Miners at work a Manganese plant in Mansa.

The Mansa Mining Bureau has observed that Luapula Province has the potential to be a major supplier of Manganese in the southern African region.

Mansa Mining Bureau Surveyor Winter Nkhata says the province has rich deposits of Manganese and all that it needs is to find investors who will conduct large scale exploration and consequently mining on a large scale.

In an interview with ZANIS in Mansa Mr. Nkhata says currently the province only has investors with short term mining licences the situation he said makes it difficult to fully invest in manganese Mining.

“ What the province needs now is to have investors who will be able to set up their companies permanently for a long period saying that is the only way the province will fully benefit from the mining sector in many deferent ways, “ he said.

Mr. Nkhata observed that the mining sector in the province has the potential to contribute to the economy of the province and the country if fully utilised.

He adds that if more investors come and set up their companies, local people can be assured of employment and more business opportunities.

Mr. Nkhata further says at the moment only few locals are benefiting as most investors are involved in small scale mining thereby engaging a limited number of workers.

The surveyor has since appealed to chiefs and the local people in the province to work together with investors who are already in the province and those yet to come if they are to benefit from the mineral resources in the province.

Mr. Nkhata has since reminded the people not to be cheated when obtaining mining licences saying the only Ministry that mandated to issues mining licences is the Ministry of Mines.

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  1. The province is neglected by the govt. Even hydro power can be done in many areas of the province which is the factor affecting area from developing right now. They can keep fish, keep lots of cattle, farming, mango juice production and large scale mining. But everything is largely along line of rail!


  2. But I think not everything should be blamed on government, why cant we invest into its potential since GRZ is willing to give us licenses? For any economy to grow, there should be more private investment or enterprise as opposed to government. Look at Google,Apple,etc all these are private initiatives not government.


  3. Asembe ni politics, ma comments ngati yapaka!! Now it’s about mining and development plus entrepreneurship and only very very few comments!! No wonder we blame government easily instead of looking at self first



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