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PAC President demands Proof of Payment for the Exported Mukula Logs

Headlines PAC President demands Proof of Payment for the Exported Mukula Logs

Andyford Banda
Andyford Banda

The People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) President Andyford Banda has written to the ZAFFICO Chairman Professor Jacob Mwitwa copied to Minister of Lands seeking further clarification on aspects which he says “remain unexplained concerning the export of illegally harvested confiscated Mukula logs.

The letter which was this morning delivered to ZAFFICO Head Office in Ndola reads in part: “Whilst we are mindful of your responsibility to the appointing authorities, we wish to remind you of your greater moral responsibility and accountability to the people of Zambia who are the owners of the Mukula logs and have set you as a steward on their behalf. It is in this regard that we have been compelled by the Zambian citizenry to request your office for additional information to the statement you issued”.

Mr. Banda has requested for a copy of the Letter of instructions or Statutory Instrument (SI) to give authority to ZAFFICO from Ministry of Lands to export the Mukula logs as well as the documentation that has been used to record all logs confiscated including Police records which he says should correspond with logs exported less logs in stock.

The PAC leader has further asked for copies of Auction Policy and Procedure that was laid down to auction the illegally harvested confiscated Mukula logs as well as proof of that the auction was advertised including proof of auction including date as well as details of all individuals or companies that were present during the auction.

Mr. Banda’s letter to the ZAFFICO Chairman further request for details and proof or source relating to the pricing standard that was adopted to auction the Mukula logs in this regard.

He also calls for documentation relating to contracts between the buyers and ZAFFICO as well as Proof of payment.

“As with all international transaction we request proof of payment for all the auctioned illegally harvested confiscated Mukula logs. It’s only logical that the Mukula was paid for before it was released by ZAFFICO for shipping to its destination” the letter says.
The PAC leader has also called for copies of all documents pertaining to the shipping of Mukula and the individuals or organisation that participated in the auction and won the bids as well as documentary proof of the fate of funds derived from the transaction.

The PAC leader has given the ZAFFICO Chairman seven days in which to clarify the foregoing or face mass demonstrations at ZAFFICO Offices in Ndola in addition to legal recourse to stop the exportation of Mukula logs by the Parastatal.

“We hope to get feedback from you within the next seven days failure to which we will have no option but to go ahead with citizens mass requests to register their displeasure by mobilising the general public and our members on the Copperbelt to demonstrate against corruption at your offices and to also request the courts to compel ZAFFICO to stop exporting Mukula until these questions have been answered” his letter concludes.

Part of PAC’s Letter

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  1. This is what Political heavyweights like UPND, Rainbow, MMD, etc should be doing. Small Party’s are doing your job.

    • It’s Govt’s job to be transparent. Simply put, we have all lost confidence in our Govt hence even I am an individual am annoyed to say the least.

    • Banda is a lemon ignore him. How can he doubt Lungu from
      Same region.

      He is a disgrace and must be condemned.



    • Mukulagate and Choleragate are the 2 caveats undermining ECL’s leadership qualities and they both have tendon inside Corruptiongate.

      ECL needs to save his presidency by immediately holding Press Conferences with all stakeholders at State House right now.

      He needs to understand that bad press is always bad for any business, how much more the Zambian Enterprise?

      Unlike, regular people, politicians are always guilty until proven innocent … the French rule. Perception is always right in the eyes of the beholder.

      So, 2 things … hold regular press conferences and keep the sharpest minds in charge of the press. Free Damage Control 101

    • If he ignores me here on the above, he better start preparing to leave State House but beyond that start worrying about his legacy.

      A great start does not always guarantee a great finish but a great finish always guarantees a better posterity ~ B R Mumba, Sr.

      ECL is weakest now and his opinion polls numbers are falling …

      Original Content – no copyrights reserved.

    • A lie, any lie, lacks depth. It is not an ideal hiding place. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, the Bible says. PF are liars.

    • And when we call you an educated fooooool and a make-believe story teller you think its an insult …look at you vociferating at Lazy Lungu. You have no shame …WAKE UP from your DOCILITY AND your FOLLLY!!!

      Original Content – no copyrights reserved.

    • But where is the Anti Corruption Commission? Is this not the type of stuff they’re supposed to be investigating? Maybe they’re fast asleep too like the Lusaka mayor. Anyway, thanks PAC for taking this initiative on behalf of the Zambian people. We salute you, and we’re behind your efforts. Help identify the crooks stealing our resources so we can have them locked up.

    • The PAC leader’s stance must be applauded as the matter at hand is of great interest for the Zambian citizenry. However concerted effort on approach to such issues should be taken into consideration as Andyford Banda’s action may end up as a lone wolf effort since it seems he never saw it fit to share his letter to ZAFFICO with his colleagues in other political party’s, and other could be interested parties as LAZ, YALI, say civic/civil organizations for pilferage of national resources should be detested by all as a common cause.

    • 2017 has been designated as the year of the RAT. According to one news source a Zambian controversial poet has intimated that 2017 was such a year! Well somewhat true but by some people it’s debatable. Whatever the year it was, it was one hell of a year never seen before by the motherland.

    • @ B R Mumba, so as long as there is effective damage control, you’re okay with that? What do you expect Lungu to explain? The facts are out there. Lusaka has been drowning in garbage for sometime now. This is a city where your man, Lungu, resides. This is a city he uses to receive dignitaries from other countries, and didn’t worry about what these visitors’ impression will be about Zambia and her president. Lusaka residents knew about the garbage that was piling up in the city and had registered complaints about it many times. Lungu and the mayor, however, were fast asleep. They only woke up when the Cholera epidemic exploded in the city. They’re to blame and they know it. What can they say now, other than to assure the Zambians that this disaster has been a turning point for them,…

    • (Continued).. and that they’ll try and make Zambia the cleanest country in Africa? Other than that we’re not interested in anything else they’ve to say on this issue. We’ve needlessly lost lives to Cholera, because of their incompetence.

    • Abena maggots AKA Jay Jay … the difference between you and myself is I am no cadre and operate with intellectual honesty and you?

      Fully of ifisushi all the time, yapping like a Yahoo all the time and fully led by intellectual dishonesty … you’re not my each, you little troll.

      That’s why, I run this country and you just run your mouth all the time … breaking news!!! Ayatollah loses again 2021 badala

      Original Content – No Copyrights Reserved

    • @LIE DETECTER … damage control has everything to do with controlling the narrative. Troll like Jay Jay perpetually deal in sensationalism with the final intentions of skewing facts.

      Here are the facts … did ECL take action on Chorelagate? Yes, so he’s doing the right thing.

      Did ECL personally steal anything under Mukulagate. The answer is no one knows, so it’s wrong to tie him to it totally.

      But, both these things are bad press whether true or not and if he does come out to exonerate himself catch perpetrators and throw them in jail, he becomes an accomplice.

      So, damage control is needed and part of is for him to step down if he can’t run the country. All these are patriotic statements.

      Compare them to @Jay Jay and judge for yourself

      B R Mumba, Sr ~ the last UNIP…

    • Under 1.14 … meant to say, “ … you are not my equal you little troll”

      Under 1.15 … meant to say, “ if he does NOT exonerate himself catch perpetrators and throw them in jail, he becomes an accomplice”

      B R Mumba, Sr ~ the last UNIP patriot standing

    • @lie detector lungu doesn’t stay in Lusaka. Kamwendo munjila is always on trips. However, Kamwendo munjila visits the city often. That’s when he realises it has cholera and sends in the army

    • HH and his Upnd are a big political mockery. Criminals cannot question fellow criminals. so Hh, Gbv and their Upnd have no clue on what it is to be an opposition party. Their current preoccupation is “for the right to be heard by the court” and “the petition is still in court”

  2. They will show you a $100k credit from China …what are you going to say? Opposition in Zambia need to be smarter..

  3. WHO is this MAN ? he lobbed us IN UPND victory over PF as he collected scanty votes meant for UPND IN 2016. PLEASE COME OUT IN THE OPEN THAT U ARE SPONSORED BY PF

    • Fighting corruption made simple.
      Former president Robert Mugabe’s sons Bellarmine Chatunga and Robert Junior, stepson Russell Goreraza and son-in-law Simba Chikore and leading political figures face imminent arrest after it emerged this week that the country’s anti-corruption commission was investigating an array of offences ranging from illegal gold trade, abuse of office, corruption and murder.
      This comes as President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government embarked on a major corruption crackdown, which has already claimed the scalps of former home affairs minister Ignatius Chombo on allegations of corruption, former mines minister Walter Chidhakwa, former agriculture, mechanisation and irrigation development minister Joseph Made on various charges, with arrests of former ministers,…

    • Continued
      with arrests of former ministers, permanent secretaries and members of Mugabe’s family looming large.
      It has also emerged that Mnangagwa has told ministers implicated in high-level corruption to come clean and voluntarily surrender their ill-gotten wealth.

    • What do you expect?
      Zimbabwe will soon get off the ground and economy wise and democracy-wise they will start performing better and Zambia will be overtaken and left behind.

      My heart bleeds seeing those cholera cleaning excise being shown on Al Jazeera and CNN, it’s really bad.
      But yet people don’t realize that

  4. Govnt officials or ZAFFICO should not respond to this Banda thing.these are noise makers who must be ignored by all means!!
    Let us all focus on fighting cholera now because it must be defeated as soon as possible.
    We are tired of hearing about mukula every day!!!

    • Iwe kawalala koswe , people want answers , so because if PF filth causing cholera you want to be looting else where while people are distracted and no one should ask ???

      Ba koswe mumpoto……

    • You are a big disappointment, honestly, do you know that it’s your right to demand to know all that information?

      Why would someone normal call a request that is done in a constitutional way noise?

      This cholera is a shame, watch al Jazeera and CNN.

  5. You will not get those answers from this corruption enterprise called PF …..any one who pushers will be beaten up or have threats of violence on them from lungus henchmen…..

    • just see even those cadres fighting nail and tooth, for the government not to provide the details.
      If they are clean, why should it be a problem? Banda can have his answers by Monday, right, since that information should be available.

  6. Good demands… by law all this information requested should be in the public domain and any willing citizen should be able to walk into those ZAFFICO offices to inspect them. So there should be no resistance or secrecy here.

    What a country this is, corruption and stealing at every level of society… scary!

  7. ‘Saunders calls for early election screams one headline’
    This is an inevitable event. Zambians made a mistake and it’s best to put our hands up and make things right and fast.
    After all the New year has just began.

  8. Our shallow way of conducting an investigation. This one says this, that one, that. Soon the storm will be over, and the party resume.

    • Sorry our constitution says we are stuck with Lungu up to 2021. Any forceful removal of Lungu will be unconstitutional

  9. It’s one of the many faces of corruption, where investigators lack the mandate to investigate a matter. Soon the crowd will crowd out the Kabwalala.

    • Are you a human being? It seems you are a semi human. Your thinking is pathetic. If you have nothing to say, just stop wasting time here.

  10. While everyone takes a snip at govt over mukula, corruption, cholera, not even one case with solid evidence has made it past the lies on social media. Twits like Andiford will get excited but mark my words, by the end of this quarter, if Harry or anyone like that doesn’t come up with something tangible, Zambians will be back to their normal routine.

    • consider Banda `s request for information as a public request for the government to exonerate itself by answering and providing requested details, which will then be handed over to ACC. How about that?

  11. This Banda speaks a lot of sense. Much better than the largest opposition parties. I really wish opposition could be united on national issues that affect all Zambians and offer strong suggestions leading to sensible solutions to some of the problems that are sinking this once mighty nation. Cry my beloved country.

  12. This is how you expose corruption in government rather than wala wala ya ba Kainde naba Kambwili

  13. @Spaka like lilo;i warned you several times in 2017 to stop insulting me or calling me names.But you dont listen,SO KAWALALA KOSWE IS “YOUR FATHER & MOTHER!! “Noko icinyo ka spaka” and “SON OF BITCH!!”
    Why cant you for once do civilised politics WE MWANA WA MBWA?
    I will now be insulting you everyday if you dare responding to my postings!!

  14. Am sorry guys on this fora for my bad words to spaka like lilo but its too much as i just follows my comments instead of commenting on the issue at hand the way all of us do.

    • Just be honest and open to issues and greater country because to be honest Njimbu our country should be greater than the parties or the individual leaders. You may be benefiting now, what about your grandchildren?

  15. I do not trust Andyford Banda, he has always supported wrong doings in PF. I am surprised now he wants to claim moral high ground, what a hypocrite

  16. advise to njimbu and all pf addicts, ignore corruption talk at your own peril. it is no longer a joke that pf is perceived as a corrupt party. listen to sun fm, kmc radio fravour you will stop blind following and reflect.

  17. The FOI bill has not been enacted yet.
    Please those in the know advise considering that am hearing UPND demented cadres calling anyone who speaks development corrupt .

  18. This evidence shall close the MukulaGate once and for all and probably all the nonsensical corruption talk.

  19. Pac

    Now that’s politics! If they refuse to show you proves, then take them to court.

    I will join Pac. I like your approach. Keep it up.

    Not UPND whose their leader HH want to go to cholera areas to do Champaign there. Thats sickness !

  20. What do you mean by “proves”, “Champaign”, and “whose their leader”? Just write in the language you know better.

  21. Corruption is Lungu’s Waterloo. With high profile people being sacked or resigning becoz of levels of Corruption in Lungu’s govt its now time for Action on numerous corruption allegations. Lungu has to State whether or not his govt believes in ZeroTolerance Policy towards Corruption. If the answer is “Yes” then urgent investigation need to be carried out and the Culprits punished. There is no war on Corruption without casualties. If there is no action on Corruption then Lungu will witness massive Anti Corruption demonstrations in 2018. The writing is on the Wall!

    • Watch this space – “It has also emerged that Mnangagwa has told ministers implicated in high-level corruption to come clean and voluntarily surrender their ill-gotten wealth.”

  22. Please ignore Banda, we have more important life threating issues like Cholera to deal with that firewood (Mukula).Bushe ni mukula ya anyookoo iwe ka Banda????


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