Hyena body parts lands Katete man in court


he Katete Magistrate Court has fined a man of Luangwa Section of Chieftainess Kawaza ’ s Chiefdom of Katete District K500 for unlawful possession of hyena body parts which included a reproductive organ.

Kelvin Zulu aged 23 years old was fined for unlawful possession of government trophy contrary to section 97 Subsection 1 and 136 of the Wild Life Act No. 14 of 2015 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that on December 12 2017, Mr Zulu had in his possession one Hyena ear and its reproductive organ (penis) without a certificate of ownership issued by the director of National Wild Life as required by law.

The said Hyena was found dead of which Mr Zulu cut the male reproductive organ and ear from it.

In passing the judgement, Magistrate Mary Musongole fined Mr Zulu K500 to be paid within two weeks failure to which six months imprisonment.

“You being a first offender, the requirements of the law are a fine and in default six month imprisonment with hard labour. But you should also know that this article is different from the one that governs protected wild life, it has no fine and has a requirement of seven years imprisonment with hard labour,” she said.

Magistrate Musongole said it was important that people were made aware that everything nowadays had a law attached to it.

Meanwhile, the court also sentenced a 31 year old male farmer of Ibex Compound of Katete District to nine months imprisonment with hard labour for stealing four bags of D-compound fertilizer from a motor vehicle valued at K1, 060.

The offence is contrary to section 272 and 276 (c) of the Penal Code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Facts of the matter are that on December 4, 2017 Dickson Phiri a farmer stole 4 by 50Kg bags of fertilizer from a motor vehicle Volvo Truck registration number AAA 4396 a property of Mr Joseph Mukwaila.

From the four bags stolen only three were recovered.



  1. So this Kelvin was in possession of one Hyena ear and its reproductive organ (penis)…interesting …instead of fines and penalties let’s refer these people to a GRZ Research and Development lab and demonstrate how these items function, you may just stumble upon the most powerful hearing tool the US Army and Russians will fight over in a million dollar bidding war. You could also create the most power drug after Viagra.
    Wake up!!


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      Wake up from your docility and study about self…you are far greater than you think way above this nonsense in the bible.
      WAKE UP!!!!




    A clowder of cats

    A quiver of cobras

    An intrusion of cockroaches (Eww!)

    A convocation of eagles

    A business of ferrets

    A skulk of foxes

    A tower of giraffes (That one just makes me smile.)


  3. He had umuzopiki of the hyena. The learned magistrate would have showed interest in knowing its use instead of rushing to slap a 500 kwacha charge on the poor young man. We are missing out on the state of the art technology right here in Zambia. Lets embrace such innovation.
    Kelvin is able to trap your conversations using hyena ear. He can be a helpful citizen so that the whole country knows the intentions of HH


  4. Abena jay jay.

    Humans were made (or evolved – according to you) as a free moral agent with a free will and conscious to believe in whatever they wish. What I KNOW is that if there are evil invisible forces out there, then there should also be good invisible forces. You’ve absolutely no right to tell me what I should believe in or not. The fact that you are a non-believing pagan has nothing to do with me. Please do not start with me.


    • Why shouldn’t start with you when need waking up? There you are calling me a “Pagan” do you know what that is? its person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions. I do not follow any religious anything or faiths my friend I am above that to the level your Bantu ancestors were – i am spiritual.
      The world was not created 2000 years like your bible lies to you …we Africans circumvented the globe with the advanced naval equipment of the time thousands of years before you white man’s Christianity. Who told you about Judgement day? Everyday is judgement day for me because I am true to myself and don’t need religion to prescribe a moral code for me.
      Go and research most of these “western” medicines you consume where they come from the very things you…


  5. The poor man now believes that a Hyena’s penis and ear will bring him prosperity as he is tired of waiting for “more money in your pocket” as promised by the late King Cobra or prosperity blessing from TB Joshua.

    Nevers Mumba is now a politician as preaching prosperity was not fast enough to deliver him the life style of his dreams.

    Throw away the hyena’s penis and ear…join politics if you want abrupt riches you damn fool.


  6. There was a magistrate by the name Kline in Kitwe. The man had the highest number of acquittals in Zambia at that time. He let go of a youth who had stolen transistor batteries from ZCBC after explaining how he was going to use the batteries in some machine he was inventing. Then he acquitted a charcoal burner who had raped a woman after the man had explained that the woman had failed to pay for the charcoal she got on credit for six months. He further complained that his wife was unfairly accusing him of having given the charcoal to his girlfriend so he had no option but to get the debt in kind. Mr Kline was later fired after discovering that he had forged his credentials.


  7. Jay – Jay. Firstly, you do not know my race, secondly my comments were not directed at you. Your spiritualism is your business and is best kept as such. In a diverse world, you’ll always find individuals with divergent beliefs. If you cannot understand that, then its too bad. Have a nice day.


    • Whatever you race are… isnt the issue? Dont make utterances about witchcraft and your Jesus in the same sentence…did you see the man practising it? Isnt it you who spewed nonsense about Judgement day? Whose Judgement day under who’s rules…if you believe in diverse views dont spew your nonsense about your White Jesus and some judgement day written in your bible!


  8. We need to be careful about some organizations in Zambia who hide behind the term conservation. Organazations such as Game Rangers International and Panthera who maybe practising Trophy Hunting activities in Zambia? We know Panthera is a fraudulent company hiding behind conservation but in reality Trophy Hunters who kill wildlife and ship their heads, tusks, and skin to be stuffed and mounted at the Dallas Safari Club convention a billion dollar industry. Some of these guys and their President a muzungu called Larry Higgins are criminals. Most own lodges and resorts in Zambia and have been given land and the reason tourism does not work in Zambia. They auction our wildlife for as much as $100,000 in the US. Visit our Facebook page to witness their activities.



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