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President Lungu nominates Mumbi Phiri as a Member of Parliament

Headlines President Lungu nominates Mumbi Phiri as a Member of Parliament

President Edgar Lungu (L) with PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri as Party Secretary General Davies Mwila (C) looks on at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport shortly before departure for Livingstone on Thursday, April 20,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Lungu (L) with PF deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri as Party Secretary General Davies Mwila (C) looks on at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport shortly before departure for Livingstone on Thursday, April 20,2017-Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

President Edgar Lungu has nominated Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri as Member of Parliament.

President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda disclosed the appointment in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Mr. Chanda said President Lungu’s decision to nominate Mrs. Phiri as an MP is in accordance of Article 69 (1) of the constitution of the Republic of Zambia.

Mrs. Phiri returns to Parliament as a Law Maker having being Munali Member of Parliament from 2006 to 2011 before President Michael Sata sent her into diplomatic service as High Commissioner to Kenya.

She has been PF Deputy Secretary General and Member of the Central Committee since her appointment by President Lungu in May 2015.

Meanwhile, State House has advised the media and general public that State House Press Office will now always stamp and circulate all its statements in PDF or JPEG formats in its ongoing efforts to curb the rampant cases of forged media statements being issued by fraudsters.

Mr. Chanda said that all statements will also be duly signed and initialed on each page.

Recently, State House urged the Zambia Police and Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) to arrest the escalating broadcast of forged State house statements on social media.

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    • Where is PDF file here? Back to Mumbi Phiri, she deserves it. She should have take Mulusa job of minister of planning etc. Or Agriculture, then Dora Ndaifulila a different ministry where she can’t get dirty.
      Yes ministry of Agriculture for Mumbi. We need more radical women.
      MP has been MP before and she was damn noisy that woman. It’s good for Zambia.
      I wish I was president, at least that’s the how I think, like a president.

    • Is she going to end Cholera ?

      By the way, I watched a sickening documentary on another impending Cholera and dysentery outbreak n the Chalimbana area due to the raw sh!t from the new Sylverest housing complex. Remember it’s a Chinese project? All raw sewer from thise houses is chanelled to Chalimbana river from which Chongwe and other downstream communities draw their drinking water

    • Elo lwanya
      Thats when it has sh!tted
      This is the woman who said kaiser zulu has the same qualifications as nkandu luo!
      Have you no more intelligent people in PF?

    • Impeachment motion yanjenjemisha umunensu, how many more can you nominate? Batata nga pakaba, kuselapo fye. Kikikikikikikikiki.

    • Ka Mumbi Pili has a pre-school teaching certificate from a backyard college. Today she is rewarded as nominated MP by one Jameson Lungu for “ubukaka”. Just look at that unusual creature when she is talking or not talking. When not talking her nose runs around like that of a rabbit. When talking her mouth has a running tummy. Ati ba MP. Africa twasebana lelo teti tuleba ukuti fyonse ifi michitile yakwa Jameson Lungu.

  1. Blind Loyalty versus Principle. Soon she’ll be Cabinet Member. We have a new Foreign Affairs Minister who is a Form 3 graduate. Pabwato!

    • Kekekeke Pa Bwato, it’s long looking time I heard of mwamukolo. Even in last elections I never so ubwato. PF is leaking canoe ….

  2. So previously ba Amos you were sending your letters from your watsap nishi uli ku wayayaa?? i mean even me a simple person know the importance of initialing every paper i write and stamping it. it had to take cyber bullying for you to do the right thing…on top of that you are getting paid my PAYEE

  3. Lungu has really been taking too much Jamesoni!

    This woman lost her brains to RABIES a long time ago. Now he NOMINATES her to Parliament????

    Something very wrong here!

  4. She does not have a constituency or a cabinet position. So what role will she playing in parliament? Help me understand……..

    • It a way of letting parliament pay salary for her role as DSG in PF. As from now on only Davies Mwila will remain on the PF pay roll as PF employee. She will spend no time in parliament but will get all parliamentary privileges.

    • Member of Parliament for PF Presidential Affairs. there is need for a sharp voice in parliament to articulate the Party Manifesto and guide debates should need arise…. how about that?

  5. The strategy is very simple to grasp; beef up the numbers in parliament to tilt the decisions in PF’s favour when voting happens on critical issues by nominating an avowed “bootlicker”. And the circus continues!! This is a party that thrives on “thuggery”, thievery, plunder and violence, therefore not much can be there. They operate on the principle of driving fear in people’s hearts when they should be the ones to fear the voters who are their employers.

  6. I still don’t know their qualifications, Jean Kapata included. So I am baffled. That’s my honest comment.

    If you like this appointment vote thumbs up.

    If you like Mumbi Phiri vote thumbs down.

    • Mr Kudos check their qualifications on the parliament of Zambia website…PF has more qualified Mps compared to UPND in terms of academic and professional qualifications…

    • Just yesterday, I commented on why Zambia is in such a mess, Corruption, Cholera, filth /death everywhere, & the likelihood of Kariba dam collapsing, due to ill qualified Cadres like Mumbi being rewarded with jobs they are barely qualified to handle.
      All sane unselfish citizens know that under P.F, jobs are NOT awarded on merit, but factors like cheer leading, stone throwing, mastery in panga arts, & [email protected] favours.
      Unfortunately the dumb response from some bonehead P.Fcadre -Ndanje, was “You are bitter U never got the Job promised by H.H”
      P.F Cadres will say anyone against P.F mismanagement is H.H.
      How simple!

    • Cont;
      Zambia is doomed under P.F!!

  7. Strategic move to wage war against Kambwili, Kalaba and all Pf members who are good at throwing punches. She is vocal and can handle Kambwili thus its forming a 4-4-2 formation with Bowman Lusambo and Madam Phiri as the strikers to shoot down the loudest in parliament. Strategic move to silence the loudest men and women. One mission nd one mission only, punch for punch..

  8. He can nominate any of the 14 million Zambians he chooses an empty tin…really laughable…does she even qualify?

  9. President Lungu is a good strategist that’s why he’s the only person Crooked Mmembe of the now liquidated Post Newspapers fears him the way people fear death….The President talks less and just acts…iyi yena e boom…

    • Pali uyu wena Fred “WINA’ Mmembe Lungu nalimupela umucinshi pantu kapoli thrived on dividing the Country. The amount of lashes and strokes Fred has endured under ECL are very good to vesiculate his little ZDA brains. Osa mupasa chance uyu homosexual aza vuta nacigololo capatako uyu Fred.

  10. Mumbi Phiri is comedian in chief in PF. She makes headlines without foot notes. This appointment is a herculean disaster.

  11. President Lungu has sensed that numbers in parliament are dwindling hence the rush to appoint a member without constituency though legally appointed. We wait and see how many will be appointed as principled MP’s will still resign except the corrupt ones will cling with him.

  12. Lungu is surely losing it, his appointments seem like they were decided in a beer hall. Very bad judgment, l don’t know how he is going to boost people’s confidence in him with such appointments. Don’t appoint people just based on boot licking rather than potential

  13. Congrats Madam Mumbi Phiri for bouncing back to Parliament to consolidate well-informed/researched debates in the House of Assembly. Thank you Ba President.

    • Sri researched debates ??? The women thinks a lab tech is the same qualification as a professor , what researched debates can come from her ??? Maybe researched corruption streams….

    • She is Deputy SG mwe banthu what is wrong with this appointment, if the Law did not limit on SG he also could have been appointed. Its his privilege guys. HH may appoint his farm workers and Cows as MP just wait fili eko tuya

    • He is a pure hypocrite and power hungry. Ask the guys at the Secretariat. Frank Francis Chiyabi-Bwalya can even engineer a coup de dat, ba ECL bali mubelenga sana. Him is like Nevers Mumba and GBM

  14. Article 69 (1) of the constitution allows for the appointment of 10 MPs by the president and these are supposed to be people of special qualities. Unless adultery, fornication, bed wetting and hallucinating have become special qualities in the cholera ravaged Babylonia of Zambia, then I wonder how Mumbi Phiri qualifies. As for PDF and JPEG, it’s foolish because there is software today that can edit such files too.

  15. My sister ba Mumbi, congratulations and be assured ba UPND are now in deep trouble knows it. PF needs women like you from Mufulira, a town that has contributed so much to the development of Zambia. Most chaps in UPND dont even know that Mufulira has produced so many brains in Zambia. Do UPND clowns even know that Mufulira mines was if not is one of the deepest copper mines in the world with highest grade?
    What can chaps from Tongabezi point at in comparison to Copperbelt intellectuals? Nil! Let’s support President Lungu and help make the Zambia the way Copperbelt used to look like in late 70s not this filthy compound called Lusaka. That spirit of strive to succeed from Kopala should never die. You know the Muf secret and no one can beat it.

    • “….know that Mufulira mines was if not is one of the deepest copper mines in the world with highest grade?..”

      Who owns that mine …..???


    • “….Mufulira mines was if not is one of the deepest copper mines in the world with highest grade?”
      hmm…Kwena, how has that Guinness record benefitted Zambia?

  16. The next appointment you will hear will be one of Akulu Phuno Bwezani Banda as Chief Sansamcation Enjoyer Advisor. Just how useless could a head of state be! It also says a lot about Zambians, they are generally a wholly stupid lot.

  17. I have a feeling Lungu has an inferiority complex. Have you noticed how his cabinet is made mostly of young people? He either appoints people with little education, younger than himself. You can count maybe one who is older than him or maybe three or four with University education. As for the women in his cabinet they are mostly of questionable character. Anyone who had Kambwili in his cabinet must have serious judgement issues. I can count one or two people in Lungu’s cabinet who deserve to be cabinet Ministers. People are not far off that it is just a matter of time before Mumbi Phiri is made Minister. Lungu has this need to be surrounded by mediocre people. Which person has Kaizer Zulu as his political advisor?

    • @29 Polera

      No question about that. Edgar Lungu got in without a mandate, and therefore, lacks the presidential clout.

    • I need to be guided seriously who is better WILLIAM BANDA or KAIZER ZULU or ERIC CHANDA in public domain? HH is done so similarly. I just hope CK, if ever, he becomes NDC party president to go this route.

  18. In other countries such an appointment would send the local currency tumbling munje pa zed ba presido guess work yachila .
    No voices of reasoning in cabinet or on lungus advisory panel.
    Chansoni sana

    • She’s not from eastern province. She’s from Chinsali and also related to Prof Luo. She risked her freedom for PF before PF formed government.

    • Hon Mumbi Phiri is far much better than Kaizer Zulu, Eric Chanda, William Banda, challenge me on this score? Even Nawakwi [Husband grabber and reddened fornicator], KBF [most experienced Fraudster] and/or Germano M Kaulung’ombe [holder of PHD in fraudulent Land distribution] cannot be compared to this Lady. She may be too vocal and maybe her usage of unpalatable language but there has been Dora, Nawakwi, that sexist woman former MMD MP from Luapula, Nkandu Luo-Manda, Jean Mukula-logs eh, bane uyu mayo mucite fye support. We need women who can take on GBV-GBM and also red-linso Kabimba all year round!

  19. ba upnd i need one of you to give as a upnd shodow cabinet if you had formed govnt last elections knowing 2022 upnd will be no more and so i will not say next govnt also dont forget to tell as there qualifications and tribe

  20. Breaking news
    President Hakainde has nominated Miss Martha Mushipe to upnd chuundu chaitwa parliament and appointed her as minister of injustices and mini skirts.

    • Mumbi Phiri is not Martha Mushipes level.
      If someone of Miss Mushipes level was nominated their would be added value not aba bambi

  21. muchembele aitaya apa. Mumbi. honestly foul mouth mumbi.

    ecl who is your advisors.

    mumbi . awe sure.

    somethin wron with ecl and u5

  22. Sata didn’t want her near parliament but lungu brings her inside again, every thing completely opposite of what Sata was doing.

    • Let me update you on this…Nkandu Luo applied for the Munali nominations just as Mumbi. So there was a trade off Mumbi allows her aunt to stand and she gets a PF top position. Not that Sata didn’t want her near parliament…after all she and Sata are chips from the same block.

  23. HH and UPND

    Mumbi’s appointment is welcome. Now that frustrated tongas and their UPND friends who were reshuffled in the ministry of health spread cholera to make their friends look incompetent and useless. This doesn’t puzzle me because tongas and UPND are still behaving as if Zambia didn’t get independence. Your evil ambitions wont take you to plot one.

  24. Congrats Hon.Mumbi Phiri and well done ECL because real PF members must be rewarded for their hard work.plus president Edgar Lungu needs true PF members near him!!
    Hon.Mumbi deserves this job.AS FOR YOU UPND CADRES,JUST MIND WHAT KAINDE DOES IN YOUR TONGA PARTY!!this is a PF internal matter and the president could only choose from his true soldiers!!!
    look,all those voters who hate PF in 6.5 provinces and voted for HH in 2016 shall now end up voting for Kambwili’s NDC to further push HH away from plot one in 2021!!!HH increased votes in known PF strongholds because voters who do not love PF had no option but to vote for HH.now in 2021,they will have Kambwili as an option…

    • …and the rest of the citizenry rewarded with more cholera for putting you in power under a vision-less man who chooses to close churches and keep bars open!

  25. Like I have said before it seems ECL continues to set the agenda for Akainde’s soldiers. What else would they talk about.
    Please Kainde please provide leadership to your sheep.

  26. She is hard-working. She deserves to be nominated. I wish the guy who does not know how to be a leader could have served as a section chairman or as an MP. He could be wiser. Currently, he knows nothing. That is why he can’t even yield to the Presidential motorcade. He is illiterate.

  27. Her appointment to parliament means a ministerial position will happen very soon…..I hope its not Jean Kapata getting the kick

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