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I don’t want to lower myself to the childish politics of Chishimba Kambwili-Kampyongo

Headlines I don't want to lower myself to the childish politics of Chishimba...

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said that he didn’t want to lower himself to the what he called the childish politics of Chishimba Kambwili because he was above that and accused Mr Kambwili of suffering from acute inferiority complex.

Mr Kampyongo said Mr Kambwili was repelled by the party because he decided to follow Dr Guy Scott who was holding temporal instruments of power following the death of President Michael Chilufya Sata and he only came back after being defeated by former Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa during the convention.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Kampyongo said Mr Kambwili was suffering from “acute inferiority complex and he has failed to accept his dismissal and had become a roaring lion in the wilderness.

Mr Kampyongo said it was sad that the law maker has continued to make derogatory remarks against the Head of State and the entire Patriotic Front members.

Mr Kampyongo advised Mr Kambwili to check his mental ability because his continuous attacks on innocent people was worrying and questionable.

Mr Kampyongo said it was foolish for the expelled Roan Member of Parliament to now start fighting youths and dragging them to court.

He said Patriotic Front youths were more reasonable than him because they were not ready to involve themselves in politics of insults and quarreling.

He said he will not allow to continue bring anarchy in the party, therefore he should behave in a mature manner as someone inspiring to be a leader.

“He wants evlen go and attack my family, at least I am much better than him because I can account for my family than he wants to be a leader and claims to be rich when he can’t feed his family and I wish he could do the same because his family was economic migrates,” said Mr Kampyongo.

Mr Kampyongo said President Lungu does not owe him anything and he should stop pointing and accusing people of corruption when in fact he was among the corrupt people.

He said President Lungu will not engage himself in petty politics because he had a five year mandate with the people of Zambia which is bringing development.

“You may recall that Mr Chishimba Kambwili was our National Youth Chairman during President Sata’s tenure, but he abandoned the youths because he went with the Guy Scott,” claimed Mr Kampyongo.

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    • Kambwili is better than Kampyongo.

      What a nightmare name. My other half is Nicholas Gray. Easy they come. Or Nick.



    • This Kampyongo boy has no respect for big people like CK. I was a money seller in Katondo street and he now thinks he has arrived to the promised land. Such chaps should just be ignored. Kampyong is naive to even talk about Guy Scott who’s seen it all. Guy Scott has seen Swine flu episodes (in Chiluba’s govt), he has weathered Muzungu wopusa utterances, Sata told him that he would have been a scumbag if he was not white, he was denied acting as President by his best friend, MCS but bounced back to act as President when MCS died and did very well. Kampyongu just let this Guy go Scott free, Your are a genuine jerk. Scott is one of us!

    • Kampyongo explain how Chinese came to be police commissioners.
      This can be simple than explaining how $42million tender was signed when Kapyongo was minister of local government.
      This swindling can only be found in Katondo street.

    • Yes Lungu Chaima has a stolen Mandate which will end him up in Chimobokaila Prison where he sent his friend. HH and Jonathan are no different from each other. Kampyongo will scamper in a way never seen before. The chap is silly!

    • If this serious allegation of theft had happened in a normal country this moronic minister would have been suspended pending investigations. But Zambia, being an idiocratic society, responses like the one spewed by the punk minister is normal.

    • I remember the then Weekly Post head line screaming ‘Don’t let that Guy go Scot Free ‘ this was when Guy Scott slaughtered his pigs and compensated himself when he was Minister of Agriculture after an outbreak of swine fever. Today he is a hero to some people. How ironic?

    • This is just trying to wave off the attention of the Chinese case. A normal minister would have addressed that issue and update the people of Zambia, what led to appointing those Chinese and what are the implication moving forward.

      Now instead he prefers to attach Kambwili who is an easy target now. Why is he bringing Guy Scott?

    • Iwe Ka Faruk swine. Guy Scott learnt from swine the flu saga. Why are you casting the first stone. Guy Scott is not my hero. My hero is me. Merry Christmas even if you are s.tupid!

    • Analyser. I am sorry that I can’t sink to your level of insults. I didn’t say that Guy Scott was your hero. Anyhow the old adage says that the guilty are afraid. Have a Merry Christmas. I love you in Jesus’s name. Please when we differ in opinion we should not resolt to insults. That is called maturity.

    • Kampyongo… Whatever happened to the corrupt traffic police being called off the streets??? They seem to reproduce every time you call ’em off.

    • Faruk, Faruk, Faruk plesase napapata my level is quite high you know? Who’s Jesus by the way? Is it the guy alleged to have been the son of Mary conceived by the holy spirit? I am not in the mood for any of this mate. Go and cook rice to eat at tomorrow Christmas.

  1. There are clear accusations bwana minister.Did you get an FAW Truck from Grandview who were awarded the rediculus tender to supply fire engines.The registration no engine and chassis no have been supplied by the person you are calling childish. He has also told us the name of your brother in whose name the trucks were registered.If this is the way you will be responding to accusations you will end up in jail.Just answer the question or ifr you are guilty dont come out waffling like this instead shut up.

    • He can respond like that as he knows that Zambians are docile and his Boss wouldn’t sack him for this as he is a tool for corruption!!

  2. Kampyongo is more childish than Kambwili. Answer corruption querries Kampyongo don’t use excuses.

  3. Bwana just answer the fire tender saga. Yes you are able to keep your family from stolen money from poor Zambians. Captured by Kokani Doko

  4. Bitongwani bya mikubilu bya pulukutana masapoThese Katangese chimpanzees are all vicious apes with neither a soul or culture, they stink.

  5. And the Guy Scott references are inconsequential. In fact Scott was right about the character of certain individuals.

    So your plot is to hound out all those who expressed interest in ascending to the top leadership of PF.

    You had it by show of hands and misguided belief… The chiselema and mungulu style that Sata had chosen Lungu… We were all there and witnessed the drama.

    • Citizen

      CK is sueing people calling him corrupt, HH is sueing people calling him a free masion, that is character assassination…your lungu and kapoyongo are big theives afraid to sue anyone calling them theives incase more is revealed

    • That’s what Kampyongo is talking about, you sound exactly like Kambwili-both of you are like the fish in a lucky star can, tamwakwata imitwe…kwekwekwekwekwe…

    • Citizen

      CK is sueing people calling him corrupt, HH is sueing people calling him a free masion, that is character assassination…your lungu and kapoyongo are big theives afraid to sue anyone calling them theives incase more is revealed

  6. Silly former Katondo Street Currency Dealer ..why are you calling BUFFOON CK’s family economic migrates? Whose being petty?

  7. When younger men start calling you deranged, laugh at you, pointing fingers at you, that’s what we call kusila!! Kampyongo and the other junior members have lost respect for Kamvwili. If Kambwili was genuine, he would have resigned from the “corrupt” PF like Levy did and today everyone would respect him. But he gets fired, rushes to court to block the expulsion, and starts blowing too much hot air, starts getting slapped and insulted by young men…mwasila a Kambwili….

    • Citizen

      Can you tell us how a country needing IMF assistance can sanction $288k for anvambulance when one of equal measure can be got for 52k ??

      I note you were conspicuously absent ,taking cover away from the story of the Swedish embassy donating ambulances that cost 52k ?

    • Zambia Citizen you are rubbish and leave CK alone. CK started taking about some of the things he talks about today while he was still in cabinet. He never his the fact PF was being invaded by MMD and categorically stated the he could not work with Dora. He couldn’t talk about corruption while in cabinet because of corruption. Lungu recognised this militancy from Kambwili and that’s why he fired him. If Kambwili was a bootlicker like many other ministers who continue to see many wrongs by Lungu but keep quiet because they have to protect their jobs, he would still be serving as minister.

  8. Just next week it will be 2018 ..you will remain with 2years in office /power.2021 will be around the corner to settle accounts with the Zambia people..start preparing to tell them how you proccured 42 fire engines @$1million dollars?,[email protected]$288 000 dollars each when swedish just bought them at $52,000 each and donated to the ministry of healthy?Road contruction expenditure will be another big popcorn to digest.

  9. Kampyongo and your crew are all criminals. You guys are openly looting this country. This is the most corrupt government ever in the political history of this country.

    You have no shame. You are just helping yourselves to public funds and donor funds. Muzamangiwa . You are a bunch of political jokers who have no direction .

  10. You are right Hon Kampyongo. In fact, Hon Kambwili is very low on the list of possible future presidents of zambia after edgar’s last term expires in 2026. Something like 150 well beyond even our very own hh at 126th position.

  11. It is true Kambwili has a serious inferiority complex. He claims that he was awarded an honorary doctorate by California University in the US. Ask any American educated blogger; he will tell you categorically that there is no such thing as California University in the US. The only universities in California are those that belong to either to the California State University or the University of California System. My own investigations have established beyond all reasonable doubt that Kambwili didn’t obtain his so-called honorary doctorate from any of these university systems. So why should he insist on being addressed as Dr.Kambwili if not because of an acute inferiority complex?

    • I have noticed that I have received two thumbs down for my revelations that Chishimba Kambwili’s honorary doctorate was fraudulently obtained. Can those who have given me the thumbs down give contrary evidence to prove that Kambwili’s honorary doctorate is genuine?

    • “California University FCE is a daycare centre. To prove my point, Google the California State Board of Education’s listing of accredited institutions of learning. You will discover that “California University FCE” actually does exist as a private, for-profit school. But it is listed as “Beverly Hills RC School”, doing business as “California University FCE”. It is listed by the California State Board of Education as a K1 school with 30 students enrolled in 2016. In the USA, elementary education institutions are listed by their grade specialization. A “K12” school is one that offers education from Kindergarten (nursery school) through grade 12. A “K1” school like “California University FCE”, therefore, is one that offers education from Kindergarten (nursery school) through…

    • In the USA, elementary education institutions are listed by their grade specialization. A “K12” school is one that offers education from Kindergarten (nursery school) through grade 12. A “K1” school like “California University FCE”, therefore, is one that offers education from Kindergarten (nursery school) through grade one. This in effect means Honorable Chishimba Kambwili obtained his honorary doctorate from a nursery school.

    • Those blindly supporting Kambwili must seriously reflect on the integrity of a man who fraudulently obtains an honorary doctorate from a nursery school. This also puts into question the integrity, wisdom, and intellect of those supporting a conman like Kambwili.

  12. Can Honourable Minister Kampyongo please reply to corruption charges instead of being insensitive to this important issue and brushing it aside by calling it as childish / inferiority complex. Integrity starts by being clean otherwise people will believe that you are indeed corrupt.

  13. Kambwili claims he is rich surely how come up to now the wife is still looking after old people equivalent to working as a servant a rich mans wife. I feel sorry for the wife Kambwili is selfish Awe mwandi walikosa if it was me I would stop running about and enjoy my husbands wealth He boasts about his riches a lot just start going for holidays in England as wives of rich men do .and for Kamyongo explain your corruption accusations.

  14. Kambwili nabacita akantu ba PF in 2017. They are not even sleeping. He will even be more vicious in 2018. In 2019 worse, 2020 mayo! 2021 bakanya!

    • What is better, “so many under fives in the political arena” or Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation supported by over fives with intellect and moral ethics of convicted embezzler?

  15. Ba Kampyongo, of course you cannot lover yourself any further, even maggots have higher moral and ethical standards than you.

  16. Kampyongo so that FAW truck your brother Andrew owns was given as a bribe on the fire engines tender? Tell the nation if you bought it for him using your own money.

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