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PF accuse UPND of politicising Cholera by donating party branded materials


Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has accused the United Party for National Development (UPND) of politicising the outbreak of Cholera in Constituencies by donating politically branded materials.

In a media statement released to the media and signed by the Mrs Mumbi Phiri, Deputy Secretary General, the party said that it was immoral and inhumane for any political party to attempt scoring cheaply on a misfortune such as the Cholera epidemic Zambia is battling with, adding that there must come a time in the life of a nation when people  put politics aside and pull together as a Country.

Below is the full statement



The Patriotic Front is dismayed at the extents to which United Party for National Development (UPND) is ready to go in its quest to prove political relevance. We are aware that UPND seeks to politicise the outbreak of Cholera in Constituencies by donating politically branded materials. It is immoral and inhumane for any political party to attempt scoring cheaply on a misfortune such as the Cholera epidemic Zambia is battling with. There must come a time in the life of a nation when we put politics aside and pull together as a Country.

Further, Patriotic Front commends the combined efforts by Government ministries and cooperating partners, including our men and women in uniform in the management and prevention of the further spreading of Cholera.

In this regard, Patriotic Front is calling for heightened public participation and therefore directs all members to get involved in interventions taking place in their respective communities. In calling for public participation devoid of political partisanship, the Patriotic Front wishes to observe that Cholera outbreaks can spread rapidly, cause many deaths, and quickly become a serious public health issue unless all stakeholders, including all citizens, irrespective of their political affiliation, join in and support interventions Government and other stakeholders have put in place. We must emphasize that it is important for areas that have not yet recorded any Cholera incidence to take preventive measures such as compulsory cleaning involving all members of the public – prevention is better and cheaper than cure.

While it is nearly impossible to prevent cholera from being introduced into an area, we must strive as Zambians to make Cholera history through adopting a culture of cleanliness. We are all affected by Cholera and prudence dictates that we take all necessary means to prevent, to the extent that it is possible, the invasion of cholera morbus in areas that have not been affected yet. We therefore thank Government, its cooperating partners and other stakeholders for taking the most appropriate local measures aimed at preventing the further spread of the epidemic.

We also appeal to the Church to continue playing their role in helping to prevent the outbreak of this disease in areas not presently affected. The Church has an important role to play in collecting information regarding the outbreak, spread, and disappearance of cholera.

The Patriotic Front sends its prayers and stands with the affected and all those families which have so far lost their loved ones to the outbreak of Cholera.

Signed by:
Mrs Mumbi Phiri, Deputy Secretary General


    • By the way we are still waiting for a response on corruption Mukula, Kalaba, etc.. from your Jonathan. He is the president and he can’t just keep quiet about it. Embarrassing to say the least

    • PF, Oh PF and your lack of morals! You should be apologizing for failing to protect poor citizens from this epidemic. What excuse have you got? Instead, you are already trying to gain political mileage out of a tragedy of this kind. When are you going to grow? Do you mean to say, you are so intoxicated with power? This is very disappointing.

    • So what’s the problem? You also have been responding to Cholera cases as PF government.
      We don’t care what the brand is, as long as someone helps us out of this embarrassing problem.

    • So even Somalian club was wrong to donate trucks?
      What’s wrong with Church write a Bible verse on water buckets?
      Why writing ‘Forward’ on buckets wrong?

    • When USAID donates relief food, they pack it in sacks branded with their flags & huge font “Donated by USA”.

      PF has failed in all sectors of Governance except enriching themselves. The collapse of Public health & sanitation is the root cause of the cholera outbreak.

      I would walk with my head sullen in shame for having being part of this den of thieves. Prison awaits you after 2021. All your ill-gotten wealth will go to lawyers.

    • Well the issue of Chorela is definitely political and PF NEEDS TO REALISE THAT. PF claims to be working for the people and if negligently people get Cholera instead of money in the pocket or people have to ‘SONTA PAMAFI AND CHOLERA’ epo babombela ba PF, then other parties have the right to politicize CHORELA. People will judge PF on all these aspects if they want if or no.

    • Very f00lish and non.sensical from the PF. When billboards are put all over the country on projects government is embarking on with the Face of Humbly Dumbly ECL??? Proclaiming the “Great infrastructural works he is doing” what do u call that ? When in fact what is in use is tax payers money! There is nothing wrong with what the UPND has done instead just encourage other political parties to emulate including your PF

    • UPND did not donate to PF. They donated to GRZ. This is not a one party state of Party and it’s government. You should differentiate between party and government. The donation is to government and the people of Zambia. So why is PF complaining. If government refuses the donations then the the PSs have been politicised.

    • Mumbi phiri, just tell your PF Party to emulate the UPND’s noble contribution. The PF is quiet over cholera. The money you are using Mumbi, is tax payers money and not PF’s money. So emulate the example set by the UPND not just yapping senselessly.


    • True! Trade kings has branded all its donated products. to MoH. It was not an issue. Bravo UPND for the donation. I ve a K1000 for you. How I can I send it.

    • Spot on Samlindo, nothing wrong with what UPND has done because a lot of donations have names of where the item is coming from. We see cars, building with names of people or organisations who made the donations. We see people like Tasila Lungu and the likes when the donate shoes and clothing to the poor the entire ZNBC is there to capture the moment, is that not advertising yourself and yet we don’t hear Madam Mumbi screaming that Tasila or others are politicizing or taking advantage of the poor. This PF govt for once should keep quiet and work.

  2. Some things its to keep quiet. So if Trade Kings wants to donate Boom, they should remove the Trademark? If UPND is donating, they have every right to brand it the way they want. EU, USAID, UKaid all brand their donations. Its called visibility and there is nothing wrong with it.

    • Ba Peter Njobvu – Learn to make distinctions: Trade Kings is not a political party, neither are USAID nor any donor agency. You cannot equate these to desperate local opposition political parties who see misfortunes as opportunities. Your comparison is totally misplaced.

    • Abilima @5.4: So, according to you some entities like political parties should NOT be involved in making donations to the needy just because some of you see it as politicizing the issue?? It is so sad that some of you only see things through political spectacles. People are dying and all you concern yourself of is who is giving the help! In fact, in most cases people who think like you never give aid to others. They usually do the opposite. They can steal the donations.

  3. For those affected by this serious epidemic, it matters less to them whether material is branded with UPND or PF as long as they’re lives are out of danger.

    • Learn to make distinctions: You cannot equate these to desperate local opposition political parties who see misfortunes as opportunities. Your comparison is totally misplaced.

  4. Then Trade Kings should not have donated branded products, that would be using cholera to advertise and be unfair to their competition… The Somalian community should not have donated those garbage collection trucks so openly, what would the Chinese and Indian communities think…

    • Learn to make distinctions: You cannot equate these to desperate local opposition political parties who see misfortunes as opportunities. Your comparison is totally misplaced.

    • Ba Kabanshi – When did MTN become an opposition political party? Learn to make distinctions: You cannot equate these to desperate local opposition political parties who see misfortunes as opportunities. Your comparison is totally misplaced.

  5. What is it that ails PF? I am totally flabbergasted by their lack of ethics and morality. Cholera is not politics. It is a national tragedy. We should be pointing fingers at you for failing to prevent this epidemic, shouldn’t we? And yet you are already politicizing a catastrophe of this magnitude, just so you can gain political mileage. Shame on you.

  6. Trade kings, Airtel, multichoice ect ect are neutral in the sense that they represent diverse politically affiliated people and different from the political party UPND. When they donate it is to counter the spread and not to gain popularity as in the case of the UPND who shall start and end by blaming the PF as the manufacturers of the epidemic. The way a donation is done speaks volumes. PLEASE NO INSULTS. The PF are doing fine even when they maybe not perfect. I am yet to find the perfect one. Senda ilibwe mushombe, Jesus said.

    • Silly arguments you are the only one who is sensible so far. Trade Kings. Airtel, etc are nit political party and they are not looking for political office.

  7. Campaign ya bipa.
    ECLs face on bottled water.
    HHs name and face on toilet rolls, trash bins next will be
    Kambwili face on all donated hospital equipment from UK and Nevers face on all bibles…..

  8. So UPND is making a private Donation towards the eradication of Cholera? What is the PF Party Donation towards the Cholera outbreak? The govt money is Taxpayers money and there are numerous Tax Paying Members of UPND. US Aid has always donated branded food to famine areas in Zambia. We have seen many branded Vehicles donated by various Donors to GRZ. Mumbi Phiri and PF have never complained about branded Donations. Since we are dealing with corrupt PF thieves, branding the products will ensure that these products reach the beneficiaries. If the products are not branded they will be stolen by the PF officials well known for corruption.

  9. The bins where branded by PF to blame the UPND but surprisingly after donating to create confusion now PF is blaming UPND. Zambia is indeed the real africa

  10. Find something to talk about. So what if UPND donates something in the name of the Party? Right now it doesn’t matter where the help comes from. You lot have already chewed money meant for Local Government!

  11. I am getting worried about our women in PF failing to think properly. Why are you embarrassing yourselves like this? UPND donates, that becomes an issue, why hasn’t PF donated as a party? When we donate as a party we’ll put our emblem I do not see any problem with that. When Kambwili donates he is at liberty to put an NDC party symbol.Dora is also worried about Kalaba for resigning his post, is it her issue? You ladies consult before you embarrass us. Father Bwalya please read her reports and advise her accordingly.

  12. Political donations corrupt democracy in ways you might not realise. UNPD is advancing it political agenda using the cholera epidemic. Only dullards don’t realise this. UPND is a political party. They are in the business of politics. Trade kings, et al are commercial entities. Business entities promoting the humane side of their business. UPND is in it mainly for politics….but of course it can’t be ignored that what they have done is commendable.

    • Donations are, these days labeled as Corporate Social Investment. Whoever makes a donation wants some kind of recognition for it. Trade Kings, Multichoice, MTN, etc, might not be political parties. But, they are also trying to gain some mileage out of what they are doing.

      It’s some form of advertising. People will remember the goodwill for years to come and will feel some form of affinity towards the brand. UPND is doing the same, and I don’t blame them for it.

      That is how the real world works. The so called aid agencies brand their donations for the same reason. They are advancing the interests of the USA, the UK etc.

    • Who are you to decide that political parties should not donate to the needy? If the beneficiaries don’t want donations from some people, they are at liberty to decline. This is a free country Jack!

  13. If UPND donates wheelbarrows to LCC for the sole purpose of eradicating Cholera those wheelbarrows could be diverted and sold for Profit in the Open Market. Alternatively PF thieves could highjack the donations, brand the wheelbarrows and re-donate to LCC. To make sure UPND Donations reach their target I see nothing wrong with branding their Donations. PF is free to also donate branded Donations to LCC to be used in the eradication of Cholera. Branding Donations is meant to ensure that the Donations reach their intended target and are used for the sole purpose of Cholera eradication. Well done UPND.

  14. If UPND used party money to buy the donated items, really a beggar ( the government) is NOT a chooser, UPND can put party branding on said donated items.

    No harm.. no laws broken. Besides it’s critical their branding is placed on the items going by how short the memories of most people in our Great country are.

    Before you know it some cadre from the ruling party will come along and say UPND did fak all in the cholera crisis.. so it’s good they did what they did.

  15. PF government if full of thieves and immoral individuals, its fitting to brand any donation with a its source because PF members can steal that donation or claim its been donated by PF itself.

  16. It is the PF that is politicizing the whole exercise. Sometimes it is better to keep quiet, just receive the donations quietly and say thank you.

  17. mumbi cant write this letter. sunday changa wrote. I know Mumbi level of english……
    Ask her of her business plan and hear her response……….
    May we pray for her and her PF colleague……


  19. Very soon Mumbi Phiri will start seeing all branded commodities in Zambia as UPND’s avenues for exhuming political recognition. Her mental state needs to be Chainana branded.

  20. Chikwanda made an observation recently that there is an intellectual a vacuum in PF and cadres like Mumbi Phiri are proof of that deficiency. They demonstrate it all the time and no one thinks to replace with better calibre individuals to make the party more saleable. This type will always think corruption and plunder of resources. It explains why thieving is endemic in PF ranks.

  21. Donations are welcome but cadres like the Supreme leader HH of the UPND and as well as number one cadre for PF his Excellence President Edgar Lungu are not allowed to start campaigning before the election date is determined according to the constitution…Companies can campaign because they serve all cadres in UPND and PF as well as all other Zambians…

  22. PF zealots are so obsessed with hate for their enemies that they shall never see any goodness in their enemies. My piece of Advice is that ECL must be wary of praise singers like Mumbi. I would rather ECL has wise enemies than foolish friends. The words of wise men are heard in quiet more than the cry of him that rules amongs fools. ecclesiastes 9:17
    It is wiser to overlook your enemies’s deed than expose your hatred in the public. Look at the Mongu Saga where a charge of treason was made. Very outrageous …. Someone thereafter claims to be humble and God fearing….. True christians dont hate and wish their enemies dead. Never , never,
    Never should a christain nation adore bars at the expense of church that they close churches . They brutalise worshippers in the name of…

  23. They brutalise worshippers in the name of cholera yet give bar patrons and their customer to enjoy themselves.
    If I was President of Zambia , I could have banned bars, beer or any type of alcohol in Zambia.
    In any case who can tell the nation that beer drinking has developed the country…… Youths are spoilt by alcohol. What a nation. let us work hard and develop this country…. beer drinking shall never help this country…… we complain of chinese but drink a lot yet chinese work harder than us..

  24. Again under5s shooting blanks as usual. Branding the donation with upnd logo is enough but when they put an oval head on the head it becomes a different story. That’s now more of individual donation than party. No upnd member can even be proud to he is part of the donation because oval head is only face on it. Business entities are different from political parties and under5s are busy comparing the two. If for example USAID makes a donation does it come with trump’s face or are the companies putting faces of their CEO. Fullish comparison by there turds.

  25. Aba naabena .You should be thanking the tax poor payers for the toilet paper you are now using and enjoying . Your days in government are getting slimmer each day

  26. Am I dreaming or what?
    Just the other day,the “political antichrist” of Zambia was saying lets not politicize cholera.
    He turns around the corner,brands his donations and politics begins.
    It’s a shame the UPND think they can make political capital out of the death of citizens.
    They even blame govt for cholera sure.
    The PF should start attending to people in their homes and toilets really?

    • Just because PF has lost political capital by allowing cholera to kill people does not mean everyone is in the same league as you. UPND is trying to help you keep a little of what is left of you politically by reducing the number of deaths.

    • Who is supposed to supply clean water to the residents? Who is supposed to ensure that there is a proper sewer system in the country? Who has allowed vendors to sell products in deplorable environments devoid of water and toilets? Who is supposed to ensure all public health laws are obeyed? Whose cadres have become law unto themselves and do as they please – open markets anywhere they so wish?

  27. Its is not immoral or inhumane to donate to the eradication of Cholera. What is immoral and inhumane is to have allowed conditions that led cholera to stay, and who is responsible for that – PF of course.

  28. Bakoswe bali bize ukubutauko kutino tupama twakwa shibulimi HH. As a result over spent money and forgot their responsibility. Its TRUE this cholera epidemic is as a result of Chimbwi no plan by the party in power. They are not even ashamed making noise at others coming in to help! Mulekwatako nensoni ifibi mwacita fyafulisha Lesa amukana u are hypocrites.

  29. If my party was strong on the ground and doing the right things I would not worry about donations from opponents. But if I am weak and 90% at risk of losing power I would worry like PF is doing.

  30. Donations are, these days labeled as Corporate Social Investment. Whoever makes a donation wants some kind of recognition for it. Trade Kings, Multichoice, MTN, etc, might not be political parties. But, they are also trying to gain some mileage out of what they are doing.

    It’s some form of advertising. People will remember the goodwill for years to come and will feel some form of affinity towards the brand. UPND is doing the same, and I don’t blame them for it.

    That is how the real world works. The so called aid agencies brand their donations for the same reason. They are advancing the interests of the USA, the UK etc.

  31. Upnd zealots shouldn’t claim this donation because it’s not a party donation but family or oval head himself. Trade kings donated but never put a face of there director meaning it’s corporate donation. If the director decides to put a face on it then it becomes individual donation.

  32. UPND or HH shall never win the presidency due to cholera issue.if that is what upnd is thinking,then you are lost guys!!!elections will be in 2021 and by then all Zambians will have already forgotten about 2018 cholera thing the way they have forgotten about upnd’s 2016 presidential petition of 2017’s 42 fire engines worth US$42million!!!
    anyway,HH refused yesterday having donated 100 bins with his head on sure its just his cadres who did that.moreover,do you think PF cadres can allow those upnd bins with HH’s head in Lusaka?its impossible as they can be burnt withing 30 minutes-THIS IS THE FACT BECAUSE LUSAKA HAS A SEA OF PF CADRES!!

  33. upend=cholera

    thats what it means

    each time you see u5 head its cholera yeka yeka.

    his lawyers. prss aide its one tribe . even bachembelle blogers iys one tribe.that why they fail to think outside box

    #2.1, 2.2, 2.3 – guys I am not a moron like you guys. Of course I heard the joint statement by the church mother bodies and read it all myself. I am simply questioning how Mr Akainde southern koswe has interpreted the statement and how he has selected and even twisted those words which suit him most, like no conditions for dialogue. There is nowhere mentioned cirruption in government but “increasing corruption in the country”. This does not necessarily mean corruption only in government, nor does it vindicate Akainde in any way. The church mother bodies like me, know very well that corruption is everywhere in Zambia including among upnd leaders and members. Among civil servants it is no secret that corruption is as strong among upnd members…

  35. Conts…..Among civil servants it is no secret that corruption is as strong among upnd members as their tribalism. I am actually convinced that upnd is actively deliberately promoting corruption on a grand scale among its members in the civil service in order to bring down the government while painting themselves clean. If you doubt me just put names to the Report of Auditor General and you will see how massive that tribal clique is. They are there in all ministries, departments, schools and even clinics etc. Stinking corrupt and stealing massively while painting others corrupt. They will stop at nothing to get into power, but they will never succeed without the people whom they are hurting.

  36. The bembas say ” tukafilila munsenga” and this fully describes the anger and desperation of upndees that they are not in power with their southern koswe, and never will be as long as majority continue to see through these crooked pretenders, as long as majority citizens see who means well for them.

  37. Is that all Mumbi Phiri can comment on in this serious cholera climate? Does it matter whether a cat is black or white? As long as it catches mice, its a good cat.

  38. Ba Mumbi chimbwi , Japan , if it donates something, it’s labeled DONATED BY JICA.
    United States, if the donate something , it’s labeled
    United Kingdom, if is donated, it’s labeled UKAID.
    Food Stuff donated by U.S.A it’s labelled WORLD FOOD PROGRAM .
    and what is wrong for UPND, to label it donated by them.
    Ba Mumbi, ama Arvs , yafika kumutwe, you are not thinking properly.
    There is need to show it mwe fipuba .

  39. Coming from the spokesperson of the Perpetual Failures Party, a response is really not needed. They are on self-destruct.

  40. So corruption cuts across society, it knows no tribe, no race, no political party whether ruling or opposition. Let no individual point a finger at others while painting himself or his party white. It is like Jesus on the woman who people wanted to stone for adultery. So we must fight corruption from all angles if we are to save our nation, no leader should pontificate when they can see it in their own parties, among their members, their leadership, their allies, their fellow leaders. Lets not fashion a self defeating culture where we falsely paint Lungu and his leadership black and we paint our faces white while the rest of our bodies are painted black. We shall have won half the battle against corruption once we start singing the same song as our President: “Let’s fight corruption…

  41. You did not want to support Prof. Nkandu Luo when she once spoke against street vending because you were busy praying for cholera to come. Money which was supposed to be for drainages, sanitation and health care was stolen in fire tenders and so it’s time to abuse the hungry soldiers to mop the cholera with bare hands.

  42. What is wrong with my Country Men & Women? Why are we so political on everything?

    Lets Face it guys ,MTN donated MTN Branded Materials why isnt Airtel or Zamtel Issuing statements.

    If today FNB bank decides to donate FNB Branded Materials should STANBIC or ZANACO issue a statement??

    Why do you also as a Party just muscle up to the platform and donate your Party branded Materials?

    What Zambians want is a Clean Up of the Dirty and Cholera Virus.

    By the way we are nolonger interested in your Party affiliations.



  43. Interesting comment from NJIMBU, the PF SYCOPHANT that PF CADRES could BURN the bins in 30 minutes.
    Was that a slip of the tongue or just an indication of the INTELLECTUAL VACUUM in the RULING PARTY as IDENTIFIED by the ELDER STATESMAN CHIKWANDA Hey NJIMBU look I can use CAP LOCK ALSO.

  44. people have a right to freedom of association. that means they can initiative and do what they believe is right within the association they exist in… So if its within UPND that people assamble to fight cholera, there is nothing wrong with that… It seems people condemning such do not know what the purpose of an association is and I will urge other political parties to do the same instead of politicising the whole issue. People still do not understand what really happens in a democracy. Especially our political leaders

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