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Chambeshi water and sewerage company pledges to install more water pipes in Luwingu District


The Chambeshi water and sewerage company ( CWSC ) says it will this year install water pipes in a bid to supply clean and safe drinking water in Luwingu District of the northern province.

Chambeshi water and sewerage district coordinator Sunny Banda disclosed this during the cholera epidemic preparedness meeting held at the council chamber yesterday.

Mr. Banda noted that Chelstone compound especially has had no piped water and the community in the area draws water from the contaminated shallow wells and the nearby contaminated streams.

He assured the epidemic preparedness committee that the company will start installing piped water in Chelstone compound within the period of 29 days.

Mr. Banda said the move will help the Luwingu town council to burry contaminated wells in order to reduce water borne related cases such as diarrhea and dysentery.

And Luwingu district commissioner Patrick Chanda has appealed to chambeshi water and sewerage company to constantly supply water to avoid water borne toilets from being contaminated when they is erratic supply.

He called on the village headmen to also sensitize their subordinates to ensure that personal hygiene is highly observed in their localities.

Mr. Chanda said that village headmen and their subordinates should adhere to preventive measures such as washing their hands whenever they have used the toilets, boil drinking water, cover their foods and avoid overcrowding.

Meanwhile Mr. Chanda has instructed health inspectors to inspect bars, restaurants and guest houses to check on the sanitary conditions and recommend for closure of premises that are unfit for public use.

He warned that those who will not comply with the instruction will have their business premises closed because the move is aimed at avoiding cholera and any other diarrhea outbreaks.

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