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Programme Against Malnutrition projects commended for impact on women in Gwembe

Rural News Programme Against Malnutrition projects commended for impact on women in Gwembe

Gwembe District Agriculture Coordinator [DACO] Imbuwa Mushebwa has commended Programme Against Malnutrition [PAM] for the positive impact it has made in improving the livelihoods of women in the area.

Mr. Mushebwa said the skills and knowledge that PAM has imparted on the womenfolk has greatly changed their lives because they can now preserve seasonal foods to last for a longer period.

Speaking at the handover of the PAM project to the beneficiaries in Gwembe, Mr Mushebwa said he was saddened that the PAM project was coming to an end.

He said he hoped more donors would come on board so that PAM could continue with the great works that it has been doing in the district.

Mr. Mushebwa further said as the head of the agriculture department in Gwembe, he is pleased to see women becoming independent and able to grow and preserve vegetables to sustain their families.

He urged all government departments to ensure that all equipment and skills left by PAM for the beneficiaries in the district be put to good use.

Speaking at the same event, PAM Executive Director, Maureen Chitundu said she was happy to see women becoming productive in agriculture and livestock farming.

Mrs Chitundu said it was a very sad day for PAM because they had to say bye to all the women groups in the district.

She said her institution is proud because it has successfully achieved its aim of imparting knowledge and skills to the women on the importance of good nutrition.

Mrs Chitundu urged the women to put to good use the various skills they acquired and teach other women in the district on the importance of good nutrition and preservation of seasonal foods.

She thanked all the government departments in the district and other stakeholders for the support rendered to PAM during its operations in the district.

Mrs Chitundu said Pam will continue to monitor how the beneficiaries are doing through the department of agriculture.

And Maliatilo Women’s Group Chairperson, Hilda Mukwangu said women in Gwembe are grateful to PAM for the skills that they have learnt and will ensure that they put them to good use.

Mrs Mukwangu said the women can now operate independently and send their children to school through their various ventures such as livestock farming and sale of preserved food stuffs.

She said their only wish is to find market for their products for them to sustain themselves fully.


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