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Bishop Eddie Mulenga condemns ban on Church gatherings- Updated

Headlines Bishop Eddie Mulenga condemns ban on Church gatherings- Updated

“When the Ministry of Health and authorities begin to think the Church is a victim and not part of the solution then we have a problem in the Christian Nation,” Liberty Christian Centre Bishop Eddie Mulenga has warned.

On Sunday, military police stormed various Churches in Lusaka and disrupted church services as part of the Cholera prevention techniques.

But Bishop Mulenga said the Church should be seen to be part of the solution and not the victim.

“When South Africa or Zimbabwe had this crisis they did not close churches but we do?!
(Im not one that calls Cholera a spirit) Except I believe the devil is laughing now,” he said.

Bishop Mulenga said he believes that the when a nation has a crisis, the Church should be called to be part of the finding of the Solution.

“The Pastor is a communicator who could help educate on the pandemic and the Church could have been mobilized to help in cleaning up the communities and curb the spread,” he said.

Bishop Mulenga said “the Church has been called up to pray on other crisis,  but this one , the church is stopped to gather in worship and ask God’s help?

“And the “Technocrats now educate us that we can pray home”?! The Church could have led in example with simple basic sanitizers entering the buildings and avoid drinks and food to have the membership know the severity of this outbreak.”

On Sunday, Police stormed Saint Mathias Mulumba Catholic Church in Lusaka’s Bauleni demanding that the Sunday Mass be halted and congregants disperse.

Police also dispersed Kabwata St Paul’s UCZ Congregants and some teargas was used to resisting congregants.

And heavily armed Soldiers beat up a Jehovah’s Witnesses branch in Lusaka’s Kamwala area over banned church services.

Church members and leaders were beaten up by a combined team of military personel after they attempted to gather for a church service.

While some churches have complied, a few others have opted to go ahead with their worship services.

A few minutes into the church service, a Land cruiser full of military personnel and police officers landed at the church premises and ordered the church leaders to stop the service— according to an eye witnesses.

“When the leaders tried to resist the order, the soldiers just started beating up the leaders. When the members tried to protest, they were also slapped. That’s how everyone scampered in different directions,” said an eye witness.

The church has now been closed.

This is in response to government’s directive that gatherings of any nature are avoided following the outbreak of cholera that has hit Lusaka.


Editors note: Please accept our sincere apologies for uploading the wrong picture of Bishop Eddie Mulenga in our earlier version of this post.

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  1. The Bishop’s pocket has been squeezed and therefore compelled to condemn the ban on social gatherings. Bishop you can still do Gods work by visiting and helping the sick.

    • This pente bishop believe that he can heal cholera? Then go preach in cholera tents in Kanyama, go heal the sick, it’s just that simple, and your church will be full forever.


    • Nostradamus I lost a nephew who was on HIV treatment because his pastor to him to stop taking the drugs and instead depend on healing prayers. He became very sick so sick that even when he restarted the treatment there was no reversal until he died.

    • Awe mwanding these comments kuti wapoka kunseko (laugh out laud). Bane please I am at work and if they see me laughing recklessly I may lose the job ka. Ala mwansekesha nama comments people. By the way how is my mother land? Cholera kwati kubuta ladies and gentlemen let us grow up and act responsibly.
      On the church who are risking members of the church with cholera, remember the bible asks us to respect the law of the land. so please let us rise above religion and respect the rule of the law. If you ask most of people who are sick, they too go to church so please don’t downplay SI issued by the GRZ.

    • The docility of people continues. With modern and science and technology in this era people still believe in imaginary fiery tale stories written by very old scholars! Its a sick joke that people believe in someone who who gave himself to himself to be crucified in order to save you from himself. Does that even make sense?
      Chorela kills, and you god will not even save you! Ask the 51 who are dead!

    • Nice one Nubian…@1.2 I couldn’t help but chuckle.
      This bishop should be in the forefront obeying the law(edict)of the land. Wolf in sheeps skin….if I have ever seen one.

    • But bakapokola naboeeeeh! Kikikikikikikiki! Awe mwe
      ““When the leaders tried to resist the order, the soldiers just started beating up the leaders. When the members tried to protest, they were also slapped. That’s how everyone scampered in different directions,” said an eye witness.”

  2. With such closed minds I shudder to think the disaster that would happen in Zambia if we ever get ebola outbreak.God forbid .

  3. The problem is that the Police received instructions which were different from the communication from MOH to the churches. The only places where church gatherings were banned were the epicenters of the pandemic and Kabwata and Baulen were not among them and special instructions were given on how to conduct worship services. Kampyongo and Chilufya must clarify these issues.

  4. Praise God for this Bishop Mulenga. So much sense in what he is saying. Truly one wonders how night clubs must operate and churches stopped. God bless this Christian nation.


  6. Why seeing any sensible contribution from church in the light of lost tithes. Do you think everyone preaching the word of God is tithe hungry? You must know this Bishop and understand how many people’s lives he has changed by the work he is doing. The work of God.
    Different from you who lives on insults Mr Nubian whatever

    • Then let him go and touch and change lives in the tents in Kanyama kaili.. This is akin to a soldier showing how powerful his gun is away from the battle when he can be at the battle front! “The Pastor is a communicator who could help educate on the pandemic and the Church could have been mobilized to help in cleaning up the communities and curb the spread.” Does the church need to wait till Sunday service for this? mobilise yourselves and go and join the soldiers cleaning or better still go and care for the sick in Kanyama.

  7. Churches should be closed forever. They’re usually against science and foster the spread of ignorance. They offer spiritual solutions to social, political, and technical problems which secular nations have more successfully tackled with natural and social science and no appeal to nonexistent spirits. Catholic contributed to millions of deaths, orphans, and resultant poverty by fighting against condoms especially in the pre-ARV era.

  8. Why beat peaceful and innocent congregants whilst you let drunkards drink freely? Is it because you also a partaker in one of these night clubs?
    To our men in uniform, please be informed that Cholera is an epidemic and this is not a civil unrest, so be professional in your conduct and don’t be excited for nothing by beating and extorting money from people

    • Those who cannot obey simple directives need to be sorted out. There is a directive for people to not gather as this will help in the spread of the disease and you decide to ignore this simple instruction. Use you brain sometimes and not belief in fairy tales…

    • Those bars pay taxes, the church doesnt! The Bishop can send his message and blessings via whatsapp or social media as he has done his grievance of not physically having members in church.. or is there something that he wanted that has to be done physically?? At the end of the day industry and economy has to go on. Spiritual can also go one without congregating.

  9. Let’s leave the bishop out of tithe topic, what he said has nothing and is far away from the money. Bishop is right, why does the government call the church to gather and pray for the rains and other political crisis but shuts the church on an issue like cholera? Don’t use the church like a fire extinguisher… No no, and beating up congregants is inhuman and the government must be strongly condemned

    • You expect him to openly say that he’s being deprived of umutulo? Come man you know that unless you’re one of the pasters who’s been ” disturbed “

    • Let us be more balanced and level headed in the analysis of issues where the church is called for mass pray and where not but requested to respond to government well intended directives. Government leadership is of God’s intent for the people and so is the Church called, commissioned for the people. The Church must know its role just as government. The Church must pray it’s prophetic role and advice government. Wake up church and play your role.

      The government must also listen to the Church if the Church is proactive so that calamities are tackled head on. Government play your role.

      People stop the blame game and play your role. Unity will flourish and God will bless Zambia.

  10. Interesting to see comments about the tithe when the bishop is talking about govt and the church working together to educate the masses about cholera and their environment… And I am not sure if bloggers commenting here have seen these statements above “(Im not one that calls Cholera a spirit….“The Pastor is a communicator who could help educate on the pandemic and the Church could have been mobilized to help in cleaning up the communities and curb the spread,”….The Church could have led in example with simple basic sanitizers entering the buildings and avoid drinks and food to have the membership know the severity of this outbreak….)”

    I think this is an objective and responsible statement especially knowing that the masses attend some form of church/ religious gathering. In…

  11. Eish ,too much idiocy abounds in Zed.The ban is not about tithes or jealousy or other nonsense ,it is about science and physics laws

  12. i stopped my family from going to church because i shall not put my God to test. If anyone who has cholera goes to church to be played for the people in church will be affected including the bishop himself. please lets reduce the risk and understand how the disease is transmitted. in Africa we need to revisit how to worship and understand the word of God. this is the reason why God Himself says my people perish because of luck of knowledge and am seeing the luck of knowledge in bishop Mulenga. TD Jakes when he was to travel to Zambia he cancelled his trip because there was an out break of Ebola in Congo DRC. Please people cholera is not spiritual.

    • While you are right, I think you have missed the point of what the bishop was saying… His emphasis is on sensitisation and education… not gathering them to pray for them

    • To others the ban has disturbed their weekly budgets regardless whether people’s lives are at risk or not. Chorela doesn’t distinguish between people but between hygiene and fifth. The Catholic Dioceses have issued instructions on public gatherings including funerals.

    • @ Ndanje Khakis. The Catholics in Kaunda Square and Bauleni are part of those who tasted teargas and yesterday…

    • When Catholics tasted teargas on Sunday, pope in Vatican was happy because he likes violence just like his arrogant role model Lucifer…

    • @be honest….what has he been doing all the years? While you’re ready to condemn government and rightly so, you forget that this bishop has been interacting with his congregation therefore he’s had more time and chance to sensitized his flock.

  13. The only reason these greedy foooools are condemning is that they are not getting their tithe from the docile masses.

    • These mosquitoes are too greedy infact its time for them to give back to their docile ill- informed masses….they live in luxuary all dependent on tithe. They should be offering their buildings for treatment centres not useless gatherings that only enrich them.

  14. the move of shuting any publlic gathering should be taken seriously and not only having impact on churches what of bars other shoping complexes shoirites makopolo buses etc .

    • Do you want to paralyse the economy. You might as well ask that we stop working. Please learn that this is only partial.

  15. My cousin who didn’t even grade 7 is a pastor somewhere near Matero township. He lives off his gullible congregation and I am he’s not happy with the ban. I will ring him to find out how’s doing.

  16. My cousin who didn’t even grade 7 is a pastor somewhere near Matero township. He lives off his gullible congregation and I am he’s not happy with the ban. I will ring him to find out how’s doing.

  17. Bars should be opened from 11 hrs to 19 hrs and Church gatherings be suspended for now, guys this is interesting. What good will come from the bar? We prayed for other problems such as political tension we experienced, global crisis and we congregated. God has been kicked away now. Please just put measures to be followed as we make Church gatherings that will help us curb this deadly disease. Have mercy on us oh God.

  18. For Jehovah’s Witness beating is fake news ba LT because no any JW is gathering in Kingdom halls starting 1st Jan 2018, until when the ban of cholera is over and all JW who are in Lusaka are aware and you report of beating. Don’t speculate just because you are know that we love gathering together. Please check you info source.

    • I am Catholic but I will say this for the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they respect all laws to the letter except singing the national anthem,saluting and standing for the flag. People should not start spreading lies just to alarm the nation.

  19. This picture shown here and the church are not associated with this story. This is NOT Bishop Eddie Mulenga and Grace Ministries have nothing to do with this story. Please remove this picture immediately and issue a public apology for your wrongful posting!!!

    • The reason you want to remain anonymous is because you afraid of being dealt with. You feel that somehow you can say or do anything with your anonymous comments and because we are Christians we’ll do nothing?

      Come into the open, say something about my father and my church and I will deal with you!

    • #Chris Ndhlovu it appears you had planned to take your family to the mall after collecting umutulo on Sunday hence the threats.

    • Our church has nothing to do with this. You may have tour own misconception about church, but leave our church and our Bishop out of it! We have nothing to do with this story nor with your misconceptions!

    • Really laughable…you think this is Facebook…you will deal with me for talking about your Church? You hypocrites you are you chaps continue fleecing the docile masses.

  20. Ba Bishop, church is not people gathering in buildings and you asking for offerings and tithes as a first thing , NO, but rather people doing God’ s work on earth.
    We have an outbreak in our midst and until it’s contained, controlled and a lasting solution found, then we shall all be in a position to do God’ s work and even gather in those buildings you call churches for your benefit only. For now, let’s heed God’s call through our Government on the need to live and work in clean environment and ALL things will have true meaning.
    Are you honestly proud to call Lusaka a city with all it’s filthness whilst you reap from the poor?

  21. The Church like the Army & others are vital key players. What is needed is to distribute a Code of Conduct here & form of Interaction. Remember that plagues befell the peoples who disobeyed God. Tithe is Biblical so let us not misunderstand issues here. There are consequences of disobedience on tithe. Too bad on our friends ba Chitawala who crossed the path of the Security Forces. In the developed World, the Opposition Leaders would unite with Government in order to fight this scourge which is a threat to our very existance. Here is Space for Mature Politics.

  22. Please don’t drag JW in this circus because JW are very good god fearing people who do not subscribe to politics but are alive to the fact congregants come from different walks of lives meaning that an outbreak like chorela can affect them as such the information about the pandemic has already been shared to all JWs.There is no fallacy about issues of chorela to JWs.

  23. This man of the pulpit is totally misplaced. The church is NOT the problem, gatherings of people from different places is the problem. Are you telling us his church has no communication channel that it can use to disseminate information to its members? should they have to show up and risk it? People can still pray in their respective places than come to church. We say God helps those who help themselves, going to church gatherings in time of cholera “chi guulu” is NOT going to helping us.

    • In short someone from a cholera infested section may be visiting a seemingly safe section and if he’s carrying the germ that carries the disease, chances are there that the spread of this will propagate in this safe zone. Remember it’s not always that if the germ attacks you that you’ll develop cholera, but you can carry it and spread it to other people.

  24. Comment:Point of correction
    the Man in the picture is not bishop Eddie Mulenga but the general overseer of Grace ministries mission international, Dr Newton Chanda Mulenga.

    The remarks echoed in the post have nothing to do with him as he has never made any such remarks.

    I bemoan our lack of professionalism as journalists. we will do well to authenticate facts before feeding our readership audience.

    May God help us fight this cholera epidermic even as we supplement governments invaluable efforts.

    God bless Zambia.

  25. Before you post any story, you should do your work by carrying out a proper investigation. The picture is for Bishop Newton Chanda Mulenga of Grace Ministries and has nothing to do with the story or a Bishop Eddie mulenga.

  26. The docility of people continues. With modern and science and technology in this era people still believe in imaginary fiery tale stories written by very old scholars! Its a sick joke that people believe in someone who who gave himself to himself to be crucified in order to save you from himself. Does that even make sense?
    Chorela kills, and you god will not even save you! Ask the 51 who are dead!

  27. Point of Correction.
    The person in the picture is not Bishop Eddie Mulenga but instead he is the general overseer for Grace ministry mission and he is Newton Chanda Mulenga.
    Please get your facts correct and we demand that you remove that picture and replace it with the correct picture. This is so unprofessional and an acceptable Ba Lusaka times .

  28. Note: There is an outbreak of Cholera even amongst some neighbour with an extremely stronger Economy than us. It could be a seasonal problem or ended up being imported by criss crossing. Let’s not play blame game here. Let’s simply fight it, & fight it always. Let’s be pre-emptive & avoid Management of Fire Fighting. Let us also rebuild our Markets in a Fire Proof Manner.

    • Realist that’s the point we are all missing. The disease can be brought in the country by travellers from Tanzania or any such countries. This being a rain season when Ba mulamba are common feature the disease is easily transmitted.

  29. Does anyone have a phone number for Lusaka Times? They have posted a wrong picture and involved a wrong church in this post.

  30. Where are the Christians for Lungu? ati jubilee President my foot! the man has even stopped going to church he got what he wanted!

  31. I’m actually appalled by your reporting Lusaka Times.The use of Bishop Newton Chanda Mulenga’s picture for this article is not only unprofessional but exhibits extreme incompetence, and laziness by the responsible journalists at Lusaka Times. The Bishop in question is NOT Bishop N.C. Mulenga but Bishop Eddie Mulenga.

    Please make changes appropriately

  32. Where is solidarity from fellow African Countries? What we need is not to rush by closing boundaries. We are in this fight together. Let’s see some material contributions coming in. Or do we sit and wait until Bill Gates or Warren Buffet has mercy on us & drops us some help.

  33. We need to act positively & not play games while “Rome is burning”. The efforts being taken to fight this scourge should be Highly commended. You do not ask your neighbour what happened while his house is burning. You rush there with a bucket of water or sand or fire extinguisher, lest he considers you to be a moron.

  34. After all, the church does even pay tax. The government has nothing to benefit from letting them open and just contribute to the problem. Bars and restaurants on the other hand contribute to the economy of the country. Wise decision!!!!! And mind you, schools have also been closed, so equate schools to churches….We can continue the church lessons we learn every Sunday after the disease has been contained BUt we need money to contain it and let the bars and restaurants give us this money….

  35. And let that “Neighbour” who has infiltrated our Music, show us that they can do something noble by coming to our aid. They have a Stronger Economy.

  36. it’s so amazing to see how people can comment on this matter. the bible says that with God all things are possible if the Bible says all things are possible what do you understand?. luke 1:37. Do not doubt the power of God. are you saying God can only HEAL some DISEASE and not this cholera?. WHAT IF CHOLERA CONTINUES FOREVER, SO THAT MEANS EVEN GOING TO CHURCH ITS OVER?. The Bible says do not STOP GATHERING as the BEHAVIOUR of some PEOPLE. NEVER PUT GOD IN A BOX. GOD IS POWERFUL.

    • You are the same people who mislead the nation. Cholera is not a spiritual disease and the moment you learn to differentiate the two the better you will become. I am one who prefers to take bold and practical steps as opposed to just praying and hoping for answers which are not guaranteed to come..

    • Iwe we are all Christians. God can cure all diseases, but remember the lepers. It had to take Jesus to go and cure them. Faith is required to heal, and faith is given by God. Not too many people can muster that kind of healing faith. As of now let us follow the government directive. BARS need to be closed too.

  37. The devil is at play. The church is the solution here. We need God’s interventions and you close churches while bars are operating. So sad indeed

  38. Let the pastors record their sermons and the rest can download from their homes. This is a difficult time and it calls for difficult measures to be taken unfortunately….

  39. I was very upset hearing the leadership in our CATHOLIC faith advising us to go to church but shorten the time of worshiping as if contamination is governed by the length of time. In my opinion, they did not want to loose out on MUTULO. The church would rather loose a soul than not collect the Mutulo. SHAME on the churches in general that defied the directives. Others are doing the unnecessary in darkness as if the bacteria fears the dark.

  40. From the comments coming over the Bishops good advice, I can see that Zambia is not dealing with small demons any more. Time to work up Pastors. This land is more infested! Hate is on top of things now. Persecution is not any far from what our eyes can see.

    • Pastor, i would like to debate you whenever you are ready. Our comments have nothing to do with hate BUT simple FACTS..If you are going to claim that you are able to see something i cannot see, then please provide the series of steps that you took so that i can equally take them and get to the place where i can see what you see vis a vis persecution….I also beg to differ on your assumption that there are big demons in Zambia..I think the country is now getting learned and starting to understand why things are the way they are…And it is because the pastors are now not only failing to give convincing explanations BUT also failing to live the life they preach themselves THAT we are beginning to realise that ITS REALLY ABOUT MONEY……JUST MONEY….

  41. Fake pastor. You mean you can’t see the reason for the ban? If you can’t then go take a swim in a sewer pond.

  42. Some of our Music is full of “Fyanunka”. Has this Kununka caught up with us? How has this embarrassing situation caught up with us? In the 20th Century? Beware what you wish for. It may just catch up with you.

  43. “I am a God who is everywhere and not in one place only”. Jeremiah 23:23.
    Ba Mulenga, speak the truth. Its the OFFERINGS which are at Stake.

  44. Ba Bishop why are you resisting a noble course? That’s why people are accusing the clergy of more interested in money than the spiritual and health well being of their followers! Good move by government full stop

    • And you wonder why we’ve cholera year in year out? With such clergy in our midst who are ready to operate in filthy environment it’s no wonder.

  45. The anoucement was not done in privacy. All those concerned should have sought redress with the authorities. However, chose to simply to break the directive. Working together means obeying our leaders.

  46. I remember how Alice Lenshina convinced her congregants that they would fly. …and they jumped. ..nobody survived the fall from high buildings but they still continued to jump. She told them to face the bullets from the guns fired by Zambia Army. …they were killed although Lenshina had assured them that bullets would turn into water. ..they continued to face the bullets and continued to die. That’s how dangerous religious people can be.

  47. I see so many comments about church this and church that… But muslims, hindus, sikhs and all the other religions have continued gathering as usual. Bottom line is that the law must not be selective otherwise it may look like an attack on a certain group of people…

    • Which muslims are meeting? Even in Kitwe they’re not meeting. Afterall muslims are very clean. Any time they are doing something they have to wash their feet and hands. Even in death they don’t allow dirt that’s why they clean the intestines of the dead before putting his body in the grave.

  48. Do not put God to test.Public gathering rapidly increase the spread of Cholera. Pastor, are you worried about lost offerings.?Care for your people and they will give you more.Besides, churches nowadays is like investment (business )

  49. In Tanzania, President Mafuguli has closed five churches for being critical of his government. In Zambia churches have been advised to rearrange their programs during these trying times. I don’t think this is much to ask unless your entire livelihood depends on Sunday collections.

  50. This bishop’s thinking leaves much to desired. People pray even on radio and the message is put across. I personally see nothing wrong to control movement and gatherings for a while while we are fighting the vice. The government has not said it is going to remain that way for ever. Just be blank and say you gonna miss the riches that you receive at every gathering.


    Due to the Cholera outbreak, this Sunday’s praise and worship is cancelled. I understand many of you will be upset because you’ll be unable to give your tithe. To remedy this, I have instructed the elders to drive and collect the tithes from your homes. God bless you all.

  52. Intellectual.
    Answering your question”If you are going to claim that you are able to see something i cannot see, then please provide the series of steps that you took so that i can equally take them and get to the place where i can see what you see vis a vis persecution”
    I must be quick to borrow the definition of persecution from Wikipedia and it says”Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another individual or group. The most common forms are religious persecution…
    Bishop Eddy Mulenga only asked the state to take the church as partners and not victims in nay battles the state takes. He made mention that the pastor is a communicator. He took time to explain how the church can come in handy. Just look at the majority responses that came through!!…

    • How can they be victims when the state is simply trying to protect its citizens from calamity?Eddie should in fact be in the forefront discouraging his flock from unnecessary gathering.

  53. And why do Christians shy away from debating on any topic attacking the clergy or the church. We must be quick to point the people to the truth. In this case the truth is that tithing to God through the Pastor at a local church is not a sin. actually not tithing is.
    if I have to go to the radio to take my sermons as suggested by others, I will need money. If I have to have food in the House of God, I need money. If I have to join my government to fight cholera I too need money. Among the moneys that come to the church is tithe and offering and any allowable business venture the church can involve in. TITHE is biblical. I don’t even need to go for it. The people must fight to Tithe because its a command.

    • It’s not about tithe it’s about protecting people’s lives. There times when one has to give up something in order to achieve something.

  54. Stop lying ba Bishop. We have had no cholera here in South Africa.
    Why do you want to make yourselves victims? You should just comply with the police. They are trying to help you but you are only seeing Satan in them Yayi mwee

  55. Simple logic, no church service no mutulo and once bars are closed its loss of income to some well known business men. Its just a fight over income period.
    Ba pastor dont use umubili use prayers for if the so powerful God i know he should be able to answer your prayers. The bible says mulebela bakateka benu pano samba lya calo. Shame and follow the bible and stop fighting the government.

  56. Why not offer the church and temporally turn it into a cholera treatment centre in your area bishop? That would a great service to the nation in times like this!

  57. Ndanje Khakis ,
    I guess that’s what it means to be partners with the state. if the state says stop gathering because of cholera, the pastors will communicate to the membership of the need not to assemble even more than that the reasons behind and also how to help get the cholera situation handled effectively. This is what partnership means.This is what Bishop EM meant.
    Am sure every pastor in the cholera epicenters headed to the call last Sunday and did like wise. The church supports the government because you can not fight the people you pray for. To pray for leadership of the government is biblical.

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