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Tutwa Ngulube files an injunction to halt his expulsion, demands US$ 9 million from PF


KABWE Central member parliament Tutwa Ngulube
KABWE Central member parliament Tutwa Ngulube

Tutwa Ngulube files an injunction to halt his expulsion, demands US$ 9 million from PF in unpaid legal fees

Ruling PF Kabwe Central MP Tutwa Ngulube has filed an injunction to restrain the PF from expelling him.

According to court documents obtained today, Mr Ngulube who was the PF Legal Counsel until June 2017 is also demanding payment of US$ 9 million in unpaid legal fees.

Mr Ngulube wants the Court to order that Friday’s planned meeting where his disciplinary case is up be heard is illegal, null and void.

He said the PF Secretary General and the Provincial Chairman for Central Province have no constitutional powers to call for a disciplinary hearing.

Mr Ngulube is contending that if the meeting goes ahead without being given an opportunity to respond to the charges, his constitutional right to be heard would have been violated.

He also stated that the meeting planned for Friday at the Secretariat where his expulsion is meant to be announced in the presence of party functionaries will be in violation of Statutory Instrument Number 79 of 2018 banning public gatherings.

Mr Ngulube has fallen out with the PF hierarchy following his recent public statements critical of the party.





    • Even without considering the ridiculous 9M sought, one can tell from the shape of he head that normal function is not available within.

      It is just rabid opportunism with every breathe he takes.

    • 1.1 I also see there’s something wrong with the shape of the head. Serious now….Is this blackmail expel me and pay me ?

    • This explains something about zambian lawyer and politicians not only are they immature and greedy but also dull.
      $19m for what kind of work? From a party that’s incharge of corrupt judges?
      Bati wapusa maningi
      Good luck mfana!

    • $9 million?????
      Who said there is no crisis in PF? Please close that party, please close it.
      Ubwato ni ndubwindubwi

    • u5 will never rule. Change your leader

      he s tribal

      Give us your plan. Dont just depend on PF problems.

      U5 please tell us what you wll.do

      Dont be orptunistic like a vaulture or hyna waitin for rotten carcas

    • PF will orchestrate its own down fall. There will be more such problems. Most at the moment are latent. Chagwa, like his name will fall in a very bad way. Chaima NO! BA PASTOR WHATEVER!

  1. There is no Cholera at the Sacretariat. We won’t get Cholera anyway if the meeting is less than two hours according to Copperbelt PS. So your injunction is null and void. You were the Legal representative when we elected the Great Leader of this great nation, so you supposed to be loyal despite the election not being genuine. You became famous because of PF so we are counter suing for $9 million. Mumbi Phiri is MP now so we do not need you Sir.

  2. They are going to dance to Tutwa. Go Tutwa man of courage. We are behind you. Next is Fube to tell them off. Wapwa Munzi, big circus in PF . Pass me more popcorns please.

  3. Failed Leadership, failed Governance blends in all aspects of their Party. It seems that all what the PF Leadership enjoys in forever DARKNESS to their little minds eventually land in the sunshine. That day will come so that Zambia the beautiful country will cease and desist from being in a retrogressive mode.

  4. It was Tutwa Ngulube and Bwalya Fube who presided over the parallel PF conference which unconstitutionally made Edgar Lungu president of PF .Some of us have good memories unlike the average Zambian who cant see beyond his nose……”Voting by show of hands”
    Today you say that I’m clean.All of them,Tutwa including ECL are dirty.

    • We love to see or hear selectively. If Mumbi Phiri makes a u-turn we will all forget her “sins” as if it never happened.

    • Nice to see that even staunch PF cadres like Khakis know that Mumbi Phiri is sinful, but why then did Edgar Lungu nominate her to Parliament? That presidential privilege was supposed to bring talent and skills unavailable from elected MPs, what talent and skills does Mubi Phiri bring? What does that tell us about Edgar>

    • Obatala, if you’re Upnd it doesn’t mean that I am PF. And I am not qualified to call a person dull or otherwise.

  5. I am thiking all those that have not been rewarded with positions are at war with thr party. They feel sidelined and thus have taken a swipe at the leadership. This to me is a simple case of choosing who will work best for you and with you and not who helped us win elections. Mature leaders will understand that leadership does not necessarilly requires you to have a position to be loyal and bring about change but rather being loyal which then will help in aquiring a position. I think Tutwa, Kambwili are all suffering from the same condition… “We are no longer important now that we helped them win.” or “Ba Lungu bazinvesa now that we helped him win.” A leader deserves a chance to assemble a team.of those he believes will work best

    • And the team assembled so far by his excellence leaves much to desired hence the need for people who feel they’re better to protest and show disgust. look at part of the team: Inonge Wina, Stephen Kampyongo, Jean kapata, Dora Siliya, Felix Mutati, Bowman Lusambo, Davies Chama, Vincent mwale, Alexander Chiteme, Joe Malanji, Kampamba Mulenga etc. I don’t think the above mentioned individuals are better than the alleged bitter group. If you have time, just read Alexander Chikwanda’s recent article and you will find that every serious PF member has seen a lack of patriotism in the current PF cabinet. It’s all about stealing through contracts.

  6. @ 3 Jordan Chulu. There is a word for what is happening to Tutwa-Frustration. One needs thick skin in politics. It has happened to many before: Saboi Imboela, Kalaba(recently), Sampa, Dr Canisius Banda (after GBM was chosen running-mate) you name them. All depends on how you handle these things. Lubinda was almost sidelined not long ago. One could say Sata formed PF ‘out of frustration’ after FTJ picked LPM. My advice: it is important for every fighter to choose their opponent wisely. Farewell Tutwa! Do not go into oblivion too quickly.

  7. Zambians bewise the issues these are fighting for are genuine and its about Zambia and bi-partisan issues , about Zambians .Lungu is not Zambia at all , we have given a chance to guide the nation and not otherwise .Guys fight on , guys we have and we interact with the world every day and even what goes in white house
    every minute , so whats is your problem , imagine if Trump was let to do all his confusion ,so we are just doing the same providing checks and balances .

    • Sorry you may not be in good standing with facts; Donald Trump is mentally sick our guys are just not happy with what is cooking in and around our great nation, like many Zambians. Imagine one day to wake up with CHINESE CABINET MINISTERS and SERVICE CHIEFS at Army, ZNS, ZAF, ZP, OP, DEC, Secretary to Cabinet, Secretary to the Treasury, BoZ Governor etc. This if you consider it normal then the likes of Kambwili, Kalaba, Ngulube, KBF, Mulusa are simply offline. BUT nay most Zambians are very frustrated included are Cabinet Ministers still clinging to their jobs to date. Think through these things soberly, we are in much deeper problems than political differences

  8. Kambwili, Harry, Tutwa, KBF know that leaving PF is career suicide and that’s why they would rather abuse the court system and cling on-COWARDS!! They know what happened to Scott, Miles, GBM, Mulenga after leaving, they all went into political wilderness and became nonentities. In by-elections in Roan, Bahati and Kabwe, PF will dununa these 1.d.i.o.ts as history shows. What a bunch of useless politicians.

    • Of course due to Chinese money from fake infrastructural contracts + illegal Mukula-log exports + over invoicing + direct siphoning of cash from treasury etc

    • @Zambian Citizen – I look at it differently. The battles within PF are becoming too many and extensive. This will have a direct impact on the party’s numbers. In your list, you forgot to mention the youth chairman from Luanshya that they to expel because he spoke in favour of Kalaba, also the divisions within PF in Bahati with some saying they support their MP and others saying otherwise. You can only claim to be ‘unbeatable’ for so long, soon you will be beatable. Ask UNIP and MMD. Time to start sorting out these in-house wrangles in-house.

    • @MyZambia: From the word go when it was apparent Lungu was the one to take over, there were those who opposed this move like Kambwili. Then there are those who wanted payback after standing by Lungu in 2015 and 2016. Harry wanted to be VP, Tutwa wanted a senior ministerial position. So these wrangles were known and are just playing out. PF has a very large group of professionals like Chiteme, Mushimba and other political minds like Kelvin Sampa etc who will simply fill these voids and Kambwili, Harry and Tutwa know this that is why they will flash court injunctions to cling on to PF and use it to further their political ambitions. In opposition, none have a good chance. By 2019, ECL will remain with a better group comprising of loyalists, professionals and sharp political minds from…

    • Just as a reference. John McCain voted against the bill to scrape off Obamacare. This is was flagship priority for Pres.Trump and the Republicans. No one called for McCain`s resignation. Sessions, Minister of Justice, recused himself getting involved in investigation Russian Meddling in USA election. He was not fired by Trump. Both have something in common, they exercised their democratic rights. Kambwili, Harry, Tutwa, KBF exercised their rights, but you consider that disloyalty. STRANGE. Scott and GBM exercised their rights. In fact, you ought to commend them because they took responsibility for their choice, and remained in their party. Miles should be criticised because he is NOT principled but a political prostitute. Just like some people here who have been in MMD, UPND and now PF…

    • Just as a reference. John McCain voted against the bill to scrape off Obamacare. This is was flagship priority for Pres.Trump and the Republicans. No one called for McCain`s resignation. Sessions, Minister of Justice, recused himself getting involved in investigation Russian Meddling in USA election. He was not fired by Trump. Both have something in common, they exercised their democratic rights. Kambwili, Harry, Tutwa, KBF exercised their rights, but you consider that disloyalty. STRANGE. Scott and GBM exercised their rights. In fact, you ought to commend them because they took responsibility for their choice, and remained in their party. Miles should be criticised because he is NOT principled but a political pro.stitu.te. Just like some people here who have been in MMD, UPND and now PF.

  9. Paipaa panoo…Dizmoo batata, paipaaaaa, $9 million muli iwee poboooo….naka Dizmo rap “nibadyesaa chorela” poboooo!!!

  10. Hon. Tutwa Ngulube has presented his case. Statement from the PF secretariat is yet to come but worthy hearing. You can’t run the party based on threats and expulsions against those with dissenting views. It is always ‘resign’ ‘leave us alone’. Is this the thinking all there is in PF?
    When I say there is no PF anymore, you transiently experiences heart attacks and nightmares. We have a mammoth of work to do to have PF back.
    Bemba adage goes ‘Chimbwi ukulila pali epo ashintilile’.

    • When the republicans AS A COLLECTIVE decided to go against Trump and refused to repeal the Obama Care act, did you see any maverick senators going to the media to issue any statements??? No, they discussed it internally, decided on a course of action and Trump respected the stance of the PARTY. Tutwa, like the greedy, stone age and primitive African politicians he symbolizes, decides to issue disparaging, not dissenting, views against his party in public domain and media, without following laid down party procedures and expects the president to back him???? And as expected, the opposition will hold him in high esteem and hurl unpalatables at PF. WHAT A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS OUR POLITICS IS IN, OPPOSITION IS TAKING US BACK TO THE STONE AGE!!!

    • Grand Old Party is about issue-based politiking. We will issue based yet we have a long way to go. Do the gap analysis in PF and intervene accordingly. Running your gut-feeling without a base of voters is in futile. RB and MMD were foretold about their problems, didn’t they reap and publicly wept bucket full!
      I am a Luapula boy..‘Chimbwi ukulila pali epo ashintilile’…I have a strong base of voters! Reminds of Monk SQR: tiye iwee!

    • @Ng’umbo: If you feel you have a strong base of voters, let Kambwili, Harry and Tutwa resign and prove their popularity.

    • It’s the proverbial “ukutuka ing’wena uchili mumenshi”. There is no constitutional right here, Ng’umbo, it’s all lack of morals, principles. Levy, Sata are examples of politicians with morals, they quit their parties when they were not happy. Let them declare their interests, let them cross to NDC and contest their seats from a platform they are happy to associate with. They are low down dirty politicians who lack integrity, morals and principles and should be stashed in the rubbish heap of political dust bins!!!

    • Zambian Citizen ulampapusha saana! To you, people of integrity are those within the courtyard of PF. right?

    • Speak of integrity…..from someone who has been in MMD, UPND and now stunt supporter of PF. Where is integrity here?

  11. Good to c that pf is under going a self cleansing. O those with tu selfish agenda of becoming president now are rearing their heads. Unfortunately they are being coxed by another greedy pig (without a neck). So let all these noise makers come out clean so we can see were they belong kuli ka NDC kabo. We will meet them in 2021.

    • Who told you that aspiring for the position of president in a political party or country for that matter is a selfish agenda. In a democratic dispensation, competition of ideas is cardinal. It’s what keeps a democracy thriving. You should go back and learn grade 8 and grade 9 civics. Every person has the right to aspire for any office in this country. That’s why you’re destroying your political party (PF). To you, anyone with a different idea of how things can be done is an enemy of the party. The best thing to do is to listen to the ideas of each key member and make a decision or subject it to a vote but if you going to be chasing everyone who exercises their democratic right then you’re not going anywhere.

  12. The biggest problem we have in Zambia is that membership to political parties is governed by expectations of monetary gains or jobs in the cabinet or diplomatic missions abroad. Few Zambians join political parties because of principles or because of the attractiveness of a party’s programs or ideological direction; most are attracted by expectations of material gain will accrue to them by virtue of that membership. If they cannot get what they desire to get, they resign, defect, or form their own political party. This is the case with Kambwili, Musenge, Kalaba, and now Ngulube. We lack politicians with eternal and enduring principles and loyalty like Tiyaonse Kabwe of UNZA and Captain Mukengami of Livingstone who have vowed to be loyal to UNIP till the end of their days.

    • Spot on!!! And after all that, we have the whole opposition and their supporters that will idolize Tutwa, Harry and the like. I always ask myself, are our politics in Zambia, maybe even Africa, progressing or regressing?? 27 years after the introduction of multi-partism and democracy, the caliber of our politicians is not improving. Morals are degrading, principles are going down.

    • Yes morals must driven by some semblance of morality, UNIP till now has had clear guidelines for their association, however, MMD [a bunch of condemned creatures for thefts, embezzlements, corruption, witchcraft, rapists, drug traffickers etc, these are the same guys who went on to form PF – the “Patriotic Fraudsters” ask KBF and Germano Mutale Kaulung’ombe they knows it all and are specialists in this area.

    • @Facts, I totally agree, and I keep on saying the same our political environment is totally flawed. It’s not about patriotism to contribute but it’s about feeding one`s belly first. This is called political prostitution.
      However, I am of a view that political prostitution should be separated from political pluralism, meaning being able to stand up and say what is wrong. The named: Kambwili, Musenge, Kalaba, and now Ngulube, were all in the Party where they raised their voices. But you can not fight another person`s opinion by firing him or expelling them. It’s not about idolizing Tutwa, Harry and the like. It’s about the level of democratic maturity in Zambian politics. The people who are voicing out against expelling are not necessarily opposition, we are just normal people looking…

    • cont:
      The people who are voicing out against expelling party members are not necessarily opposition members, instead, we are just normal people looking from outside Zambia and looking at it from a different perspective without flawed minds that come with any political affiliation.

  13. Is Tutwa’s approach or analogy,” halt my expulsion because there is S.I 79, but please do proceed once it is no longer in effect?”

    • KK was hammered with a US$.179 million dollar equivalent Legal Bill by guys like Sakwiba Sikota and friends, Lewis Musho tendered US$.120 Million against Shoprite [Just follow what Bill will come out the Liquidation of Post Newspapers], Germano Mutale Kaulung’ombe went away with almost all sale proceeds of the Assets of Livingstone Motor Assembly, Zambezi Sawmills etc, these are billions of USD and GRZ has not queried anything to date!

      What Tutwa is asking for must just be subjected to the High Court Tax-master for fair and equitable billing schedules. Unfortunately that the the Legal Procedure before the Laws of Zambia.

  14. Tutwa must have been engaged in a lot of behind the scenes work for the party warranting a US$9 Million dollar bill which the president and the SG are aware of. The party would be well advised to pay up if they owe, lest a lot will come out of the wash! When you have a party led by cadres and corrupt thieves (as Laura Miti rightly asserts elsewhere), there is no honour! Hence Tutwa may be aggrieved. As if this is not bad enough, the King Rat appoints another cadre into parliament to propagate the rot in the house. This is the kind of leadership we do not deserve! One hopes they succeed in this self – destructive mode for the good of the motherland.

  15. let him join upendi . He thinks money grows on trees.

    today you dont see gbm ubunga and trucks because he was milkin govt

    these are criminals in waiting

    pf must be cleansed

  16. Of interest is the breakdown of the $9.0M, how did Tutwa arrive at that figure? Do they teach legal arithmetic at ZIALE? I ask because most lawyers are fond of ridiculous financial demands

    • FLAG they do basic Bookkeeping and Accounts, but first look at the Legal Practitioners Act and how these Lawyers are empowered to exhort money out of poor and unsuspecting and all trusting clients. A simple example; A Lawyer of Tutwa Ngulube’s standing at the Bar is entitled by LAW to as much as ZMK. 8,000.00 per hour for LEGAL FEES! If he justifies that he was working round the clock 24/7.

      This will worked out to something like ZMK. 93, 440, 000.00 which is equivalent to US$. 9.0 MILLION.

      Ask Hon Makebi Zulu, he was charging deposit of US$. 100,000.00 for any political case!

  17. Tutwa is obviously still sulking over his non-appointment to a cabinet position. His sour grapes are understable.The likes of Dora Siliya,Vincent Mwale,Bowman Lusambo were nowhere near in the struggle for Edgar to be adopted as PF candidate after Sata’s death in 2014. But on the other hand the way I think of this man even if he was appointed to a cabinet position he would still have ‘rebelled and dared’ the appointing authority like Lucky Mulusa did.

  18. Guy Scott told tutwa not to go ahead with illegalities. He went ahead and declared papa as winner at the convention of hand raising. Today he wants to tell us shit? If we say chaps like him don’t see beyond their bellies will hold us accountable? He’s a disgrace both to himself and to heaven above for bringing tobus all this misery…crucify him! Crucify him!

  19. This is a recipe of crooked leadership. When thieves act together, they in some cases kill each other over the spoils. The way EC ascended to power was done so crookedly by the same Tutwa and KB PF. Tutwa played a role by ensuring that ECL was elected by illegal show of hands and KBF went to wake up the now constitutional court judge to sign an injunction at 01. Since the time came to share, the other guys have not been considered in the scheme. So they are reacting.

  20. US$9milion in unpaid legal fees for 3yrs is nothing and very reasonable. The honorable plans to use the money to develop his constituency hence let PF pay him. TUTWA is a serious lawyer and very intelligent he was supposed to be JUSTICE MINISTER not the Diploma Holder from NRDC Given Lubinda.

  21. So it is still happening, people sharing public resources without any fear of of possible reprisals from the general public??? What has this chap Ngulube done to deserve such a payment???

  22. I agree with some of you, solicitors have all the right to charge exorbitant amounts beyond the means of a common man!!! in developed countries its even worse bane….

  23. Twatu Lunguwe, What are your daily rates. Don’t tell me you are that expensive.

    If you charge $1000 per day, you can only earn 365,000 per year. But you don’t work everyday. Let’s say you work 300 days. Then your earnings are $300,000 per year. For five years, your dues are 1.5m.
    The 9m bill is therefore a fraud.
    By Induction, you are a thief trying to defraud government and PF.

    U$D 9 Million?????
    Zambian’s always question how in just 18 Months, the Rotten & Corrupt P.F had amassed debts in excess of 12 Billion U$D, more than K.K had managed in quarter of a century.

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