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Illegal miners get certificates to legalise activities

Economy Illegal miners get certificates to legalise activities

Three groups that were carrying out illegal mining of gold in Rufunsa district have been given cooperative certificates to enable them obtain a mining licenses from the Ministry of Mines.

This move is aimed at enabling the illegal miners begin to do legal mining which will benefit them and the government.

Presenting the cooperative certificates to Chomwetu, Pokela and Chitimbwi groups yesterday in Mpanshya yesterday, Mines and Mineral Development Permanent Secretary Paul Chanda urged people in the area to form cooperatives if they were to benefit from government programmes.

Mr. Chanda, who was accompanied by his Commerce, Trade and Industry counterpart Kayula Siame, said government was committed to ensuring that Zambians benefit from
the mineral resources found in the country.

He said the local people can only benefit from Zambia’s mineral resources if they form cooperatives which he said are legalized entities and regulated by an act.

He revealed that the Ministry of Mines will give licenses to cooperatives that want to engage in mining.

Mr. Chanda said government will help the cooperatives by giving them grants to acquire equipment and tools for carrying out the mining business in a profitable manner.

And Commerce, Trade and Industry Permanent Secretary, Kayula Siame said her ministry has partnered with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Trade Related Facility Zambia project (TRF) to formalize all the groups that are doing illegal mining to form cooperatives.

Ms. Siame said government through her ministry and the TRF will assist cooperatives, in terms of capacity building in value chain and finding a market for them.

Meanwhile, Rufunsa District Commissioner, Judith Chama said the district has mineral deposits noting that government’s move to empower local communities through cooperatives will change the economic status of the area.

Mrs. Chama said Rufunsa, which is a new district, was in a hurry to develop.

She said the formalization of the mining industry through cooperatives was a step forward to economic development in the area.

And Rufunsa Town Council Chairman, Bartholomew Kalambalala commended the Patriotic front (PF) government for fulfilling its campaign promises of empowering the people at grassroots.

Mr. Kalambalala said the giving of cooperative certificates to the three groups to enable them acquire a mining license would empower the local people.

He has since urged more people to form cooperatives so that they benefit from government programmes.


  1. Chomwetu, Pokela and Chitimbwi ARE THESE NAMES FOR PEOPLE OR THE SO CALLED CO-OPERATIVES? It seems they are names for hynas , These vigwilizano failed in UNIP DAYS why are we going back to UNIP now please ALA

  2. This is a very progress move, Zambia resources in Zambian hands…. not Mukula in Chinese hands…muchinje banee, muchinje

  3. This was a very bad deal, will regulate the safety standards of these villagers? Also are they gonna be paying taxes and is their businesses be transparent so everyone know how much they will be making annually? Zambia is full BS and some of decisions made make me wonder if there’s anything body with brains

  4. Its a very good move and let it save the purpose of empowering Zambian who do not have anything to live on…. I feel even those from chingola – copperbelt should be assisted in the same way unlike the way they been tormented as if they take anything out of our land…. well done. And those given access should not resort to selling their licences instead work hand in hand to empower the Zambian people at large…indeed people need to benefit from their own natural resources.

  5. Indeed when the wise men rule the poor rejoices and when evil men rule the poor men suffers most…thumbs up to everyone that initiated the move… we the people of the Zambian republic are behind for your mercy to the less prevaleged…we also want to see you doing something for the chingola illegal miners who have always been killed for their struggle to feed their families.

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