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Harry Kalaba is holistically impotent-Dora Siliya


MINISTER of Agriculture, Hon. Dora Siliya
MINISTER of Agriculture, Hon. Dora Siliya

Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya says former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba is a holistically impotent man whose claims of corruption in government are baseless.

Ms Siliya told Journalists in Lusaka that Mr Kalaba’s resignation was an effort to justify his welcome resignation.

“Harry Kalaba is damaging his own reputation which is fast fading out”, she said.

She said it is extremely disheartening that Mr. Kalaba is beginning to have delusions on corruption in government without substantiating his blanket claims, which are only damaging his already fading reputation.

Ms. Siliya says it is unbecoming for people that held senior government positions like Mr. Kalaba and Mr Chishimba Kambwili trying to gain popularity by disparaging the same government that has helped them get to where they are.

“I knew those guys (Kalaba and Kambwili) before PF formed government, they were extremely poor to say the least”, she said.

Ms. Siliya added that she remains hopeful that Mr. kalaba would reflect and desist from disparaging his former colleagues.

She has since called for decency when dealing with government matters.

“Its annoying that these former PF members are insulting the Head of State. Some of them are tempering with their already fading political popularity no wonder some people allergy that they are holistically impotent”, she claimed.


    • Dora should have been the last person to say this, we haven’t for gotten your involvement in the Rap-Green deal, the raider equipment for airports and the recent Zambia-Malawi maize scandal.

    • When Smart Center (Clothing Store) was about to close due to bad debtors, Dora Siliya was on the list of defaulting customers that was published. In short, she couldn’t even afford to clothe herself before joining politics. In countries with morals she wouldn’t have been allowed to serve in any Govt Position.

      – Today she’s a multi-$-millionaire through corruption & rampant looting. A few years ago, her teenage son was found with over K2 Billion in his account.
      – She has properties in Midstream Estate in Joburg & other unknown locations.


    • We now know who the rotten eggs are in this PF government. This Dora Siliya is one of them. She is corruption on two. She speaks corruption, and breathes it.

    • Careful how you talk about morally upright men (yes Dora they exist even though you have no idea about morals), because nimu rain season muno so you might catch cholera or lightning will strike you.

    • B!tch please! We all know you are just a loud month, thief and a pro-hooker! Non of the men in your life can match up to Harry Kalaba’s dignity and caliber.

    • Kiki these maroons first they started with the slogan DICTATOR and have realised it’s not working for them. They have quickly jumped onto CORRUPTION chorus in the hope that it will won them some favours but also looks like it’s an exercise in futile. When corruption story fades away I wonder what is next on the list. Initially it was chakolwa then came vision less kikii these cretins have no strategy.

    • @Ken, I’m disappointed that you call Dora’s ill-gotten wealth “sharp”. That’s why Zambia is poor. You praise someone stealing from you.

      – Corruption in LAP-Green scandal is NOT sharpness. London high-court has ordered Zambian taxpayer to pay LAP-green $380-million.
      – Corruption in the RADAR tender award is NOT sharpness
      – Using bottom power is NOT sharpness
      – Swindling a neighboring country of relief maize is NOT sharpness
      – Corruption at FRA is NOT sharpness
      – Corruption from Crude – Oil supply deals is NOT sharpness. The cost of bribes is passed on to you.

      Mark my words, she’ll be broke within 1 year of leaving office. Even when Sata came into power, she got broke. Ill-gotten money does NOT last.

    • Dora Siliya, we all know your silly dark side of you all the way from UNZA. Please, don’t let me unload everything over here because the Millennials will spit on you. You’re better off shutting off your c*** s****** mouth.

    • Do even remember the late Sarah Mubanga, she gave me all the good info and it will never die because I’m about to let it out because that’s how you want. Long live Kalaba as we’re behind you.

    • Kalaba is clean with no cobwebs in his closet whereas you Dora have been linked to so many issues to do with broad-day light theft and corruption!

      Leave Kalaba alone!

  1. This is annoying for the imported dora to make such comments.
    She claims to have known kambwili & kalaba as poor guys before PF government . That’s the explanation she should asking for rather than asking them to keep quiet

  2. Bottom Power is able to be a Minister for sleeping with President’s from Chiluba to the Great Leader of this great nation. So Father Bwalya needs to give her a Red Card.

  3. You know what, if I had a record like Dora, i would be ashamed to attack anyone’s character. Especially in such bad taste.

    Some free advice to PF. Most of us can see the corruption in this government. We see in the awarding of contracts, we see it in the AG report, we see it in how some people who where poor just yesterday suddenly have millions which they haven’t worked for, we experience corruption when we go looking for business or seek services, we see how land is being given to he Chinese and a few PF officials.
    Attacking a man who is raiding genuine concerns gives the impression that you are unwilling to address the issues or change. This will be your legacy PF. The government that plundered and destroyed a promising middle income country

  4. Dora, we know you go to expensive hospitals. We know you are living in luxury. We know if you have kids they go to expensive schools. All because you are in this government. But before you say some rubbish, when people red flag corruption in PF, I would like you to spare a thought for the more than 90 women from your home province who died in childbirth last year, due to disgustingly poor maternal health services. I ask you to spare a thought for the people in the kombonis who have no toilets but us shake shake packs to do their business. Think of the kids who will never see a classroom and those that do will never really amount to much because of a sadly broken education system. Think of the fact that if only corruption in PF and MMD(chiluba and banda) would have been avoided, some of…

  5. The pf government is going no were believe me some leaders will not evem reach 2021, because God is not happy with them i can see top man geting mad.

    • What will happen to your preferred candidate if he dies before 2021 because it’s by God’s grace that we are all alive today…

  6. Kalaba performed extremely well as foreign minister. Everyone with ears and eyes knows this. lt is only PF with their rented crowds that cannot see that. Dora, we need the e-vouchers activated. This is January and the majority of farmers have not yet acquired their farming in-puts. ln Luapula province, where Kalaba comes from, rains started in September and most farmers have given up ever planting their fields this farming season. Mrs Blondie, please leave Kalaba alone and concentrate on your work.

  7. What is this sperm chamber ranting about, can she compare herrself to Harry kalaba? Kalaba has not been implicated in any scandal since he became minister, but for her it is scandal after scandal please give us a break Dora slit zambia open!

  8. Look at who is talking. Dora is simply confirming what Kalaba is saying. She has a track record of corruption as long as my arm. She should be the last person to talk otherwise she is just confirming what Kalaba is saying. Anyone who can’t see the current corruption is either an imbecile or a terrible comedian.

  9. There is time for everything. On the other hand how do these people call corruption allegations baseless when they have not tried to investigate the claims that people have pointed out. My prayer is that when the truth comes out all alleged corruption property be seized. How can people be so selfish and greedy without shame.

  10. who is talking ?Dora siliti siliya.This woman should be ashemed.Anyway i can’t talk too much about coz she is not worthy of westing time.please Kalaba alone ba Dora before it’s too late for you.Yo president is corrupt period.He has failed to deliver.We PF members don’t want him to stand in 2021 period.

  11. What is this sperm chamber ranting about, can she compare herrself to Harry kalaba? Kalaba has not been implicated in any scandal since he became minister, but for her it is scandal after scandal please give us a break Dora slit zambia open!

  12. You crooked us our own business when you were energy minister. We brought investors in Zambia and submitted energy proposal to the Permanent Secretary of energy Brigadier General Chola including solar farm. You started having meeting with Zesco and eventually to state house and those people come straight to meet the president. Your young brother in Johannesburg who can even convince investors and they bought you air tickets to Johannesburg. Crooking hard working ibdegenious Zambians with your brother George and Walker.

  13. Your young brother George who can’t convince investors, but a drunkard. Shut up Dora Slit. Am not saying Harry Kalaba is clean, but you are worse and don’t deserve to comment Dora Slit as ba Sata Called you

    • Harry Kalaba is clean. He is a gentleman and a principled person. Dora liule. She does blue jobs to remain in ministerial positions.

  14. I have few words for Dora. Here in Luapula we dearly respect Kalaba for obvious reasons. Kalaba among few others that are in your brother’s government and the late Willy Nsanda put their necks on the line to fight for your brother against Scott and his minions. You were not there. Your provincial Minister Nickson Chilangwa was near your brother for he identified himself with the Sampas team. But even then Kalaba and other straight forward thinking PF members pleaded with us in Luapula to honor the late great son of the soil. You were not there. Therefore, if you know what is good for you and your brother, keep quiet. By the way we do not need Kalaba to tell us that corruption is very evident now because it is written on the wall. Indeed if you knew Kalaba and Kabwili, where does it leave…

  15. Without focusing on Dora’s private life, without focusing on the baseless accusations (Radars, Malawi maize), she is correct to say “it is extremely disheartening that Mr. Kalaba is beginning to have delusions on corruption in government without substantiating his blanket claims, which are only damaging his already fading reputation…”
    The truth is time is fast running out for these characters to validate their claims. Kambwili has already let the nation down by failing to pinpoint one case of corruption. Is Harry going to go the same path as Kambwili disappoint the nation as well???? Is Dora on point to call these less than dignified persons “holistically impotent”?????

    • @Monkey Fountain
      Don’t allow him to annoy you! He is a defender of corruption. spare him, leave him to God, he is worse than kapoli!

    • @Monkey: Insults are a sign of little grey matter between your ears. It shows you cannot argue objectively by putting up your points and opinions intelligently. Sorry you were born that way.

  16. Theres corruption in almost all PF transactions. Its a pity you keep being defensive about the truth which implies you are not doing anything about it. RB’s era all over again when whatever the people spoke did not matter except what the likes of Doras were whispering to RB. Awarding the Ndola Kitwe dual carriage way road project to a cadre with no machinery to construct even a dusty road then have the same cadre subcontract the Chinese is CORRUPTION! Infact if we had the old Post digging deeper all these would have been exposed because alot of projects especially from RDA have been given to cadres with no capacity to execute the contracts. Stop being defensive, face reality and do the right thing for Zambia!

  17. Kalaba perfomed extremely well as Foreign Affairs Minister. Dora Siliya is the worst performing Minister as she has lamentably failed agriculture. She is a disastor though she may be good at dununa reverse, a skill she has been known for that makes it easy for her to be warded positions. Dora has no moral right to insult married men who are highly respected. Dora has no morals who doesn’t know her anyway?

  18. I thought that she would talk about something to do with army worms and how the CDF is going to be shared between fighting chorela and army worms.Koswe nabola hence cholera and worms.

  19. Cry my beloved country infested with rats and now cholera . Dora’s case on corruptions has died a natural death because of the big rat .Dora you and your God father went to Dubai supposedly to learn how to grow crops or should we just say to take some self portraits and stay in expensive hotels .Would be kind to enough to tell poor tax payers what has come of that trip because it is now the rain season and you are expected to implement what you leant . If you can not answer that I will help you .The answer is cholera and government running like headless chickens pretending to sort out cholera resulting from careless spending ,unnecessary trips .Your boss when he was eating a mango he asked why we import mangos from South Africa when can grow our own in Zambia .Remind us what his…

  20. What gives this cheap bootlicker who presents like a slut out of Chez Nthemba the moral high ground to criticize a man whose conscience could not allow him to continue serving in a syndicate of thieves? Corruption, ineptitude and indecency has dogged her political career. She is the same failed minister that the late PF founder/president called Dora Slit for her character and must turn in his grave that she now speaks from a PF platform to castigate one of the early members of his party! There must be some psychological explanation for the blonde hair she put on her head, for all her education!

  21. @ Zambian citizen you are spot on. We have heard people calling others being corrupt it be government or opposition in case of HH with the selling of the mines. The saddening thing is that not a single claim can be substantiated in any court of law. We just a bunch of noise makers.

  22. Ba Dora, you MMD guys are a let down.You knew that PF was driving us into HIPC but you chose to serve your stomachs and not the poor Zambians. If you genuine about serving the people of Petauake you could have stood as an Independent. I have no respect for you guys

  23. My comment lets look at real issues now, ARMY WORMS and Cholera. Pease Dora give us a break ! WE need serious leaders not this jumping on the gun just to be heard. Talk , Talk wont take us anywhere. Dora just keep quite !!

  24. The word impotent can also be used to describe a person who is unable to take action, helpless or powerless. Now that you know please erase the notion that it only applies to sex. Dora is a learned person and none of the daily bloggers can match her Understanding English and usage.

  25. This bed wetting woman has gone mad. She one pair of knickers a few years ago and now she is boasting. Where did she earn all her wealth? Corruption! The gods are watching!

  26. Ba PF we are completely depleted. Fronting useless Dora Corrupt Koswee as your mouthpiece! She is annoying the people of Luapula. She must have been drunk, she only speaks when she’s high on whisky. Sometimes it’s best to keep quiet Dora. MMD you were voted out, now you are back in public with ‘dutch courage’ running your slippery mouths at us. I wonder the way she loves the word IMPOTENT.

  27. 1. “…the media that have always stood on the lowest moral ground will not improve the governance of our country.”
    2. “As a nation, we need a moral crusade to entrench awareness that there is more to life than material trappings. Churches should embrace deeper morality than inadvertently jumping on the corruption bandwagons. To pray and give glory to God is a sacrosanct duty and obligation but churches must not wittingly or inadvertently allow fake profession to prayer as a means to escapism.”
    3. “I have heard some uncharitable comments on social media about Hon. Dora Siliya. Yet Dora is cerebral, quick on the uptake and committed.”


    • are you the one who committed corruption? he has a mouth to answer for himself. and the civil servants he blamed for corruption, can also answer for themselves.

    • Yes, He is Corrupt and when he says it’s civil servants who are committing corruption, what is he implying? Did he preside over corrupt civil servants, and kept quiet? how unpatriotic and fuuulishness! corruption minded people never reported corruption. a corruption blame shift to civil servants is one cheap political rhetoric. ‘Those of have evidence go to ACC’ are the words once uttered by one unpatriotic president. For all, I know Zambian politics are for people who have no shame. It’s fine to accumulate wealth, but let’s show what service we provided, the product we created and took to the market. The other point from ABC was that PF popularity is plummeting, however, at which rate I do not know. Failures in secular careers and winners in cheap politiks of depleted systems. ACC…

    • Deep down we know we lack the institutions and personnel to fight white collar crime. So we have resorted to media attacks on individuals we don’t like-a craft that was perfected by Fred and his cabal of criminals that infiltrated and hijacked govt. for their selfish means. It is they that brainwashed gullible people like you into believing they are fighting corruption but deep down they knew we don’t have institutional capacity!! Look at your country of residence?? They have specialized police units, the Public Protector, specialized Judicial units, well trained prosecutors who have put the Zuma led govt. under pressure and are winning court cases on corruption-tangible work not media speculations; All because they put a progressive constitution in place way back in 1994. The onus is…

    • …on us citizens to push the govt. to reform our obsolete ZP, enact progressive clauses in our new constitutions and modernize institutions like ACC, DEC. To me, ECL deserves credit for enacting the new constitution, which is a starting point as this constitution is quite progressive. Corruption in the media will never move this country forward, what we need is convictions for every citizen to see.

    • There goes defender of corruption tagging others as “brainwashed gullible ”
      teach your president about corruption. It a moral aspect, have respect for public funds. Every government transaction today is flawed. ati..modernizing ACC, DEC, ZP, what aspect of modernization are you referring to? ACC was a working system, barely few years down, it is a total defunct. at MMD and PF. Work hard you kwindis. free your fingers from public resources. Ba koswee kwindi muli economy.

    • You see what I mean that you don’t get it?? You see when I say you are gullible?? You believe all the lies media like post newspaper has fed you over the years. You don’t understand why countries like America have gone through the processes to create institutions like FBI. You don’t even understand what a powerful document the constitution is. You prefer to believe the hype the media and its sinister controllers is feeding your mind. Take time to read the constitution and the history of our nation. It might, it might, maybe open your mind….

    • hahahah Look at you very gullible! So you mean we do not have similar structures of FBI in Zambia? Where do you hail from? Zambia to us characterized by corruption, and those who defend corruption are morally bankrupt. I will drop you my contact details so that we can discuss for the sake of my country.

  28. The problem with UPND supporters they insults and condemn anyone,as long as ,it’s HH not talking. Insults really will not take HH to state house, the best you can do is STOP insults, head speech,condemnation and hatred. learn to provide CHECK & BALANCE issues to win the HEARTS of people for 2021.Mind you voting in ZAMBIA is not based on WHAT MOST of you people THINK, it’s based on TRIBAL and REGIONAL politics.This was so EVEN after general elections on two occasions, where PF won by-elections on their strongholds and UPND won on their strongholds.This trend , if we study it very carefully, has COME to stay forever with the coming in of 50 + 1.The politics of national unity is what can help UPND to win general elections not politics of HATRED .STOP politics of HATRED especially UPND…

    • They insult because of frustrations realising that their Supreme Leader HH is lowly rated by the majority Zambians in PF strong holds hence he has no chance to garner the 50+1 votes in Zambia…

  29. “She said it is extremely disheartening that Mr. Kalaba is beginning to have delusions on corruption in government without substantiating his blanket claims, which are only damaging his already fading reputation.”

    It’s disheartening for the minister of agriculture to use these kind words to describe Mr Kalaba.

    What Mr. Kalaba, needs to do compiles all newspaper articles and then sit down and challenge all those who are coming to attack him for the decision to leave the post. We need to respect Mr. Kalaba’s, conscience and service to his country.

    Ati, nkomaila nondo paliubulema.

    For the IMF to refuse to give us funds, that means there’s a big problem in the country.

    Some people look at the government as an opportunity to give Service to the people and some is to…

    • As alluded by Mr. Chikwanda, the media (we all know who was king of the media, the single most influential newspaper that spanned the length and breath of the country-Fred Mumembe) has twisted truths to suit their individual/cartel agendas. You D. Chisebwe and many weak minded and gullible people have unfortunately fallen victim to this vice. The same group of characters behind Miles Sampa’s fall from grace are the same ones who were having dark corner meetings with Harry and the President got wind of it. Harry is less than noble and his resignation is fake as he knew he was on the list of those to be fired. It is these same characters who have masterminded the “corruption” smear campaign, the dictatorship propaganda, the RB “corruption” propaganda. OPEN YOUR EYES, BROTHER.

  30. Shame,shame Dora it confirms that you’re a deadly birch who thought Harry could fall for you even if you opened your naked legs,never insult a noble’re not a type to arouse an erection for a normal man,,,,, sorry!!!

  31. I am surprised that Dora could say bad things about Kalaba whom the majority of Zambians respect a lot. He represented Zambia professionally and diligently. Assuming you did his job who would have embarrassed this country because of your carelessness in the way you handle your legs. You are coming from the background of scandals in Banda’s regime were corruption was the in ting. We know you are trying to save your tribe man but Kalaba is ours, please stop. you have seen the way the bembas work..there is cholera in zambia and our man is briefing us all the time and busy to put things right.. in your case there was army worms , you ran away to the USA with someone’s husband and expected some one to do the job for you.Its blood is thicker than water otherwise you were supposed to be…


    • Nigga Nature… the way things are unfolding I doubt it if Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu will even be president before 2021, people are annoyed and we may just end up having an early election before 2021, watch this space. We have a Govt that is not listening to the people and what is coming will shock everyone. We are sitting on a time bomb .

  33. Dora siliti have you read the comments above?Most if not all are against you apart from two morons, zambian citizen and Ih. Please don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house or don’t start bush fires if you live in a thatched house kikikiki! Harry Kalaba is way above you in all spheres so respect his decision. What is wrong with you?

  34. Dora was Deputy Ambassador to Egypt. We know her dirty life in that country.

    Leave Harry alone or we shall spill the beans. As for CK, he was “rich” by our standards in the 1990s. I knew his late Elder brother Chishimba.

    Dora lives in a glass house and should therefore not throw stones.

  35. The first question is; Why is Dora actually in government? Secondly, when did Kalaba become ‘holistically impotent’? As soon as he resigned or all along? Anyone who leaves PF is suddenly a rogue and an enemy. I know they have been ‘eating together’, but when one is full or decides they cannot exist with a bunch of thieves anymore, at least they assume some honour. What a pathetic moron Dora is, and from a pathetic regime. Ask Dora to state in a few sentences what Zambia’s Agricultural policy is – then wait until the cows come home for an answer, let alone a coherent one.

  36. When Madam Nawakwi called Chiluba a thief, people showed her with all sorts of terrible bad words as usual with ZAMBIANS.Do you remember what happened?

  37. I second the motion! HH is impotent too he cannot function as a president! He has no teeth to cut! He cannot win. He must go back to Monze and settle, become a cattle raiser and milk. He will do better at that.

  38. Hon. Dora Siliya, to say that Harry is holistically impotent is being simplistic. It would be good and honorable to focus and address the issue at hand while using sound language.

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