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Ministers Inspect the Cleaning of Lusaka City Centre

Videos and Audios Ministers Inspect the Cleaning of Lusaka City Centre


  1. Filthy and disorganised looking Lusaka! The better Lusaka lies on the outskirts and not in the CDB. Just like the CBD of Jo’burg nowadays – so stinking filthy!! The only difference between these two is the city skyline and cholera absence in Joburg.

    • This looks like a crime scene. And it is. Lives have been lost. Absent and never to be identified are the perpetrators of the crime.

    • Looking at those pictures one can say this is not just a matter of cleaning. There is a terrible lack of drainage infrastructure that makes dirt collect in nooks and corners. The drainage furrows right in the city centre are without concrete. It was a riff raff original job. The water will just erode the soil on the sides and into the drainage thus blocking further drainage. Government needs to work on just drainage systems during the long dry season when rainwater doesn’t interfere. Trash bins and Public toilets are absent in Lusaka. Government needs to work on this

    • This cleaning should be made part of the normal business as usual. Meaning, declare 1 day in every quarter when these people should take up to streets to clean.
      Do this for the next 3 years, you will see Lusaka will become the cleanest town. That’s how you teach these marketers who just throw away things anywhere.And also increase awareness.

      If you only do this as a one-off exercise, Lusaka will be back to where it was in 3 months.

    • I cry so much such that a BIG laugher comes out of my stomach because these Politicians are very useless.

    • This is what we call WORKING government.
      If Edgar was doing these, he could have been a likeable fella.
      Next is to bring tanks of lime from Ndola, and paint all buildings. People are mood now.

  2. There has to be change in policy on the importation and manufacture of plastic bags and plastic bottles. Number one ‘culprit’ for clogging drainages. It has been done in some African countries. They have to be banned. The Councils have to invest in refuse collection management systems. Citizens have a bigger obligation of disposing off refuse in designated areas and facilities. It entails a serious campaign on hygiene and sanctions for those abrogating. Proactively by Govenment is vital going forward, so that cholera outbreaks do not recur in future. Risk Management!

  3. Me living in in Lusaka, Hell To The No. ECL, don’t even keep on asking us to invest back home. To a place of embarrassment as it is very difficult to come with our non Zambian friends to visit.

  4. Ignorance is the the worst curse on a nation. This so called minister is waffling a lot of BS and the ignoramuses are busy applauding him. Tragic indeed.
    Just one question, how many landfills and ecostations are there in Lusaka?

  5. Ba LT stop censoring. How do ministers inspect rubbish collection in suits? This just displays an enslavement to the culture of tie and jacket from the Europeans instead of a sense of duty.

  6. you got jokes, ministers will only work when the president visits a place. busy driving V8 land cruisers without shame.

  7. Next they will order 40 refuse trucks at $1.5million each and every cadre will be singing praises for the job well done. Only in Zambia!

  8. Lusaka is like a pig! Wash it and it will be dirty again soon. KK used to advise the going back to the land, though himself has not done the right things he used to say. Those that followed him had no vision. They brought the entire village to the city and these are the consequences! Nature can hit back you know!

  9. Those streets will not remain clean for too long as long as the people’s mind-sets remain the same.
    This Boma Iyanganepo nonsense needs to come to end. It’s not boma dying of cholera…!

    It shouldn’t take a heavy military presence to keep a city clean. And some people on this entourage are just loitering around while others seem to be getting a kick from the smell of the rubbish, instead of making themselves useful. One of the most beautiful countries in the world gone to the dogs!

  10. The LUSAKA City council should be empowered to clean the streets. But empowerment comes from the president not interfering when the council takes action to clean the city center. On the other hand the council should now take it upon themselves to keep Lusaka clean because the need has been validated by the president. Let us see where this goes – including what other towns will do. This is a clear case where the president has set the tone instead of the cadres.

  11. This filth after watching the video on my phone i picked up the stench and threw up sis…
    This genocidal how do you allow a situation to degenerate to such levels.

  12. That’s why it wasn’t right to spend entire fourth quarter 2016 conducting GRZ restructuring (ethnic cleansing ) instead of preparing for the seasonal outbreaks.This is biggest cholera outbreak in the history of the country.question is why now? cholera is a disease of dirty and shame.

  13. Utterly shameful sight ,totally embarrassing to say you’re Zambian when people are living in this filthy mess as if its normal.We need hard hitting solutions to punish both the vendors and political leaders who allowed things to get to such proportions.

  14. Nothing to clean here, just demolish and start again. Are you seriously telling us that the Zambian army have no equipment to clear out rubbish? This is a sorry sight to the men in combat. Just imagine if they were to be sent to war, with gloves and wheelbarrows? We see all sorts of sofistication when it comes to election campaigns but the whole Zambia cannot organise a proper clean up?

  15. ..a normal and reasonable human been is supposed to have a sense of failure and feel ashamed….the difference between our friends in the west and else where is that they are able to see 6months, 1, 3,6 years ahead….whatever is being done was supposed to be done 9months ago during a dry spell….and someone would have the gutty to tell me that’s a central business district of our so called capital city…nooooo

  16. This is being worse than pigs!!!!! All this is a consequence of NOT having institutions we can trust. The council had to wait for the entire Head of State to leave state House before they can reliase that this is just their civic duty.
    Very ashamed to be zambian !!!

  17. Look at these corrupt visionless ministers they come with their little suits and think cleaning a City is like cleaning their front yard where you bark orders at the garden boy…really laughable

  18. Can someone also be assigned to cleaning the mouths of all UPND members including Under Five? They stink each time they talk! They may spread cholera too!

  19. Too little too late ! Where have those so called ministers been while our capital city degenerated into a slum ? What have they been doing ? Shame on the lot of them.

  20. Okay the main problem is the government of today which contains leaders who can only act when things are messed up, the city council are just sleeping and robbing the people of Zambia…

  21. KK left this issue of public hygiene unresolved, he is now enjoying himself there in Kabuloga while other are running around and dreaming about cleaning in one day!!!!!

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