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Firing of Lucky Mulusa was inevitable after he refused to resign-Sinkamba

Headlines Firing of Lucky Mulusa was inevitable after he refused to resign-Sinkamba

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and King Mswati III watches the annual reed dance at Ludzidzi arena in Swaziland on Monday,September 3,2017. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2017
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu with Lucky Mulusa at  the annual reed dance at Ludzidzi arena in Swaziland on Monday,September 3,2017. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2017

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba says the firing of former Minister of Planning Lucky Mulusa is not startling. He says it was inevitable considering that he had been asked by President Edgar Lungu to resign but he elected not do so.

In an exclusive interview yesterday, the Green Party leader said for two months, the writing was on the wall that he would inevitably be relieved of his duties. He said it was just a matter of time.

“You remember, two months ago, news leaked from State House that Lucky was asked by the President to resign following his comments on $42 million fire tenders. I spoke to him at the time. He told me it would not be in the best interest of the nation if he resigned. He said in national interest, he was prepared to take the political risk regardless his fallout.

“No doubt about it, Lucky was very close to the President. I must say, he was one of the President Edgar Lungu’s confidantes. However, the $42 million fire tenders appears to have rattled the feathers. I think it brought to the fore personal identity issues and the clash of principles.

“But as Denis Waitley once said, there are two primary choices in life to take: the first is to accept conditions as they exist. The second is to accept the responsibility for changing them.

“I will add the third choice: to accept responsibility for attempting to change them. This is the choice Lucky must make. He was not so lucky to change the conditions in this instance.

“In life sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. I hope he accepts responsibility for the attempt. I think it was a risk worth the run. But we leave it to posterity to hand down judgment one day,” Sinkamba said.

The Green Party leader advised the two to remain friends even if they part political company. He said in life, there comes time when friends may choose to go separate ways. However, all is well that ends well.

“You see, Lucky and I have been family friends for over 30 years. He is not a type that engages in politics of hate and vengeance. I have not known him for that and will counsel him not to indulge in such politics,” Sinkamba added.

And Governance Activist Macdonald Chipenzi has charged that President Edgar Lungu’s decision to fire National Planning Minister Lucky Mulusa was done in bad faith.

Mr Chipenzi said Mr Mulusa is one of the few ministers who believes in straight talk beyond the veil of collective responsibility.
He said it was unfortunate that Mr Mulusa was serving in government that cherishes pretense, dishonest and insincerity.

“For a long time now, presidents, ministers and government officials have been looting public resources and supporting bad policies that injure majority citizens under the veil and guise of collective responsibility,” Mr Chipenzi said.

He said Mr Mulusa believes in a transparent, accountable and efficient government system in the management and administration of government, national and public affairs and resources.

“This has earned him a boot from his job as Cabinet minister perhaps even as nominated member of parliament. His firing is a clear testimony that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is allergic to and abhors accountability, transparency and efficient government and management of public and national resources and affairs,” he said.

He added, “Instead of firing those ministers who have been accused of having been involved in corrupt and bribery infested activities, or at least, institute investigations in allegations of corruption and bribery being raised against these ministers, the President goes for the job of a person who is frank and could help him fight leaky pipes in his government, state and Cabinet. Instead, he has protected dearly and jealously such ministers accused of corruption and bribery just because they have adopted a policy of boot-licking. Shame for Zambia.”

Mr Chipenzi said the development means that President Lungu does not want to see progress in the fight against corruption, bribery, mismanagement of resources and also promotion of transparency and accountability in his government.

“He cherishes bootlickers, who tomorrow, would leave him and bootlick another person who will hold the influence of power. For you Mulusa, you have fought your battle. I admired you and now the public should display serious solidarity for your sacrifice and frankness. You are the only Minister who called the so called fire-tender trucks as wheelbarrows that term that has come to stay,” he said.

“You are a true patriot not those lipstick patriots. Even when everyone and bootlickers ran away from RB when he lost the presidency, you, Lucky Mulusa, remained true to the old man to date. I thought those were the people President Lungu would have cherished and consider true friends. Where is divergent views in a democracy in Zambia, even Jacob Zuma is doing fine,” he said


    • Mr Chipenzi’s words need no objection. Mr. Lucky was simply trying to remove the Koswe which was Mumpoto but ended up getting his fingers bitten. I admire his bravery and his type usually goes far, watch his space. God’s speed Mr. Lucky!

    • It’s obvious that Mulusa fell out of the favour of Lungu and his Cabinet after his Wheelbarrow utterances and the relationship has never recovered. In the eyes of the objective Zambians Mulusa displayed heroism and he goes out with our blessing for challenging his colleagues who were at pain to explain the corrupt procurement while he was still in Cabinet. For all his failures, if any Mulusa will be remembered for the candid statement. Go well son of the soil and you will be back in with the people who mean well for the motherland.

    • We need to sober up for once, Mulusa used wrong platforms to air up his frustrations if not emotions; you simply do not do that! Whether what he is talking about is sense or not; he is CONSTITUTIONALLY BOUND BY COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY. This does not entail that those in government must support and/or uphold illegalities – NO! However, Mulusa should have directed and emptied his concerns to the President or worse still simply resigned his ministerial job.
      Kambwili was fired and he is free to criticise the ECL administration as a back-bencher, and people are appreciating him in one way or the other.
      Mulusa has lapsed on corporate governance ethos!
      Now that he has been fired let him spell out the wrongs he saw, witnessed and participated in whilst in government if any.

    • He was going to be my hero if he had resigned because of corruption in government. But he continued to sit in cabinet and continued eating with them. He should learn from Mwanawasa, Akashabatwa and Dipak Petal who had to resign when they were noy pleased. Whatever he says now will be sour grapes. They are all thieves. Ànd another set of thieves are waiting to form government.

  1. He is not a coward: God will reward you ba Mulusa for being a sincere man. You are the people this country needs. Abantu aba chishinka. I pray that God guides you in what ever you do in your life. God bless your entire family.

  2. Lucky would have spear headed a commission of inquiry in the fire trucks saga..A lot of people would have been found wanting..unlike Kambwili who decided to go public after being booted..

    • Mulusa and CK are on the same page.Do you how many issues CK opposed?He refused to campaign for Dora Siliya, that made him unpopular within apf.The two would now combine to bring out the truth.Viva CK and Mulusa!!!!

    • Both Luck and Kambwili are beneficiaries of corruption in PF. They could not leave when they needed to. But if they were not shown the door. They would be there today drawing allowances and making trips. Nothing to be excited about theives who have been fìred by their big boss (thief)

  3. The Constitution empowers the President of the Republic as head of the Executive to hire and fire ministers for whatever reason. 1.d.i.otic African opposition always want to question this aspect as what happened when the useless DA in RSA took President Zuma to court for firing his finance minister. Maimane and his DA were told off by the court for wasting its time as the president acted within the constitution. Lucky Mulusa getting fired is the preserve of the President and an internal matter of govt. and PF. Peter Mbanje Sinkamba and McDonald Chimpanzee can go jump in a lake and find other things to talk about!!!!

    • No body said it is not the preserve of the president to fire any one……but why is he not firing anyone involved in 42/42 or the 280k ambulances ??? Or why did he not even bother with investigations ?

      Zambians are now wondering if lungu is indeed a corrupt theif…..

  4. Wise counsel from Green Party President Peter Sinkamba. Take it easy Hon Mulusa. Don’t join the bandwagon of politicians full of hate and tribal inclined. Your conduct so far has been honorable. Do not swayed. God will reward you for your sacrifices

  5. It is Lungu’s discretion to hire and fire Ministers and he doesn’t need to give a reason. The fact is that Corruption is now rampant in the PF govt. Corruption is like a Cancer and destroys Economies. The greatest worry is: What is Lungu’s Policy towards corruption? Does he condone Corruption? Lungu needs to adopt a Zero Tolerance Policy towards Corruption if Zambia is to develop. He needs to show his commitment towards the eradication of corruption in his govt. Action..Action speaks louder than words. History will judge Lungu on this issue.

    • Hehehehe asking lungu to adopt a zero tolerance against corruption is like trying to make a rat stop eating leftover food……

    • Tapabula nalikwebele!By the way, the president declared that he was going to run his government with his state house advisers.Indeed this is what is happening.the cabinet is just a rubber stamp.

  6. President Edgar Lungu has a right to hire and fire any minister,hence go to hell Chipenzi with your tribal party upnd!!!
    Tell Kainde to appoint Mulusa as minister in Dundumwezi!!
    Well said Mr Peter Sinkamba,your wisdom is second to none!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

  7. Mr mulusa …..you are a true son of Zambia…….the public outcry over 42/42 Will not be in vain……..lungu and his gang of theives and looters and violent thugs will have their day to face the justice delayed……

  8. Many comments here show the naivety of people who have never been in government. A Ministers job is to speak to government policy and government policy is discussed in cabinet. If an issue has not been resolved in cabinet, you can not comment on it as a minister. A minister can not make an independent comment on any government issue and expect to remain in that government. The best thing to do is resign and make your independent comment – simple.

    • Correctly observed ….If Mulusa had integrity he would have resigned his Cabinet position…But he wanted to be eating with both hands…

    • Mwizyo well said but bloggers here are babies. They do not understand how government operates. If you do not agree with your team you resign
      Mulusa was asked to resign he refused.

  9. President has the right to hire and fire.He doesn’t need to give a reason.
    People are saying Mulusa is honest and honorable.
    Why would an honorable person refuse to resign and continue to violate the constitution?
    Mr Mulusa went against the principle of collective responsibility and deserves what he got.
    There are many JOBS out there which require HONESTY and no COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY.Unfortunately,Mr Mulusa chose the WRONG one.

  10. Mulusa worked as president’s envoy for special projects. he worked with chinese making roads and building schools and hospitals, and made money quickly through corrupt means. today everyone is saying he’s a clean man. hmmm! the guy has made enough money let him go so that another person is appointed in his position.
    you cant be talking to the contrary when resolutions are made in cabinet meetings. aikona!

  11. There is no such thing as “firing without reason”.There should be a reason behind every action by any normal human being. What is true is that the President can fire his ministers without GIVING or DISCLOSING the reason.

  12. Ask those who worked with FTJ in MMD, they will tell you what hiring and firing means. No condition is permanent. There are just certain things that goes with sympathy and this is one example. When someone starts a fight thinking the opponent is weak and suddenly he is punched badly, the onlookers always sympathizes with him yet he is the one who was at fault.

  13. Mr Chipenzi is better than sichamba.
    Telling us you historical relationship with mulusa is non-starter issue.
    I advise you sichamba to learn from Mr Chipenzi. Mr Chipenzi form a political party.

  14. @Analyser above: Sorry for confusing you with my paraprosdokian expression in the first place. Yiyr apology is fully accepted.

  15. Ba Chipenzi my fellow updn cadre, lets talk sense for once and help our leader southern koswe. Lucky Mulusa, or Kalusa, should have voiced his thoughts in Cabinet itself. That is all we ask of him, otherwise he is guilty of breach of collective responsibility or breach of confidentiality of cabinet matters. What kind of cabinet will our leader southern koswe hh run in 2036 if everything cabinet discusses will be on public display? Perhaps Southern koswe hh will run a transpatent cabinet which will hold its meetings at Soweto market?

  16. That is why majority of Zambians can never vote for southern koswe hh. He and his supporters are so openly dishonest, they support even things that everybody knows is wrong, things that cannot be done even by themselves. No we have to wsit 18 years to 2036 before we taste power.

  17. It is a scandal of unimaginable proportion that these dim wits attended this stupid ceremony in Swaziland at huge tax payers account but cant afford to build a market allegedly burnt by PF saints to justify government corruptly acquiring 42 fire wheel barrows at 42 million dollars.

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