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President Lungu Condemns Lusaka City Mayor for Failing to bring order to the Capital City

Headlines President Lungu Condemns Lusaka City Mayor for Failing to bring order...

President Edgar Lungu is spending his New year's Eve helping clean up the City. He is accompanied by Minister of Health Dr. Chilufya Chitalu and Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale
President Edgar Lungu is spending his New year’s Eve helping clean up the City. He is accompanied by Minister of Health Dr. Chilufya Chitalu and Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale

President Edgar Lungu has condemned the Lusaka City Council and its Mayor Wilson Kalumba for failing to bring order in the City with both inspectorate and Health departments having gone to sleep.

The President said that the Mayor and his team have been in office since 2016 and there was no excuse or justification for the failure to deal with the crisis.

The President said that said his heart bleeds to see the trading places at City Market and Soweto markets which are contaminated with dirt and faecal matters.

The visibly annoyed Mr. Lungu took a swipe at the Office of the Lusaka Mayor for ‘tolerating’ poor sanitary conditions at markets and on the streets where heaps of garbage is piling and lying un-collected.

Mr. Lungu regretted that there were a lot of unplanned structures at the market as well as on the streets.

“Where is the Mayor and his team plus the LCC’s inspectorate unit? They have been in office for over one year and there are tolerating this garbage. LCC should own up. They allowed the situation to happen and this is the source of cholera,” he asked.

He said the lack of proper sanitation at the Market threatened the lives of thousands of people as the market was the distribution nerve-centre for fruits, vegetables, foods and goods for Lusaka residents.

The President has pledged to use what he called “draconian measures” to bring sanity and order in Lusaka.

“We will demolish illegal and unplanned structures, abolish street vending in certain areas to restore order in Lusaka,” the President said

He said he has directed the Lusaka City Council to immediately demolish illegal and unplanned structures in the City especially those that have clogged drainage systems.

He has therefore directed that space be created for drainage and unplanned structures be demolished without compensation.

Outside City market, traders have constructed stores and shops over the main Lumumba road drainage system chocking it into blockage.

President Lungu said unplanned structures would be demolished without compensation.

He said his government has planned for modern markets but this had been overcome by street vending and unplanned structures.

He said he had directed that the exercise be completed in the next seven days to clean up Soweto, City Market and CBD areas.

President Lungu on Sunday afternoon joined the armed forces and the keep Lusaka Clean Taskforce to help clean up the City.

In October 2017, Cholera broke out in Lusaka and has since claimed 41 lives with over 1,550 people treated for the disease.

President Edgar Lungu is spending his New year's Eve helping clean up the City. He is accompanied by Minister of Health Dr. Chilufya Chitalu and Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale
President Edgar Lungu is spending his New year’s Eve helping clean up the City. He is accompanied by Minister of Health Dr. Chilufya Chitalu and Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale

President Edgar Lungu is spending his New year's Eve helping clean up the City. He is accompanied by Minister of Health Dr. Chilufya Chitalu and Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale
President Edgar Lungu is spending his New year’s Eve helping clean up the City. He is accompanied by Minister of Health Dr. Chilufya Chitalu and Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale


  1. Jonathan is crazy I recall when the Mayor came in he was keen on ridding the streets of vendors but Mwakalombe and other PF cadres even had meetings outside the Post office assuring vendors that they were going nowhere. Somehow this man believes we have very short memories. The situation in the city of Lsk has very little to do with the Mayor but more with the PF policy starting with Sata

    • Stop playing politics Edgar …is this when you have woken up to the reality? When people tell you that u are clueless this is it …you are responding to a crisis rather than anticipating and acting on it. You are a let down Sir. A big let down

    • I think the president had made the right decision to have all tuntembas demolished and I hope they wont be rebuilt after the rains.

      Good job Mr President.

    • My brother @Nostradamus went to early mass today prayed for all our sins including those troubled souls,,,,, KBF included,,,,
      I see our friend Edgar there on lusaka streets, as for me I won’t condemn any one for disorder in snuggling of mukula trees on lusaka streets yet,,,,,,,please people celebrate safely then go and at sleep at home after everything,,, I hope Edgar is listening on this one,,,,, just in you end up in Swaziland tonight, have some condoms on standby,,,,,,happy New year watch those mukula trees, they are good medicine for reproduction better than mutoto

    • Blaming this one and blaming that one…, is this the way to govern? It looks like we are in for a hake of a ride with this president.

    • Just before 1990, Zambia was slipping in a failed state. The fruits of Independence had disappeared and accepting POVERTY was becoming the order of the day. Corruption was at a record high whilst dictatorship was on brink. Thanks to the Zambia who it to the streets to voice their huge anger over the Economy which was now biting every person in the middle class. How long will it take for this President ECL that you don’t take Zambians for granted because when they act, they surprise each other because their always shoots to the TOP. Lungu has a choice, whether to revisit the Zambian Vision and keep on plundering the economy. It’s no or never to prepare for the future.

    • Lungu does a Pilato. How can he wash Hos hands of a problem his party created. Unwash your hands Mr President

    • @Ndobo, this is what I prayed for Edgar. I said lord wake up our friend from hangover, let him work like us.
      God Almighty give Edgar, guts to fire useless Mayor. He wish Maureen was mayor.

    • So your solution is that he should do nothing about it? What is wrong with him acting? The problem is for some of you everything is seen in entering state house. Have you never corrected your own mistakes? What is wrong with the president realising a mistake was made in the past? Yaba!

    • This is the result of letting bakamushi run the country. I’ve always said use people who have proper exposure to run Zambia. Find someone who has lived in a developed country somewhere, and you’ll notice a difference. Some of these people in offices in Zambia have never lived anywhere outside the borders of Zambia. This mayor needs to be immediately fired and replaced with someone effective. That’s why Zambia still ranks among the dirtiest countries in Africa, if not in the world. And yet you expect tourists to be patronizing your country when your country is a rubbish heap. What a joke. Visitors don’t mind if you don’t have sky scrappers in your country. The first and most important thing they pay attention to is whether your country is clean or not. If it’s not clean, they’ll…

    • (Continued)… not stay long and once they leave, be assured that they’ll never come back to your country. They’ll even warn others about how dirt your country is. Try and learn from Paul Kagame’s Rwanda. Ask him how they manage to keep their country clean.

    • Keeping a country clean is not something you talk about only when there is a crisis such as Cholera outbreak. It should be a lifestyle of the country itself. The president sets an agenda on how clean he wants the country to be, and if the country’s dirty, he should be the first one to take the blame. Just as the cleanliness of Kigali reflects on Paul Kagame’s leadership, the dirtiness of Lusaka reflects on Lungu’s leadership too. Does he mean, since 2016, he just noticed NOW that the city is a rubbish heap ? You guys like patronizing clean developed countries. If you don’t learn anything from them, why can’t you at least learn about how they’re kept clean? Why don’t you say, ” I’ll do everything in my power to make Zambia as clean as this country I’m visiting.” Please…

    • (Continued)… come up with a system to keep the cities in Zambia clean. Set up large dumpsters where people can dispose of their bagged trash. These dumpsters should be distributed everywhere in the city especially in crowded and high population areas, such as markets, apartment areas, shopping centers, bus stations, etc.. Invest in garbage trucks that can lift and empty these dumpsters. Then place large trash bins throughput the city, and post signs showing people where they can dispose of their Trash. Invest in some more garbage trucks, and make sure these trucks collect trash throughout the city at least twice a week. Teach people on how to keep the environment clean. Start “Keep Zambia Clean” campaigns and make some TV and radio ads that teach people the proper way of disposing…

    • (Continued)…of their trash. Fine businesses that throw their trash anyhow. Set up signs, warning people that they’ll be arrested and fined if they throw trash anyhow. Finally, talk to people who know about recycling the trash so they can give you some advice. Come on wake up and take the lead PF leaders. This is reflecting on you. Do you want to be remembered as the party that caused Zambia to achieve “the dirtiest country in Africa” status? Wake up!

    • Crisis management!You want to take Lusaka clean campaign is taken as an event ?.Cleanliness must be a culture which must be taught and embraced by all Zambians.It must be taught in environmental studies right from Grade one to Grade 12.
      How many Lusaka clean campaigns been done since MMD and pf era? What makes this one special?

  2. If the Mayor has failed, so have you Mr. President and so have we as a nation. Let us stop the blame game and put all our shoulders to the wheel.

    Why has Cholera made a halt at the doorsteps of State House? Leadership means stepping forward – setting the trend for the others to follow.

    • @nine Chile
      First thing, let the lusaka city be in control of everything in the city, not PF cadres controlling streets, markets, bus station/ stops,,,, that’s the first step to have lusaka clear without cholera,,
      Not this game blame,, everyone knows, this confusion/disorder is caused by cadres,,,
      #real issue, real solution!

    • Right. Street vending is a problem that most cities face, but with strong leadership and political will, it can be successfully managed. We started well by integration vendors into city markets but then stopped there.

      And then this: “He said his government has planned for modern markets but has been overcome by street vending and unplanned structures.” How serious is he?

      Removal should go hand in hand with regulation. We are quick to initiate but not consistent when it comes to maintenance and regulation of public infrastructure. We still have a lot to learn in terms of maintaining order in our cities.

    • Ndobo

      That is correct……the PF SG is on film urging his PF kaponyas to take over public places……lungu is to blame for all this.

    • @ nine chale this is exactly Lungu is doing getting the wheels moving. He has taken over the work of the sleeping mayor. Go on Mr Peesident you have my support at least. I have been to Lusaka City Council. It is dead. There is no life there. Even the flower beds are dead.

    • So your solution is that he should do nothing about it? What is wrong with him acting? The problem is for some of you everything is seen in entering state house. Have you never corrected your own mistakes? What is wrong with the president realising a mistake was made in the past? Yaba!

  3. In all honest, that sleeping Mayor has been a real big joke Lusaka has ever had for a Mayor. He was obsessed about silly schemes and making headlines about talk time garbage collection. Look at the Kids running Kitwe and Luanshya, they did the basics, cleaned out the vendors and today , Kitwe and Luanshya has no cholera. When that Kid mayor of Kitwe was busy flashing out vendors, this sleeping Lusaka mayor was busy encouraging them to even open more street vending stores on the Street.. and who is the Loser now? On whom is the Joke now.

    Is there a way a city can RECALL a Mayor. This Lusaka Mayor ought to resign and we call for a Bye Election. He is not fit to be a Mayor of a Capital City. Let him go and be a Mayor for a PF branch in Chazanga or some primitive place like that.

    • …… and he is the one who decided to purchase the 42 million dollar fire engines instead of Garbage management machinery ??????????? You even supported the purchase of these over priced things. Ask yourself a simple question how many people die of communicable diseases due to filth compared to fires ?????? Go figure

    • You’re also a muselela kwakaba. Not any better than Lusaka mayor. Blame game.

      Anyway, street vending is a PF creation. But is that the beginning and end of story? No!!! It started as a case of massive unemployment in the MMD. Sata thought we can as well allow the poor to trade freely.

      Now, apart from mayor, Lusaka Water and SEWERAGE company…how many new sewers have they built in Lusaka from the time they took over? The Millennium challenge account is only solving 0.1 of the big sanitation problem. What a shame!!!

    • All you MMD haters, just get past your hatred of MMD..and yes RB. MMD is no longer in power. MMD had other issues to focus on and we excelled masterfully at those issues and handed over the PF government coffers full of money to do things we would have done had we been in power..and you know the rest ..this is not the platform to rehash all that. Just deal with the current issue. The young man in Kitwe did a splendid job ..why can’t the Lusaka mayor work up and do the same. That is the issue here and not MMD for goodness sake. get over yourselves

  4. “…The President said that the Mayor and his team have been in office since 2016 and there was no excuse or justification for the failure to deal with the crisis…”

    And how long have you, lungu been in office and before that home affairs minister ??? All that garbage has still been there…

    • Honestly speaking ,,, the president looks like he was out last night, he just woke up, just look at the first picture there,,

  5. The problem in Zambia is not the political leaders but the civil servants (civil serpents) who need to be suspended or dismissed if they can’t cope. The attitude of permanent secretaries and their deputies stinks of the typical Zambian inertia. You don’t expect a President to ring a mayor or Permanent secretary to put water in a toilet cistern before using it, but it seems our inept civil serpents expect political leaders to think for them. President Lungu please save the legacy of your presidency by suspending this inept civil service and replace with it people prepared to work. Why are district councils across the country failing to pick up garbage? IS ZAMBIA IS NOT SHORT OF INTELLIGENT PEOPLE?

    • The attack of civil servants is unnecessary. Politicians have made the service impotent in the way they have appointed cadre permanent secretaries to run ministries. Because of their incompetence Directors have taken advantage to enrich themselves. The result is what you are seeing now. Remove politics from the office of the Permanent Secretary. Let the system appoint them on merit and give them the protection as outline in the terms and conditions of service. Government will do wonders

  6. As usual, not taking personal responsibility but always looking for someone to pass the blame on. Weak leaders are always like that! Lets agree to rid our filthy city of vendors!

  7. Why didn’t Lungu condemn Michael Sata back in 2011 when he allowed street vendors into central Lusaka for vote gain?
    ECL you’re a stinking hypocrite.

  8. Which management school did this president attend? It seems he sees problems only after they have occurred and not before. This is catastrophic.

  9. Hypocrite in Chief is trying to use a populist tactic to change the narrative and deflect the attention from the Mukula Tree Scam.

    Like the $42 million fire tender, this is not going away easily.

    This President is running a failed administration.

    Zambia is getting what it voted for. We are in trouble guys.

    • Very true. Scandles left, right and centre and on a monthly basis. These guys are mad.

      Fire tenders
      Lusaka-Ndola road
      Chinese Police Reserves


  10. Politics aside, let’s clean up this city.Here is free advice for both government and Lusaka city council. First, re-design the market by commissioning design proposals from local and international architects. Register and license every street vendor. Use ZNS engineers or Army to train and skill up the licensed vendors in basic trade skills to clean up and rebuilding the market in exchange for rental space when the structure is completed. Tender for a company interested in setting up toilets and managing refuse collection paid for by service charge from every vendor. Involving locals in the demolition and rebuilding of the market will offer a long-lasting clean and safe environment. It’s also about giving the necessary skills to maintain these structures.

  11. This president is really taking us for fools, so who doesn’t know that the LCC have not moved to remove these vendors because of PF’s directives not to move upset them. This should be a lesson to all who follow directives blindly that mailo the same boss that so called directed you to do something will turn around dump and condemn you as of he didn’t know what was going on in order to save himself.

  12. Sleeping Mayor Wilson is just a scapegoat…he was doomed if he acted and doomed if he didnt.Wilson this why its better to do the right thing.The filth is all down to PF if they let Prof. Luo act on removing street vendors back in 2012 cental district would have been a decent place.

    Lazy Lungu simply tell us where you were taking Mukula logs.

    • Agreed there Jay Jay… I bet Lungu tells this mayor guy privately to ensure that the vendors are happy to ensure they deliver Lusaka for him in 2021.

      I can smell this blame game ‘coffee’, it is partly designed to deflect responsibility and also designed to politically campaign for his daughter Tasila Lungu who wanted to be the mayor. Watch this space!

  13. Ba Local government minister, advertise the tender for reconstruction of city market. Not ati some mining company blablabla.

    Announce the conditions like PPP lease agreement… Why ba Zambia zoona ee

  14. Really gents ?

    The Presido tried to do something thst is good. Lets support and commend him.

    In return the only things popping up are mukulu logs, ambulances, etc

    If hes trying to do something good, lets encourage him

    My own advise to the Pres is that cadres who are untouchable have taken over all the functions of LCC. They pocket all rentals, bus fares, they put up structures anyhow. This is what cadres get for supporting you

    Deal with the cadres and LCC will function !!

    • Mwape

      The PF SG is on film telling PF caders to take over markets , stations and public places , did this corrupt fraudstar even say a word ???

    • If one-tenth of the money this lazy thing has wasted on Ndola -Lusaka road he invested in Refuse Trucks, anti street vending pavements, drainage we wouldn’t be talking about this filth.

    • Ba mwape. If a rapist decides to wear a condom as he screw’s your sister, wife and daughter, is he still not but a rapist?
      The man received an intelligence briefing every day from 20 th August, 2016. He has absolutely no excuse for the rot he has allowed on his watch. He is a disaster

    • Lazy has spent the whole of 2017 collecting air miles at the end of the year the Bum wake up …clear lack of planning!!

  15. Shallow dialogue distracts from the core issues; using adjectives like lazy on a head of state are pointless on this topic. Looking at statistics of the last 10 rainy seasons, how many people have died of cholera or water-borne diseases? The council should have known and planned better. Opposition UPND councillors have run some of our major cities since their unheralded entry in 2001. They have nothing better to show for it except whine about political interference and engage in tribal politics. Lusaka city council has been a sick joke — especially when we hear officials sitting in air-conditioned offices and sipping bottled water pontificating about Lusaka being a great city. What a farce!
    LCC will need a new set of hands and needs them soon to arrest the rot that has beset the capital…

  16. LCC will need a new set of hands and needs them soon to arrest the rot that has beset the capital for the past two decades. The opposition UPND, which controls Livingstone and other urban centres, has failed the electorate and it is there for everyone to see just how they have run down and degraded the standards of cities that were once known for their cleanliness.

  17. You are all blaming the Lusaka mayor with this corrupt fraudstar lungu in the forefront …….lungu when your SG of PF was telling PF thugs to control public places did you object ???

    NO you did not, you lungu are a complete disaster for Zambia….

  18. Government is busy exporting the confiscated Mukula logs when you can use the timber to build very beautiful market stalls. You can only change people’s mindsets when it comes to hygiene when you sensitize and involve them in the process. Perhaps what’s required of central government is to identify project managers capable of bringing together existing skills and resources. Just imagine…others are planning on going to the moon or creating intercontinental ballistic nuclear weapons and you’re struggling to build a clean market?

    • I also get very surprised that the whole President is agonizing on a simple issue of building a market!!!!??? Just a market sure is a problem in this modern era!!! Are these people who can transform the whole country and propel it into the next level of getting out of third world status?

  19. Hehehe! Real disaster. I have always thought tuntembas are a brain child of the MMD and promoted by PF. Why blame the Mayor when he wanted to do his job the same PF said NO where are you taking them if you have not built the markets for them. Markets have been built and are empty still PF in their wisdom say NO wait for cholera then we can move them.Clearly the Mayor is not to blame. Its the PF to blame. How do you blame someone you have refused to do his job in the first place. This is uncoordinated thinking for real.
    Real disaster!

  20. Hehehe! I am told in Zambia more people die in fires than cholera and hence the much talked about huge investment in fire trucks.
    Misplaced priorities.

    By the time this Gundwane’ Jona leaves office, Zambia will have been reduced to as disease ridden, broken & corrupt Cesspit, fit for RAT’S to thrive in.
    Enjoy your 2018- right up to 2021, as you voted for mediocrity, & “Reversing of all sanity” in that beloved country Zambia.


  23. I want to hear more of that voice accompanied with action and ultimatums . From there follow up on all other leaderships in public companies, ministries and all gvt departments. Let us change work culture , improve efficiency, punctuality and accountability. Now that you have spoken you will see how people will wake up from slumber. Please our beloved president let this be the beginning of stern warnings and close checks on incompetence on the part of good for nothing gvt and public officials. Thank you for beginning the real talking now.

  24. Can the directive be countrywide to prevent also in un affected areas. The country is sorry site. Meanwhile council chairman Monze is selling illegal market plots to unsuspecting poor marketeers. ACC engage ZRL and marketeers in markets to bring sanity. There is plenty of evidence. These are issues bringing communicable diseases. Its urgent. Not only LCC MAyor, but shake up TC and his team there also sleeping too much. LSK is probably dirtiest city in the world but people travel every day for smart cities seminars, what do they learn? just abusing resources meant for service delivery. BA Kateka mwabombeni, as your new year resolution, remove Lcal Govt Service Commsision and worse the Com Secretary Mulenda who has nowowns commssion and has employed relatives in councils yet councils do…

  25. That blame game again, solves problems, doesn’t it. The other day his minister was blaming Lusaka Water and Sewarage Company. When is Lungu going to own up and shoulder the problem and admit PF have failed?

    Lungu lives in Lusaka, Soweto market is in Lusaka, the mayor is a PF cadre whose boss is Lungu. So why hasn’t Lungu noticed this cholera causing garbage all along, the City he lives in? Why hasn’t he instructed his mayor to do the right thing? That’s right he’s busy globetrotting; and privately telling the mayor to ensure vendors and cadres vote for him and deliver Lusaka for him in 2021. Stop playing righteous indignation.

  26. Lets be clear.
    PF didn’t create the chaos in Lusaka.
    Lusaka is NOT even supposed to be the capital.
    Poor planning from UNIP through MMD created this problem .
    PF being pro-poor has worsened the situation by giving poor people more room.
    The UPND can’t win an election coz they don’t know how to look after the ‘kaponyas’ as well as the MMF and PF.

    • Cities don’t build themselves you build them. If UNIP and MMD failed to plan the city, what’s stopping you from planning it? Even the most developed cities in Europe were destroyed and rebuilt at some point during the wars so please stop finger pointing and think out of the box.

  27. Goodmorning (Mwashibukeni) Mr President,
    Where have you been for the past one year not to notice how filthy the City is?

  28. Cheap politicking by this clueless president. This is simply a knee jerk reaction to deaths from Cholera that have gone beyond the annual average. Once the season is over it’s business as usual.
    I don’t blame Lungu though. Zambians deserve every bit of what they are going through. Anyone that votes in an ***** like Michael Sata as president deserves the worst possible pain and hurt.

  29. This is the reason why I hate UPND and all its followers!!
    Just few weeks ago,your HH was on record telling street vendors that we wont remove you from the streets once we form Govnt.he further told them that PF lied to you when they said upnd will remove street vendors from our streets!!ITS HH WHO TOLD ZAMBIANS THIS,WHY ARE UPND BLAMING PF ABOUT STREET VENDORS HERE?
    indeed UPND cant offer anything better than PF!!
    Well done president Edgar Lungu.a lot of Lusaka residents have been blaming the work culture of Lusaka Mayor!!the man is useless!!MAUREEN MWANAWASA MUST STAND ON PF IN 2021 SO THAT WE CAN VOTE FOR HER AS LUSAKA MAYOR!!

  30. It’s time we should gate all street verderers should be arrested and take them to Z N S for skills other wise it all in cycles. Unip . Mmd , now of still to be in correlation no good at all Mayer should be removed

  31. why is Edger surprised?
    He has been living out of zambia 3/4 of the year abroad with his foreign trips!
    is this what he has seen yesterday???

  32. Zambia needs a new capital city FULL STOP.
    Those talking about vendors are politicking.
    Just the other day,HH was assuring vendors that they will not be removed.
    It’s not only vendors but the shanty compounds.
    That is why I support those advocates for a new city NOT an upgrade.

  33. In preparation of hiring a garbage management company from somewhere out of Zambia, Lusaka mayor gets the blame for dirty Lusaka. The real reason Lusaka and all other towns are filthy is lack of proper town management by the city councils, coupled with flawed central government policies, particularly on handling unemployment.

  34. Just to think of it, why should it take a president to take such steps? Its a clear map, failure within departments of LCC and Ministry of Health. why are we firefighting now?

  35. At the core of the problem Lusaka City has been facing, include:
    —Lack of Exposed Leadership, Management and Monitors/ Controllers;
    —Giving Party Cadres, Free Reign to run the Markets, including collection of Levy;
    —Lack of Planned Infrastructure and Control;
    —Lack of Daily and Routine Maintenance;
    —Absence of Recycling industries and Equipment and Machinery;
    —Lack of Enforcement of the Laws;etc
    It is suggested that the Military be integrated in the running of councils countrywide. Better Change will inevitably ensue.

  36. Why only blame the Mayor? During Mwanawasa’s MMD Silver Masebo cleaned and cleared all street vendors in Lusaka City. Now who is the Minister of Local goverment?is it not Vincent Mwale sitting at the very chair which Silver Masebo used to be!!What is he doing?May be Given Lubinda can do better in on that post.

  37. Too mich politics even afyer being elected.
    The problem is that our elected officials feel more answerable to the party and its officials then the electorate who they are supposed to serve.
    This is rampamt in almost all categories of elected and appointed officials.
    Until this mess is not sorted out, we cant expect much service delivery.

    In chipata city, the mayor tried to clean up the city but the issue was politicised and he was frustrated upto the extent that he was left on his own. He was even summomed upto state house for the action which would have been saving lives today.

  38. You tie a guys legs and arms then ask him to fight Mike Tyson in his heyday. When the guy is pounded to a pulp then you untie him and tell him to fight like a man.

    Guys, the City and Municipal councils have been all but had their ball ripped out. They are told to control the markets and the municipal and city owned premises. THen, they are instructed not to touch the PF cadres and on the side call the cadres and police and tell them to go nuts and do what they want.
    Then you get all fake angry when the councils fail to perform. WTF????????

  39. When ever the president takes a good move the oposite side get sick hence your bad comments ,this one the pre is on cause thumbs up

  40. The Lusaka MAYOR is not saying anything.
    This is your LEGACY. Come out strong my brother.
    Protect your LEGACY and political career.
    Keeping quiet will finish you for life.

  41. Good point Lie-Detector. These leaders are always visiting other countries like SA, USA etc and see how beautiful their cities are and how well managed they are. Surely how difficult is it to learn what our friends do and implement? I used to blame Zambians who have migrated to other countries but every time I travel I understand their frustration more and more. Why do our leaders rush to SA and other countries for treatment? It’s because they know they haven’t done a good enough job and can’t trust their lives with the systems they have put in place. Vying for office kalilofye these days. It’s just not cleanliness/environmental health but all sectors. It’s the systems that have been put in place everywhere that seem to suffocate the local citizens, business owners, workers, etc…

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