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HH says he is not setting any conditions for dialogue

General News HH says he is not setting any conditions for dialogue

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has emphasized that he is not setting any conditions before participating in the much talked about political dialogue.

The UPND Leader tells QTV News in a statement that he is very willing and availability to participate in the upcoming dialogue process.

Mr. Hichilema believes that the only way for political leaders to resolve issues affecting the country is through genuine and unconditional dialogue.

Mr. Hichilema has also agreed with the stance of the three church mother bodies namely Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ), Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB), and the Christian Council of Zambia (CCZ) that there is too much corruption in the PF Government.

He says there is no doubt that a lot of resources which could have been deployed in the social and productive sectors such as health, education, farming and others, have been looted in broad daylight.

He adds that this looting amounts to economic sabotage.

The UPND Leader says he is also vindicated that corruption is being tolerated with impunity at all levels of Government.


  1. We will attend to you later Mr dialogue, right now now we have cholera to tackle.

    But when we come back to you after successfully combating cholera, next week hopefully, please be ready with specific allegations and evidence otherwise shut your beak you and others. Surely it should be very easy to cite specific cases and individuals, corruption is carried by people at several levels.

    • You and Valentine Chitalu rooted Zambia during the privatization era when you criminally profiteered with impunity. Say that to the family of miners in Luanshya who lost beloved ones without benefits as you connived with the Binani mafias. You have the blood of thousands on your head. Your greediness killed MP Cameroon Pwele the last defender of State Enterprise and miners. As if mines were not enough, with your fellow Graveyard dance Mukuni you under valued Livingstone Hotels only to be awarded shares by your Boers masters. Thats not the leadership we need even if PF were to be kicked out.

    • If anything the PF performance since 2011 should be rated against the Cholera outbreak. 7 years in power the PF and their supporters should ashamed that all they have to show is a cholera out break. This outbreak is as a result of many dysfunctional systems. A president who is clueless, non functional Ministry of Local govt resulting in lawlessness as seen in street vending and conduct of mini bus drivers. Useless Ministry of Water and sanitation….unprecedented corruption!

    • PF have been calling for a dialogue within their own party, all to no avail. Why? It’s because of hidden and conflicting agendas. I pray that they will be able to conduct a constructive and productive dialogue with the opposition. It would seem, there is a critical shortage of fidelity within PF.

  2. Akainde, maybe I missed the news, when did the three church mother bodies talk about too much corruption in government?
    So now you have changed your mind about joining the fight against cholera, you dont have a stable mind do you? Now that is your problem but leave us to fight cholera for now please our people are dying. One wonders whether you are related to both cholera and corruption, you love them so much like your siblings.

    • It is sad that in 2018 people can be chose to be this ignorant like the UPND cadre above. The Church released a Report two days ago and it was scathing. To say we are fighting cholera and not address the root cause (and we must be clear cholera is as a result of Chimbwi No Plan PF ) is pathetic

    • You also Cadre! How do you expect HH to talk about cholera when he is asked about the dialogue? This is why PF is failing – you cannot tackle issues one at a time. Running a nation requires multitasking. All systems must go at same time.

    • Mr UPND Cadre, the news was on your ZNBC main news last night or the other.
      Consult or research before you show your cadre-ism ignorance.

  3. HH please give the country a break. There is time for everything under the sun and I don’t think your refusal to move on must affect the whole country! There’s a republican president in place and we’re almost half way through his term. Let’s meet in 2021 if you’re still interested.

  4. The two embec!les above, go back into the jungle where you belong. We are civilized people here. Twaumfwana?

  5. But, where are we on the Petition?

    It is futile to dialogue with the PF Cholora, probably if it were the PF Sata.

    The PF-Cholera are killing the people of Zambia with diseases because of vanity. They are failung to manage health Regulations for fear of losing popularity – now there is cholera!

    • There is no petition on elections in any Court in Zambia. HH is deliberately cheating you. The matter was thrown by the CC because HH failed to prove his case within the stipulated 14 days. The best way for you is to ask HH why he failed.

      Why can’t you guys understand this simple matter and move on. Just focus on 2018. Too much cow dung affects thinking.

    • @Panda: …kwekwekwe….and he will be sworn in by the upnd Matero ward chairman after the court declares him winner…kwekwekwekwekwekwe….


  7. Are we still talking about that old crap? its clear its not going to happen between you f***s. We have cholera to worry about and not your unrealistic dream.

  8. The dialogue must proceed, regardless of the cholera issue. It can be rescheduled to another country, say SADC HQs or Zombabwe. The cholera issue should now be managed and be an ongoing process to reduce further infection and preserve life. People must be very hygienic and also those that stole from us, must return our money and things. We need to get on with our lives and Mr. HH must see to it that his cadres return our things and money. Their banditry is sabotage and they cannot go on into the dialogue with unclean hands.

    Zambians must not use the Cholera issue to elude accountability . It is the reason I was suspecting that the outbreak was caused on purpose to elude the dialogue. The dialogue is important too,mwe need justice and we are dying of injustice. They are stealing from us…

    • For what? The only civil war I can see in Zambia is Zambians vs Cholera. Let’s all dialogue with cholera so that peace can come to our land. 2021 is just around the corner and you want to dialogue.

  9. But HH is a big problem!
    Where did the Church mother body say that there is corruption in PF Govt? The story I saw said that the three church mother bodies spokesperson talked about corruption in Govt right from Independence to date. The problem with Zambians we don’t read. HH simply saw the screaming headline and wend on with his “cow slaughter dance”

  10. HH has no conditions for dialogue…but PF has one condition; HH must write a letter stating that;

    “President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was dully elected by the people of Zambia and he is the President of Zambia.
    I HH hereby acknowledge and accept that President Lungu is my President’

    HH – Up & Down President…

  11. What’s is this nonsense called “dialogue” . What are they going to dialogue about? Even after 2021 someone will be talking about dialogue. You want to president? That’s all I can imagine this cow called dialogue would be about…you and Esau Chulu stole my vote, so give me my presidency…what else. I can’t imagine.

  12. Even if we used the South African system where a party with more representation in parliament forms government and its leader becomes national president HH was still going to lose and asking for dialogue.

  13. If you behave, that circus you call dialogue may not even be necessary. What can come out of discussions with the likes of Daniel Pule, Freedom Sikazwe, Cosmo Mumba, Edwin Sakala and others on one hand, then HH, Mulongoti, Milupi, Siakalima, Tekere William Banda, etc on the other? Then Nawakwi and Ganjaman Sinkamba in the middle and General Miyanda at the corner waiting to surprise everyone? Just start mobilizing for 2021 and spare us the drama

  14. Supreme Leader HH of the UPND has got nothing to do hence should be ignored for now and the Government should continue to deliver by improving the lives all Zambians as they promised them but should forget about this Dude the noise maker…

  15. If you don’t need the help…even when UN is providing help in terms of food…they label, next time you shall.claim HH doesn’t help out of his money. He has come forth to help and ensure that pipo see that this comes from him…awe fyashupa. You are using CDF and toll gate money while he is using his own. Chashupa futi. Why are Africans like this kanshi?

  16. Breaking news: A Upnd official in one of the mine townships has bolted with his family after failing to pay back money he borrowed too fund the 2016 election campaign. He’d banked on the Upnd to win the election and pay him the experiences. He’s somewhere in Central Province. It’s not fiction it’s a reality.

  17. Petition must be heard. HH should not accept until the courts go through the evidence. If l was HH, l would still not accept nosense.Court should go through evidence not ati 14 days yasila.

  18. #2.1, 2.2, 2.3 – guys I am not a moron like you guys. Of course I heard the joint statement by the church mother bodies and read it all myself. I am simply questioning how Mr Akainde southern koswe has interpreted the statement and how he has selected and even twisted those words which suit him most, like no conditions for dialogue. There is nowhere mentioned cirruption in government but “increasing corruption in the country”. This does not necessarily mean corruption only in government, nor does it vindicate Akainde in any way. The church mother bodies like me, know very well that corruption is everywhere in Zambia including among upnd leaders and members. Among civil servants it is no secret that corruption is as strong among upnd members as their tribalism. I am actually convinced…

  19. To upndees bliggers Contd….I am actually convinced that upnd is actively deliberately promoting corruption on a grand scale among its members in the civil service in order to bring down the government while painting themselves clean. If you doubt me just put names to the Report of Auditor General and you will see how massive that tribal clique is. They are there in all ministries, departments, schools and even clinics. Stinking corrupt and Stealing massively while painting others corrupt. They will stop at nothing to get into power, but they will never succeed without the people whom they are hurting.

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