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UPND donates to Cholera fight

General News UPND donates to Cholera fight

Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya and his Local Government counterpart Vincent Mwale by UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka
Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya and his Local Government counterpart Vincent Mwale by UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka

The opposition UPND has donated assorted items to the government towards the fight against Cholera.

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has since urged Zambians to join hands in the fight against cholera.

The donation was handed over to Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya and his Local Government counterpart Vincent Mwale by UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka.

Mr Hichilema said “as guided by our country’s health personnel, today, through our party Deputy Secretary General, Patrick Mucheleka, we delivered an assortment of items to the Zambian government through the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Local Government towards the fight against cholera.”

“In doing this, we are honouring the pledge for material support following our recent visit to some selected cholera centres in Lusaka. We hope this goes a long way in helping towards the national concerted efforts in combating this epidemic.”

“Once more, we say thank you to our country’s health personnel, men and women in uniform for their selflessness and commitment throughout this national tragedy. Let us all join hands in combating this epidemic regardless of our political affiliations by abiding by the professional advice.”

Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya and his Local Government counterpart Vincent Mwale by UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka
Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya and his Local Government counterpart Vincent Mwale by UPND deputy secretary general Patrick Mucheleka

UPND Donations
UPND Donations


    • Thank you ba UPND!! Vincent Mwale and Dr Chilufya will be in hot soup for receiving those gifts though…. We know how the PF dunderheads behave.

    • Is Mumbi Phiri still thinking that PF is represented by Chitalu and Vincent Mwale?
      And those donations don’t look red or anything like UPND colors.
      She has to apologize to Zambia.

  1. Some will accuse UPND of politicizing the cholera fight forgetting that PF originally politicized public health thru allowing mushrooming of Lusaka street vendors to gain votes.

  2. I don’t see HH’s stretching hand on a yellow background on those donations. So what was the fuss about?

  3. If you have been looking for an an example of a fake smile, your search is over. Just Look at Vincent Mwale’s face. That is it!!

  4. Well done UPND. Apart from this Donation UPND Members and their businesses pay Tax to ZRA to help run govt. We shall see if PF will also make a Donation. Those in State House benefiting from lucrative corrupt deals should share their Spoils with Cholera Victims.

  5. This is a good gesture by upnd minus attaching any political message,well done!!!
    But dont expect votes in return because that wont happen in 2021 from most of us!!those few items are not bribes for votes because everyone is donating items to fight cholera!!

    • Ba Njimbu mwachambafye bwino bwino in singing praises for UPND nomba pa last mwa sashila! In mature reaction from an adult. Shame.

  6. Who was ranting that these are branded donations? Mumbi Phiri should learn to keep quite sometimes. You have failed the country with your dununa gibberish and now cholera is ravaging the country like never before.Accept the gift with both hands and please do not politicize this gesture. Well done HH and UPND.

  7. When HH made a donation-less visit to cholera centres a couple of days, some of his dies hard supports claimed he had ‘secretly’ donated but did not just want to blow his own trumpet. Was it a lie?

    • Umwina Nkana, always finding faults. Lets just say THANK YOU HH AND UPND. It doesn’t hurt but it builds nationhood.

  8. Its a national event boycott it as you have done all other important events apart from those led by your subjects including the one who has slept at the grave yard before

  9. Which government without a president? These guys have never recognised the president and now a donation to the state – why? Have they forgotten that they are supposed to refuse that there is a government in place. Short memory.

  10. Why isn’t the patriotic Front (PF) party donating anything against the cholera fight. Have they assumed that government efforts in combating cholera are equivalent to PF party donations and effort? I am just curious. Are they failing to differentiate between government and political party? Isn’t this basic civics that we use to learn in Grade 9?

  11. Thanks badala and Co. If the pictures accurately represent what was donated, I am disappointed coz I expected more from holders of offshore accounts (HH) and accomplished businessmen (GBM). That stuff is full of cheap tissue. Was the rest branded UPND/HH and could not be donated? Just thinking.

  12. It’s a welcome gesture by the Supreme leader HH and the UPND…But why is Local Govt Minister Vincent Mwale putting up a fake smile as observed by MMD Chief Bootlicker…

  13. I wish to ,humbly, add my words of commendation to UPND for making that generous donation towards the fight against Cholera, and the ruling party, PF, for receiving the donation respectively.

    For the first time I am seeing both parties come together for the good of a common Zambian. This is commendable. You both deserve my vote. I cannot wait to see more of such gestures in future.

  14. Those donated items won’t choose whether you are njimbu, mmd booblicker or ndanje skunks, it is intended for all zambians no matter what color of tshirt or chitenje you put on. Hallelujah.

  15. Ba UPND watch your respirational tongues and tales. In which way should PF donate when we are ruling you ba long term losing party and, how much does your donation cost to boast about “ati HH ngu wa mali with K5 donation?”.

  16. Mutashupi are you learned or just uneducated cader u are embarrassing us.. Please don’t say anything that will divide the country.. Its one Zambia one Nation.. I think our president Lungu is also happy for HH and upnd donation …actually anyone who mean good for Zambians will be very happy for the upnd’s gesture..thank you upnd

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