to decide.

    • Yes we can see the difference. PF is in power and UPND is not. LUNGU is Republican President and HH is not. He is still vying to one, but with a very slim chance of succeeding in 2021, with the certainty of an impending sixth time loss.

  9. Nonstop electioneering and feeding big men’s egotistical need for affirmation is a cancer that will destroy Zambia.

  10. Zambia is a funny place. These are fake pictures from the last elections. Scrutinize them carefully,they are the same propaganda pictures I have seen .

  11. Politicians in zambia are a joke what corruption is HH talking about ! is he first going to arrest himself for the corruption he knows about himself!
    Starting from taxhavens ,to the miss sale of zambian companies to benefit himself.
    If he manages to get to plot one he would be the most miserable person in statehouse mark those words .

  12. Who is he cheating? He’s failing to contribute against poverty alleviation before he becomes president by depositing his earnings offshore! That money he is banking offshore is robbing the poor people who HH claims he wants to come and solve their problems! He doesn’t understand how governments world-over operate! All governmentsl depend on taxes earned from all taxable citizens! If he himself is avoiding paying taxes now, how is he going to convince the Zambian people to pay tax if he became president? Its a far-fetched dream! We don’t want another crook at state house after FTJ! He has even failed to be democratic in his own party, no intra-party democracy! We don’t want an RGM (Robert Gabriel Mugabe) in Zambia!

  13. Cyril Ramaphosa will be President of South Africa in 2019, and on first attempt. What does that tell you about hh? It tells you that if he was NDZ with such a narrow loss margin he would not have conceded defeat. But look at NSZ, the loss is no big deal and she even went to hug Cyril.

  14. First we need internal elections in UPND before general elections. I think HH is cheating us. We have supported him for too long. This time we will challenge him or else, there shall be sabotage in 2021. We all want to try our lucky after all him has already exhausted his chances. Five attempts is not a joke.

  15. HH and Mmembe will bleed this country white if by mistake hh goes to plot 1. They are both tax invaders. I can never vote for hh, he is arrogant, pompous, selfish, too full of himself. He thinks like he is the only one who has been to school. He was very arrogant on Sunday interview, never answered questions and looked at Grevasio with a sarcastic look. He never answered if he got rich after privatization or before. He is a very sneaky fellow. Let him continue telling lies to his supporters. Meanwhile ZP has reversed their silly decision to recruit Chinese as reserve police officers.

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