NORTH-Western province minister Richard Kapita (m) plants a tree during the provincial launch of the National Tree planting season for 2016 /2017 as principal extension officer Mindando Pande (l) and Solwezi District Forestry Officer Racheal Manda ( r) witness the event at Kikombe school grounds on Friday in Solwezi.

Mufumbwe has become the first district in North-Western Province to locally produce pure refined vegetable cooking oil from groundnuts.

North-Western Province Minister, Richard Kapita said the project is a good development as it is in line with government’s call for local producers to embrace the principle of value addition.

The Provincial Minister was speaking during the official launch of the cooking oil being produced by Twi Oil Limited.

Mr. Kapita has urged farmers in the district not to only increase on their groundnuts production but also embark on growing sunflower and supply to the processing plant.

And Twi Oil Limited Project Manager, Kelvin Solochi said the cooking oil is a pure refined product made from groundnuts without any chemicals added.

Mr. Solochi said the cooking oil is a healthy product for consumers as it poses no threat of diseases such as High Blood Pressure.

He disclosed that Twi Oil Limited has the capacity to produce 400 liters of cooking oil per day.

And a local farmer, Pitson Kalundu has expressed happiness with the development saying he will no longer struggle to look for market for his groundnuts.

Twi Oil Limited is a United States African Development Foundation funded project entrusted to a local cooperative called Twibikeko.

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  1. That’s good news to read/hear about. I just hope that new company is Zambian and NOT Chinese and that no chemicals are added to that cooking saladi.


  2. That is good news Mufumbwe is my home land and am apealing to all graduates in 12P and 12Q 2006 intake at MUSECO to meet in 2019 march so that we can have the way forward in which we can develop our district we should not depend on politicians let us put our efforts together.For more details u can ask anyone who knows a person who called himself HONOURABLE in 12Q ok ask Chizhika Masumba, Jonathan Mulosa, Godern Chipango or our sports teacher by that time Mr Sechi thax.



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