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Friday, February 21, 2020

Government to begin the unbundling of UNZA into colleges next year-Prof Luo

Headlines Government to begin the unbundling of UNZA into colleges next year-Prof Luo

Gender Minsister Nkandu Luo during the UNZA Celebrations
Nkandu Luo

Government will next year unbundle the University of Zambia(UNZA)into university colleges in order to improve the smooth running of the learning institution.

Ministry of Higher Education, Nkandu Luo says the University colleges will have the Vice-Chancellors, who will be reporting to the vice-chancellor of the University.

Professor Luo explained that the reforms are aimed at finding alternative financing for institutions of higher learning, adding that government will allocate the 2019 budget to the University of Zambia through the university colleges that will be formulated.

Speaking at the 47th graduation ceremony in Lusaka today, Prof.Luo urged the research department at the university to put across robust research activities that will help in the easy running of the institution.

Prof.Luo pointed out that government will by 31st January next year commence the dismantling of debt owed to the retires of the University of Zambia.

Meanwhile, University of Zambia Vice Chancellor Luke Mumba said the demand for high education has increased at the country’s highest learning institution.

Professor Mumba affirmed that the number of females students graduating this year has increased to 54% compared to the 46% of male students that graduated.

5,951 students graduated at this year’s 47th graduation ceremony compared to 5,242 that graduated last years.

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  1. Great idea. I’m finishing my PhD in Higher Education Administration. I’m coming home. Please hire me as Vice Chancellor in the School of Education Hon. Madam.

    • But the caliber of the Zambians ‘finishing their PhD’s is getting lower and lower every day. Are these THE ONLINE PhD’s they talk about/ How do you as a PhD holder go on a blog to look for a Job/ Next you will be sing about this PhD the MUSHOTA has been since she bought hers. Mate, write a CV then take it to the forged minister with a Brown envelope and another Brown envelope to KOSWE then you will be the preferred VC of one of the colleges. in 2021 we will then put you in jail.

  2. Zambians, and infact Africans in general focus too much on universities as the ultimate source of higher education and guarantee for success in life. Fact is that a university degree is not necessarily superior to a college diploma.

    That said, it is also high time we Africans started re-arranging our education system in accordance with our cultural norms and world view. After all, we have seen how western university graduates have not made the world any better by eradicating the real problems in society but have in fact contributed to the perpetration of vices like moral decay, international injustice and stock market crashes.

    The highest rate of suicide and depression in Germany is found among the “highly educated” class.

    • What’s a degree other than a piece of paper? It is your achievements in life that counts batata. No smoke in my head, I’m just thinking outside the box because that’s what I enjoy about blogging.

    • Most likely Nine Chale does not have the piece of ‘paper’ himself hence not appreaciating the real value of a degree

    • Really laughable…this is what you hear from Managers or Directors who have come through the ranks after years of working and only have a certificate because they couldn’t make grade for a uni. place.

    • I like what you are saying. I highly respect your opinion.

      And yes a university degree or education is overated in Zambia.

      But of course this isn’t to degrade a degree it’s just to say that in our case a degree isn’t the only fail-proof solution out of poverty.

      We should also look towards encouraging youths to take on skills in farming and food production, essentially, the latter is the real future of our nation.

    • 4:3 Wiyu, 4.4 Jay, it’s not like I haven’t been through school and passed a lot of exams, I just found out that there was much more to life than getting that piece of paper. I’d ratheer open your minds to become a critical thinker instead of just taking in everything I’m fed. After all, this is what they teach you in university and college too.

      “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.”
      Frantz Fanon

  3. #4 Nine chale, in the past you and me have disagreed on issues but on this one I surrender coz you are very very right. Here where I am some with a 2 yr college degree can easily make over 100 grand a year, more than a PhD holder or professor can make. So that Zambian nosence of thinking that ati those who went to unza are the only ones who have keys to success in life is an illusion

  4. @Mushe – Having a college degree and making more money than a PhD holder does not necessarily mean the college qualification is superior. You are just earning more money, that’s all. Nature of the work. Don’t confuse matters.

    • Which is what I am saying. You can have a cake but not be able to eat it. While a degree might get you the type of job you want, it doesn’t mean you will automatically become what you have always wanted to be in the course of your career.

      There are many examples of people who have failed in life despite their degrees simply because they were firmly focussed on this one piece of paper that they never broadened their horizon in other areas and ended up in the gutter.

  5. Can we get things in perspective: One of the major problems of UNZA is its poor funding model! Unbundling can never be a solution to a wrong funding model!

  6. Please professor, rethink that popularise approach.. if only our institutions can be adequately funded instead of buying useless vehicles and fire tenders… our institutions that have supplied to region including Namibia and Botswana wouldn’t be put to such shame in the name of efficiency… Please madam minister, do the right thing. I know my own people will comment less even when they underwent training from the same institution in the name of not wanting to offend…But as a graduate in foreign land.. I value the level and certification that is attained at the highest leaning institution in the land. Adequately funded, our own researchers can spear head world leading research as opposed to continuously begging to so called developed nations.. mind you they also started somewhere…

    • Not populist, pure experiment. Ukukosa. These are the same people who brought basic school and high school. Copied from South Africa.

      The issue is that still the different “colleges” will have same huge needs put together.

  7. Chipantepant, trying to mask the same funding issues with unbundling. No extra details about it rather than improve efficiency. These people need to do their home work before implementing some things.

    • Nothing makes sense with these tins she says ” that the reforms are aimed at finding alternative financing for institutions of higher learning, adding that government will allocate the 2019 budget to the University of Zambia through the university colleges that will be formulate”
      What does finding alternative financing mean when this is a Public institution? Are you privatizing them or selling assets like land around them?

  8. Other Unbundlings required:

    1. ZESCO into generation, transmission , and supply.
    2. ZRA into Provincial and District authorities.

    • State House also needs unbundling. Too many Chinese walk in and out to deliver envelopes.Kaiser Zulu and all the mafias need to leave State House and be bundled in jail

  9. Truly speaking, unbundling UNZA into colleges is not going to solve its problems. The Minister says “vice chancellors of each college will be reporting to the Vice-Chancellor of the University”. What’s the difference from the current situation where Deans of each school report to the Vice-Chancellor??.The ONLY solution to UNZA’s woes is adequate funding, period.

  10. Nine Chale and mushe 100% agreed. I know of a lot of degree holders who are languishing because they think only that paper can do things for them. They are not creative in life and move around with that paper hoping it will better their lives. My son is in the school of vet medicine and I have strongly advised him to think outside the degree he will obtain. To that effect, I’m developing a farm where I want him and his sister to apply their skills once they graduate instead of becoming job hunters. The Asians are doing the same. Send their children to study pharmacy and medicine at Unza and when they graduate, they work in their private hospitals. Let us encourage our young stars to be entrepreneurial with the degrees they obtain.

  11. Way to go! Perhaps these public PhDs and degrees will start using their heads in enhancing survival synergies to prosper the University colleges. Why can’t they use the available resources by the university to be independent? How are the private universities surviving- these complacent public universities have been too mollycoddled that their brains have gone to sleep!

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