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Government increase salaries for all council workers

Economy Government increase salaries for all council workers

GOVERNMENT has increased salaries for all council workers ranging 15.7 percent for the least paid in division four and 3.0 percent for the highest paid.

The Zambia United Local Authorities’ Workers Union (ZULAWU) General Secretary (GS) Kingsley Zulu disclosed this following the signing of the 2018 collective agreement, 10 days after negotiations came to a close.

And Local Government Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga confirmed the development to the Daily Nation in an interview yesterday.

“It is true that salaries for councils workers have been increased by 15.7 percent for the least paid in division four and 3.0 percent for the highest paid, we signed a collective agreement with ZULAWU last Friday,” Mr Malupenga said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zulu said the union opted to settle for the percentages in question in the spirit of give and take.

He said this would help cushion local government service workers from current hash economic realities.

He said in the 2018 collective agreement, government was offering better conditions of service which included migrating workers on the decentralised payroll and revisiting the annual performance appraisal system.

“Council workers are the least paid in the country but we opted to settle for these percentages because government currently has no capacity to go beyond what it had offered.

He said the union would not rest but ensure that councils in the country improved on levy collections.

Mr. Zulu pointed out that the problem in local authorities was that salaries were largely dependent on the local government equalisation fund.

He also said the union had advised government to embark on centralised printing of receipts to be used by councils countrywide.

This, move, he stated would ensure transparency and avoid leakages in terms of money collected by the councils.

Meanwhile Zulawu has appealed to the Local Government Service Commission (LGSC) to immediately halt the transfers of council officials in councils countrywide.

Mr. Zulu said in the last three months since the exercise kicked off, officers who had been transferred to various councils had been paid subsistence and settling allowances by their previous stations.

He complained that the situation had resulted in local authorities being indebted which in turn hampered service delivery.

“Let the service commission cease effecting transfers as councils sill have old debt to settle for our members. Indebtedness of councils has increased as a result of the transfers. Let them allow council have breathing space until they liquidate the what is owed to their employees. Transfers effected in the past three months have really destabilised councils in terms of revenue,” Mr Zulu said.

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    • If the least paid receive K2,000 per month, all they will get will be K2,300 so no meaningful increment as a family of five needs almost K5,000 to survive, which should be minimum for a Zambian who boards a minibus to go to work, pays rent, school fees, services like water and electricity. I wonder how the poor even voted for PF, unless they are dull. There is no amount of bribe that can make me vote PF with all this suffering. Let us face it if you have a heart for your extended family each of us even in PF we are paying for at least five kids school fees because our relations cannot afford, unless you have a heart of stone and are enjoying just you and your children.

  1. Privatise them then, councils are meant to offer a service to the people on behalf of government. They are not profit making institutions like zesco okay!

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