Western Province Police Commissioner Charles Lungu (r) showing some of the 14 recovered cattle after a police operation in Limulunga District yesterday. The animals were stolen last October from Mr. Mubita Liyali of Kakula Village and found at Mr. Muyunda Manima’s crawl of Kalale area and five suspects are I custody while two are still at large.

The Kabompo district stakeholders association has urged local people to prevent their livestock from roaming freely in the township thereby conflicting with human habitation.

Association chairperson Rodgers Chinyemba said although goats, pigs and cattle are a source of income for the people in the area, the animals should not be left roaming around the township as they may pose a danger to both humans and crops around.

Mr. Chinyemba said this in response to one of the residents who wanted to know how the district will control the livestock roaming in the township.

This was during the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC) review meeting held today.

He said a special meeting was held in the district with farmers and other animal owners where various submissions were made to resolve the matter.

And speaking at the same meeting, Kabompo town council secretary Wamulume Aongola said according to public health regulations, animals are not allowed to roam freely around people for fear of spreading certain diseases to humans.

Mr. Aongola said the previous stakeholders’ meeting on livestock and human being conflict resolved that goats should be caged while cattle should always be tied to a rope with someone looking after them.

He said a two weeks ultimatum was given to animal owners to adhere to the resolutions that were passed in the meeting.

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