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Sunday Chanda cautions people against deliberately misunderstanding what Alexander Chikwanda wrote


Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda
PATRIOTIC Front (PF) media director, Sunday Chanda has cautioned against attempts by some sections of society to deliberately misunderstand what former Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda was raising in his insightful article.

Mr Chanda said that those who wished to scratch the surface would miss the gist of his argument.

He said that as a senior member of the ruling party and member of the Central Committee, Mr Chikwanda continued to speak wisdom into the movement, to guide and correct.

Mr Chanda said PF was a learning organisation and soul searching was a critical component on this journey of service delivery to the Zambian people.

“There are those who are banking on a cracked PF but these will have a rude awakening as the Party mobilises itself for greater strength and unity in 2018 and beyond. For PF, revisiting our founding ideals is key to the effective execution of our responsibilities as the ruling party and that’s the role institutional memory resident in accomplished politicians such as Mr Chikwanda comes to play,” Mr Chanda said.

Mr Chikwanda stated in his article that the nation needed a moral crusade to entrench awareness that there was more to life than material trappings.

Mr Chikwanda said that the nation should seriously reflect on the moral erosion which engulfs the entire society.

“As a country, we should seriously reflect on the moral erosion which engulfs the entire society. The country is inexorably becoming a moral and intellectual vacuum as we all embellish, recycle and glamourise worn out slogans, clichés and myths,” he said.

Mr Chikwanda also said that churches should embrace deeper morality than inadvertently jumping on the corruption bandwangons


  1. It is accepted that you are the party spin doctor, but don’t insult the intelligence of the Zambians by attempting to determine and limit what they should think or deduce from Chikwanda’s article. You can not inhibit the thinking of the people and you cannot appoint yourself arbiter of Mr. Chikwanda’s thoughts. See where that attitude got Gobbels in Hitler’s Germany of Chemical Ali in Saddam’s Iraq?? You can choose to learn from history or not, you have the prerogative.

    • Iwe ka Chanda talk about corruption that has rocked your party and has contributed to the cholera outbreak and leave shikulu Chikwanda alone. That’s what matters now

    • What intelligence of Zambians when the so-called intelligentsia spend all the their time insulting on social media.

    • What, “seriously reflect on the moral erosion which engulfs the entire society”, you planted the seed. Who has been in the forefront of alleged corrupt tenders from plot 1 repairs, airport renovations, huge gratifications from companies that printed and minted the new Zambian currency etc.

    • Ati “Mr Chikwanda stated in his article that the nation needed a moral crusade to entrench awareness that there was more to life than material trappings.” Who was he talking to? Certainly not ordinary Zambians struggling for enough food to eat every day? Maybe the corrupt, incompetent PF thieves that all have three cars and many houses, along with fat bank balances like EDGAR CHOLERA LUNGU that went from nothing to TWENTY MILLION in one year!
      Sunday Chanda, we understand what he was saying. He was repeating what Kambwili, Malusa and Kalaba have just told us – PF is a party of LOOTERS! Led by the CHIEF THIEF, ECL.

  2. so U Think we didn’t read between the lines, then you have to summarize the lecture hahaha..good student. I for one didnt finish reading the article it was too long and he used alot of big words. Well thus not my point , but can the hear the presidential petition please

  3. What exactly has this moron articulated here? If you have nothing to say, better stay put, instead of spewing your ignorance just to look relevant. Its you who is lost, who failed to comprehend the context in which that article was written. In your usual reckless and sarcastic demeanor , you want to twist what was written to fit into your small agenda and skull. Chikwanda has come to a realization that stolen wealth brings more misery than comfort and he belabored to bring this to PF’s attention but like always , to you everything is political. Have some sense of shame for once and digest what was written before you make us more furious.

  4. Is this rottenness in thinking, the best the PF can offer? Chikwanda’s article was a disaster; this one, a catastrophe.

  5. Chikwanda is trying to blame the police what a shame. The police are given orders and money by your failed party to brutalize the opposition and the public. Where are your cadres they should be helping to clean the city but knowing Kamba cadres will resurrect when it will be time to allocate trading spaces in the new trading places. No more street vending please. Corruption everywhere even in the wake of cholera. Ati bars must operate because owners have bills to settle what nonsense just because the minister has a night club in Kabwata.

  6. Will think what we want to think and we shall conclude how ever we wish.
    The question still likes why you trying so hard to direct our thoughts away from corruption.
    Corruption made rupiah Banda to lose not that the economy was bad.

  7. Sunday Chanda if Chikwanda wants to advise Lungu, he knows where to find him. Why address him through the press? Chikwanda is nothing but a man who contributed to making Zambia what it is today. 20 years or so full of cholera, zero healthy secure country. Chikwanda is part of the problem. We have been hearing from Chikwanda when he was in UNIP, MMD and PF. I will not be surprised to hear he is part of NDC.

  8. Well, intercity flooded by cadres calling each other commanders with radios. Why and where are we going as a nation? My heart bleeds whenever I see unrulyness, is this the PF we voted? The law is in their hands, they control intercity people are beaten everyday, harassed with no reason, properties are searched out, made to roll in mud for no reason. Where is out police officers, the IG. Why? Mother Zambia, aishhhhh too bitter. The country of some of us. Who regulate communication in Zambia? Ba zicta why those radios? Is it another army? Or police? Tell us. It is too much. No one could say he hasn’t seen them. Please let’s treasure our mother Zambia. Do we have law enforcers in Zambia to protect the public from those gangsters?

  9. The Zambians’ affinity for politicians who are bereft of any progressive ideas in unsurpassed! Look at Chikwanda’s pathetic quest of dressing up a pig in lipstick, only a fellow Northern Janjaweed can swallow such vile shootcum!

  10. It is Sunday Chanda who didn’t understand who didn’t understand uncle Chikwanda hence he was tattering in his attempt to defend what he least understands the little man Chanda.

  11. Mr. Chanda, have you considered that majority of Zambians cannot lower their intellect to your and CROOKED sen!le imbec!le Chikwanda level?

  12. Come with “clean hands”. Don’t blow smoke up our nether regions and orifices. ABC was is is as corrupt as they come. The deals, appointments that he effected and affected as minister facilitated corruption, vice, pillaging, looting and gross abuse of office by his cronies and relatives. NOW, he wants to play wise sage and saint? F him and all his clap trap. Its OK to throw out the baby with the bath water this time.

    • Your dumb argument is akin to a Nazi official telling a Jew that Nazi Germany wasn’t bad because they inspired the creation of the Volkswagen and turned Bavarian motor works BMW from an aircraft to a car maker. Maybe, pol pot wasn’t such a bad guy, he let several people live during the “killing fields” time.

  13. Hey chanda, was the genius idea of closing down factories also good, especially that it allowed for people to go into street vending of cholera ridden food?

    What kind of thinking do yo do? I suggest that you live in the ghetto on K2500 for 19 months. Then come with your convoluted thinking.

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