Mbala Municipal Mayor Bright Simbeya is not happy will the alleged poor services provided by the Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company in the area.

Mr. Simbeya said it was saddening that the water utility company takes more than two months to attend to simple water leakages in the area.

He said the Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company should change for better in order to serve the community satisfactorily.

And Kazimolwa Ward Councillor, Steward Simutenda has accused the Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company of ignoring the water leakages in the area.

Mr. Simutenda said leakages were contributing to low water pressure in the district.

He also noted that it has taken nearly two years for Chambeshi to repair a water pipe which burst around Mbulu area in the district.

But Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company district manager, Collins Kayeye said the water utility company was trying its best to supply the commodity to the residents despite using old equipment which constantly breakdown.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kayeye said his office has procured two new water pumps which have since been fixed at Chila water works to boost the supply of the commodity to the community in the area.

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  1. This is the time for water and sewerage regulation authority (if there is one) to scrutinize these companies like Kafubu water, Mulonga water et al on their ability to adequately provide services to citizens. Let all checks and balances be conducted and those found wanting be made to pay.


    • A councillor was incompetently look at a leaking pipe for 2 years, i feel sorry for this country.



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