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Bishops Council of Zambia wants laws enacted against Satanism and witchcraft

General News Bishops Council of Zambia wants laws enacted against Satanism and witchcraft

Members of Parliament during the opening of Parliament by President Sata on September 19,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Members of Parliament during the opening of Parliament by President Sata on September 19,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
THERE is need to enact laws that will guard against acts of Satanism and witchcraft which have now rocked the country, the Bishops Council of Zambia (BCZ) has called on parliamentarians.

Siavonga district is reeling under revelations of suspected Satanism and witchcraft with some youths found sleeping at the graveyard as part of a ritual to get rich.

And BCZ secretary general, Reverend Able Kaela said that acts of Satanism and witchcraft should be curbed.

The clergyman said that acts Satanism and witchcraft which had now rocked the country were against the etiquettes of a Christian nation.

Rev Kaela emphasized the need to actualize the declaration of Zambia as Christian nation by discarding things which were evil.

He said that acts of witchcraft and Satanism had the impact of taking the country backward as people lose track of what they should be doing when instilled with fear.

Rev Kaela said that a bill should be passed in parliament which should be passed into law that would guard against Satanism and witchcraft.

He stressed the need for stiffer laws that would deter people from engaging in acts of dark world.

Rev Kaela warned that Satanism and witchcraft had very devastating effects on the citizenry if left uncheck.

“This is a matter that we want to discuss with the President and Rev Godfridah Sumaili. When you declare a country a Christian nation, you have to find ways of actualizing this by discarding certain things. The rituals that we see taking place has the impact of taking the country backwards and instill fear among citizens,” he said.

Rev Kaela also called on the church and other stakeholders to condemn any acts of Satanism and witchcraft in order to safe guard the country.


  1. Brethren laws against witchcraft and trespassing on burial grounds already exist. Those sleeping in graveyards can be prosecuted under current laws
    Christian obsession witch Satanism and Witchcraft is encouraging superstition witch is often counter productive. Many people claiming to have practiced Satanism have been found to be lying under close investigation
    A case in question is a man claiming to have been s Satanist in Kenya claiming to have caused many accidents ,he claimed to have owned a certain bus company. On investigation it was found to be false
    Most Satanist accounts are false. But Pentecostal bishops take these stories “hook line and sinker”.

    • Someone wearing red clothes surrounded by his fellow worshippers was see kissing the ground in what appeared to be like ritual .

    • Exactly the truth, are these so called Bishop so ignorant of the existing laws to the point of calling for enactment of the law which is already in existence?

  2. The laughable part is that there have been a lot of people from different churches who’ve been accused of practicing witchcraft. I hear the church is a hiding place for most witches. Some people holding very senior positions in churches have been accused of practicing witchcraft. This is what surprises me about our so called Christian nation. A few months ago, we were discussing Zambian politics with my relatives. Among them was a bishop of a well established church in Zambia. To my surprise, the bishop started saying that the worst mistake Zambians can make is to vote for a Tonga as a president. I was surprised because this was a man I thought was supposed to be promoting love and peace among people but he was busy promoting hate towards Tongas.

  3. Courts of law require proof beyond reasonable doubt to prove one has committed a crime. In the witchcraft world only a fellow witch will tell who is a witch but they are all are evil and cannot be relied upon to testify against the other. The Bishops should concentrate on preaching the word of GOD, the ultimate authority over all evil.

  4. Hhdonkey can’t be given the presidency. He is a Satanist. No room for Satanists in Zambia. Chibale you seem to be ignorant on Tonga. No Tongabul should rule the Nation until they they change their behavior.
    Viva of viva Lungu

  5. Very strange call by the Bishops council. How do you prove one is a witch? This is why we have the term witch-hunting because there is nothing tangible.

  6. There is a hidden agenda to this statement, unfortunately for bishops the agenda is not very well hidden.
    Can the learned gentleman give a legal definition of satanism. If he can maybe he has had first hand experience.

    • If you believe in God then you believe in the devil. If you believe in good then you believe that there is bad. if there is a pen1s then there is a vag1na. Today, if you find a red cloth tied around a some roots at your door step, you’ll go crazy in prayer and call it witchcraft, therefore witchcraft exists. If you look at 75% of the people of Zambia over 35 years old, they have tattoos (ma 11) on them. Do you think that those are just accidents? If an owl sits on your roof, and hoots, you’ll have a fit! Does that not denote belief. Belief cause alteration in actions. What you believe in is in your head, are these bitchops going to examine each Zambians mind?

  7. Which normal person on planet earth can prove witchcraft beyond all reasonable doughts?Those bishops calling for the enactment of the law are very dull indeed.

    • Those phuckers are just pissed that they are getting a reduction in tithes and offerings. I hate all religious men and women. They are worse than snake oil salesmen. At least with a fart you can prove by smelling it, what about if they find me reading the Qoran or Book of the dead. Will they send me to gaol too. If I’m not wrong I still have the right to believe in whatever tickles my fancy or [email protected]

  8. GRZ needs to implement into the primary school cariculum that witchcraft and Satanism do not exist , they only feed the minds of the weak and humper development…..in any industrialised country such car.p is not believed……such beliefs are retrogressive to development…

  9. Ummm that’s rich! Are you not the guys that say that a fellow turned water to wine, cast out demons and had a conversation with them, pulled coins out of fishes mouths, kept a dude alive in a whates belly for three days, rose into heaven, broke 5 loaves of bread and two fish and fed 5000 then 10,000 people, was killed and came back for the dead, and many other magic trick as enumerated and explained in the bible.
    If you’re the same lot that talk about the devil (satan) like he’s a real guy out there, is that not belief in him? Are you not the guys that pray over people and do exorcisms of places, people and things. Then you do believe in witchcraft too, right? There can be no ying without yang, darkness without light.

    • You are feeding darkness and the darkness shall allow you to consume it before it consumes you. Your last breath and everything you thought was valuable will be no more.

  10. Also, ma guys! You niggers hold over night prayers and phuck peoples wives and children in every orifice. You obviously don’t offer any solutions to people in your funky religions that are meaningful. You want people to give you money like tax and want to be called holy when you are anything but holy. You call a religion that praises being docile and spitefully abused by you and your co conspirators in government and political offices, useful or developmental. You pray at the homes of thieves and ho’s and wear your expensive suits. Honestly, why should anyone listen to you. At least the devil offers a better deal.

  11. Zambians always chasing the wind, all these old men and women busy discussing witchcraft which has no ground or impact on the country. You wonder why we have so many things not working in the country. Don’t these people really have important things to think about other than to hoodwink people into doing or believing in what they think is only holy and righteous. Well they should then start with chief Mpezeni who drinks blood at every Ncwala ceremony! My point is this whole things is a sheer waste of time and resource and will not improve anybody’s life.

  12. To all Bishops: This is very interesting to note that you are so much worried over Satanism & witchcraft. You know the Bible very well why don’t you go flat out to preach the word of salvation which our LORD Jesus Christ brought. Do not lean on non- Christians like MPS to help you stand for Jesus. You are soldiers of Christ and you are able to warn even Satanist that they will face the rough of GOD. Satan will never save them. This is your work as Bishops. Do not be afraid JESUS is with you.

  13. This is a very difficult issue to debate ,however both satanisim and witchcraft do exist but who can fully give evidence it is illusive, someone said it doesnt exist in developed countries ; this phenomenon do exist you can even tell where Satanists and witches meet and signs are there for all to see in developed countries .
    If you happen to go into universities you will find that there are classes tought about these acts and are heavly explored , university libraries are also stocked with witchcraft books even common bookshelfs have such books sold to the public.
    If someone confesses that he is a witch you cannot despute that , or if he says he has killed people through accidents you cannot because that is his confession. I do feel what bishops in zambia should do is to encourage…

  14. We must start by saying that liberalizing religion was a bad idea….the mother churches were enough and guiding well…..what we have now are money making machines..they couldn’t do evil things outside church for fear of criticism…they are home and dry….this enacting is interesting….who is going to witness the evil……

  15. Ohh dear Bishops, your plea may not sit well with some Minister of Education who a few months ago suggested that witchcraft should be introduced in higher institutions of learning. But you can’t fight satanism with man made law. Use the WORD of God.

  16. Sounds like the Spanish Inquisition. That did not end well. People — please be a student of history so that we do not have to repeat in our beloved Zambia.

  17. The real vices are corruption and political oppression. Lets not waste time on matters that cannot be proven before the courts of law.
    Too much superstition and undue credit is being given to the devil.
    Why are they so much concerned with satan if they truly are children of God.

  18. The BCZ should spearhead the campaign and sensitization programs against the rampant Satanism and Witchcraft in Zambia.
    These evil acts are detrimental to the wellbeing of individuals and the Nation, as a whole.

  19. I challenge all those trying to pretend no bad stuff happens over witchcraft in Africa to read on what happens to albinos. Albinos limbs are sought after and taken for magick. Gaslight all you want and try to make black magic and satanism out to be great filled with positivity but you’re just lying. It’s what evil wants.

    To the person that claims you HATE religious women and men well you hate Satanists as well since it is a religion that makes a profit too. The Bible is so inspirational that satanists cant help but to take a character from a book they despise to hail. How ironic. A man popularized satanism made money off of people with cardboard box stern flat personalities as if they had their emotions plunged out and flushed down a putrid stinky toilet filled with diarrhea…

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