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Zambia’s economic outlook for 2018 looks positive-former BOZ Chief

Economy Zambia’s economic outlook for 2018 looks positive-former BOZ Chief

Former Bank of Zambia Governor Caleb Fundanga
Former Bank of Zambia Governor Caleb Fundanga
Former Bank of Zambia governor Caleb Fundanga says the country’s economic outlook for 2018 looks positive.

Dr. Fundanga says the high Copper Prices will contribute to the country’s good economic performance in 2018.

He however warned against excessive acquiring of expensive loans as this may have a negative effect going forward.

Dr. Fundanga says the country can overcome economic challenges just like it has done in the past.

He has told ZNBC News that government should further seek to grow the economy by investing in infrastructure development to support agriculture and tourism.

He said places like Chilubi in Northern province has demonstrated that it is good for growing rice, ground nuts and Maize but lacks basic facilities such as roads.

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    • A top economist who was my best friend’s lecturer during out UNZA days. He might have been corrupted by political inclinations but I think he still has it unlike some of these online Doctors.

  1. How can the economic outlook look positive when the country is on the verge of slipping into economic collapse and morass brought on by excessive borrowing by government?? Fundanga is looking at the economy through a warped prism. It is pipedream to assert the economy is looking up against a backdrop of so many push factors that include mismanagement, corruption and state excesses. The country can hardly afford servicing contracted debt. The condition is exacerbated by PF government’s insatiable appetite to borrow.

  2. Zambia’s economic outlook is (and has ever been) positive. A country so rich and abundantly endowed with resources cannot fail to have a positive economic outlook. What ruins the economy is a few clueless and greedy individuals who are entrusted with the role of leadership.

    They get paralysed whenever they smell wealth. They don’t seem to understand how to manage the country’s abundant resources nor do they have the slightest idea how to sustain a strong economy to such an extent that we have to go borrowing – what a shame!

    Mutati, Fundanga etc. should go and study how the Roman Emperors, in particular Nero and Octavian built a mighty empire basically out of NOTHING. They did nothing else but what the Chinese still do today – copy and perfect the work of other nations in such a…

    • …in such a way that they benefit from the product in more ways than the others.

      The Romans copyied literally everything – infantry tactics, mythology, art and architecture from Greece, cavalry and expertise in horses from Persia. When the Romans wanted to attack the most powerful maritime city in the region, the Phoenicians’ Carthage, they simply captured one of its ships and within the space of about two months, they built themselves from scratch an entire fleet of more than 100 similar ships.

      Out of a thieving legacy, other nations became rich and mighty and all you can tell us from year to year is that our economic outlook is positive? With all the riches we have? Lord have mercy!

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