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Zambia National Service commended for increasing the heads of cattle from 84 to 250


Zambia National Service (ZNS) Chief of Training and Operations Josphat Jere has commended the Zambia National Service Luamfumu Unit in Mansa for the continued increase in the number of Cattle at the unit.

Brigadier General Jere says it is gratifying to see that since the time the unit began the rearing of Cattle with 84 heads the numbers have kept on increasing to up to the present number of over 250 animals.

Brigadier General Jere has since directed the Zambia National Service Luamfumu Unit to get prepared and engage in the production of Hey and supply to other units.

Zambia National Service Chief of Training and Operations said this when he officiated at this year’s Luamfumu Unit Officers Annual Ball last night.

Brigadier General Jere has since stressed the need for continued accountability saying as the service ventures into deferent businesses there is need to place accountability highly if the service is to enjoy the benefits of its businesses.

He said the service command will not tolerate any misapplication of funds and urged the unit to remain united and not to allow pertness to divide the unit.

And Zambia National Service Luamfumu Unit Commanding Officer Luke Mumba reviewed that the vision of the Luamfumu Unit is to transform the unit into a model unit of the Zambia National Service.

Lieutenant Colonel Mumba disclosed that in line with government policy to make agriculture one of the major drivers of the economy the unit has grown 50 hectors maize in the 2017/ 2018 farming season.

Lieutenant Colonel Mumba says the unit is delighted that the ranch is now able to support itself in infrastructure development in a bid to even grow more.

He said apart from its own business ventures the unit has continued to bring sanity in many of its operations including in the illegal trade of the Mukula Tree in the Province.

The colorful Zambia National Service Officers Annual Ball was also attended by Luapula Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Royd Chakaba and other senior government Officials from Luapula Province.


  1. Well done to ZNS, these guys are amongst the hardest working in the nation. They are sadly under appreciated and tend to get paid less than their fellow soldiers in the Army and ZAF yet their training is equivalent to Army and even more intense and harder than ZAF. ZNS officers are deployed at a moments notice to anywhere in Zambia, they have been grading roads better than any private contractor yet they don’t get the recognition they deserve!

    To increase a herd of cattle from 84 to 250 is not easy at all, this is a commendable achievement and promotions and medals should be awarded to the ones responsible for this great work! Well done ba soldier! Food security is national security!

    • Proven economics that individual effort or private effort does better than public effort.

      Proof: we hear about individuals who have thousands of animals. And yet an institution is counting a few hundreds. There is no incentive doing public things.

    • You are a numskull. Animal rearing is a science nations like the US and France even have scientists just to help farmers with this and food security.

    • its not easy! There’s a lot that goes in it. Disease control like dipping, vaccines & antibiotics etc. it calls for proper managed. I think its a commendable job. Kudos to ZNS.

  2. When are they going to be auctioned to the chinese? Maybe the containers have already started making their way to China.

  3. Think big Zambia 250 head of cattle is a hobby farm in australia. Good to see the government training our soldiers to be farmers. We will be able to get 250 cattle to lead the charge when we whip the invaders with maize stalks .
    This is 2017 53 years after independence and we have press releases like this.

  4. Lt u seem to have a problem was it because i said you would get a better birthrate if you used tonga bulls or did i upset the revered nzelu

  5. Well done ZNS!! We salute you sincerely for that!! Increase those numbers to thousands. We are proud of you our men and women in uniform

  6. Job well done ZNS. It is not easy to rear cattle in that part of of the country. In fact there has been very little tradition of cattle-keeping in Luapula Province generally. White fish is the mainstay of the local people, now there will be constant supply of beef as well. I hope the project will not die a natural dead as was the case with Integrated Rural Development Programme, supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) in keeping cattle in the 1980s. IFAD (International Fund for Agriculture Development) also tried to facilitate acquisition of Donkeys for traction purposes but all these projects have gone under. IFAD had even started addressing a number of issues with regard to donkey culture, that is knowledge and skills in the management of donkeys and ways of…

  7. 250 cows is a joke, this is nothing to blow your trumpets.
    We can have this conversation when you have 10,000 cows and above

  8. I’m a bit slow on the uptake. What is the purpose of ZNS!? Maybe people ‘under-appreciate’ like someone mentioned, because they do not truly know the purpose of ZNS…

    Anyone want to help us/me understand?

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