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Government declares one week of national prayer and fasting for Cholera and rains


Minister of Religious and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of Religious and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili

Religious and Guidance Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili has announced that Zambia will pray and fast from Monday, 15th January, 2018 to 21st January, 2018 for rains and against cholera outbreak.

Rev. Sumaili has since called upon every Zambian to offer 30 Minutes of Prayer for seven days as the church joins the war against the Cholera outbreak.

“Servants of the Most High God. A 7 day fast has been declared starting from Monday the 15th of January to Monday the 22nd of January. It is a Nationwide fasting and prayer to Kick out Cholera. We are standing on 2nd Chronicles 7:14, Daniel 9:3-23 and Is 1:19,” she said.

“Every Zambian is called upon to offer 30 mins of prayer for 7 days. Prayer points will be circulated. Church Mother bodies will send circulars to their members. ZNBC and Radio Christian Voice will carry out live prayers at the watch of the hour led by servants of God i.e 6, 9, 12, 15, 18. Let us pray for the success of this program,” Rev. Sumaili said.


  1. People of God… I am a believer and so are most of the other high esteemed beloved Zambians out there.

    Cholera has nothing to do with God! Please leave God out of this…

    We are just filthy and that was the reason for cholera! God has given us everything and surely let’s use what he has given us to prevent cholera coming again.

    Why are we praying for our already answered prayers. Why don’t we pray for the thieves in Government to experience the wrath of God? Those are people bringing cholera, because they are squandering the money meant for sanitation, building descent houses and creating industries and bring jobs in the country.

    Minister, am not hollier than thou but your prayers are misapplied and misallocated just like your public funds.

    Is there anything we can do…

    • Con’t — right as a nation?

      Give a Zambian fish and you will feed him for a day, give him religion and he will starve praying for that fish to eat again!

    • Mwebantu are you serious? And where is the president? This is the time when we need leadership, address us and give us hope, then act accordingly. Zambia is not poor we just have poor corrupt leadership

    • No freaking way, that’s not the way a real GOVT works. Start developing the all nation and start offloading the city of dirty Lusaka. Everyone in now lives in Lusaka, no wonder there’s too much rubbish.

    • Don’t be tempted by the shiny apple
      Don’t you eat of a bitter fruit
      Hunger only for a taste of justice
      Hunger only for a world of truth
      ‘Cause all that you have is your soul

      – Tracy Chapman

    • This is the most stu…pid statement since the beginning of time. These id..iots are a failed human race. Can’t say more, disgusted

    • Today Lazy Lungu wants prayers when this disease started in October when he was touring all over the place like in Swaziland


    • Here we go again. Looking for spuer natural intervention even when we know the answer. Pure doctrine. This won’t take us anywhere.


    • So for a change, you are now blaming God for bringing Cholera.You want people to fast for a week when they are already fasting with hunger.
      Forget it, and don’t take Zambians for granted. Useless ministry. Is this the value this ministry adds?

    • When KK wamuyaya ran out of ideas to develop Zambia he invited a satanic group from India, (Heaven on Earth) to create a paradise. He forgot that it was his leadership style that worked against any plans to develop the country. For example thousands of tons of maize were washed away by rains every year, without a clue how to safeguard Zambia’s most precious staple. Yet the solution to that was simple. Cleaning the environment and enforcing cleanliness laws is all you need to prevent cholera, not prayers.

    • And some empty tins will post here asking us to give solutions…surely do you think such a corrupt group of liars can ever listen to solutions? The lazy President himself is cowering somewhere behind a bar…how do you declare such things without considering productivity…these are truly WASTED YEARS!!

    • Hey you got it wrong girl! We need national prayers against corruption. And yeah everything will be cleaner after the prayer is answered

    • People be afraid, actually very afraid. I am seeing something worse coming if this is how our leaders will continue behaving.

  2. Is this PF a Joke? Why pray for a problem you created yourselves?
    And praying for Rains really? Are now leaving in ancient days,simple explanation, there is Global warming.

    • People who are paid to use their brains to solve economic problems want the easy way out and become preachers. Please resign and become a pastor, and let those who can do the job do it.

  3. This is a courageous move! We should also extend the prayers for God kill corruption in PF government as it lead to Cholera. Instead of spending money on local government garbage collection they bought 42 fire tracks one fire track for the price of three. The nation should not be invited to prayer against results of a corrupt government but a new clean and more thinking government.

  4. Oh please! Right said @ Zambia never learns! Prayers to intervene for being lazy? What a waste of time for a prayer lasting 30 minutes! I thought beseeching God for anything must be direct to the point and not waffling on about nothing! Minister you don’t have to justify existence your useless ministry!

  5. Hehehehehe

    This is chipantepante for sure ……GRZ spent your time and efforts collecting and diverting bussiness rates from your PF cader rats who run public spaces and divert those funds to properly funded cleaning and maintenance teams…..

  6. Thank God for saving you. But please don’t let false prophets ask for money during this period. They will take advantage, ask you to offer more for their pockets. If you want to offer any thing to God, please feed the orphans and street kids, the disadvantaged, visit prisoners etc.

    Never let yourselves to be taken advantage of and start giving money to the greedy.

    Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me.
    Find time to reflects on Jesus life of examples, and read through Sermon on the Mount.
    Also find find time to remember your ancestors, and don’t be completely be lost by what you hear.
    They are your African saints. In difficult times we thank God through his son Jesus, but we also praise our ancestors and ask them to intercede on our behalf to God.

    • There’s no entity called God. It’s a figment of human imagination.

      I just knocked out a minister of religion with the fact that: there is no evidence that there’s a God.

      If there indeed was a God as described in the bible, a book that is short on truth, there wouldn’t be such chaos in the human world. Drop this almight concept person because it’s false.

  7. Another example of the intellectual vacuum referred to by elder statesman chikwanda.
    Designed to deflect from the current crisis in zambia.
    We have a problem, the government answer is to pray.
    My suggestion is to effectively govern for all zambians and actually accept responsibility of government .

  8. Cleanliness is next to Godly. You can’t pray God with dirty all around you. Even in the bible we see Moses taking off his sandals while standing before God. Sandals are dirty they carry all sorts of things. That is why they leave them outside the temples and synagogues.
    So the Govt must practice that which is Godly, keeping surrounding clean. They collect levies and duties from all sorts of corners but fail to provide service.
    The citizens too should learn to keep surroundings clean. Stop throwing litter everywhere.
    Those selling things should also carry a small dust bin by the side, and ask whoever buys to through the remains in the bin and in turn they can take it to the big rubbish bins.
    To trade, Govt should only allow those with rubbish bins by the side to trade, else one…

    • Sandals carry all sorts of things and therefore are dirty. They carry all sorts of things from God’s earth. God’s earth must be filthy because it has all sorts of things. No wonder disease cannot be eradicated. It inheres in the earth.

    • Zambia is not going anywhere under these lazy dumbbells, when it comes to corruption they are quiet today the send this useless evil minister !!

  9. Fire incompetent public officials,mandate cleaner sanitation standards and designate a day of public cleanup per month – that’s the only real prayer that’ll do wonders.

    Fyi ,God doesn’t answer prayers of ignorant lazies and incomptent foolz.


  11. Unbelievable! How to mock God? S**thole country for sure, caused by these hypocrites and pretenders. Apparently out of the many other countries, God or is it the devil only hates Zambia. Apparently God has brought Cholera to Zambia to test her people’s faith and her resolve to upholding Christian values.

    What kind of thinking is this? Just unbelievable!

  12. Kwena taata bupuba ubu! Mulepepa ukutila Lesa atupele bakateka abamaano. Teaba bakabolala abafisamina muli Lesa. Countrymen, if you pray let it be so that God gives each one of us to the wisdom to realize that this thieving, trial-and-error govt is not taking us anywhere other than early graves! All the money that they have been abusing, they still edit etc relief from God? Which God?

  13. Kwena taata bupuba ubu! Mulepepa ukutila Lesa atupele bakateka abamaano. Teaba bakabolala abafisamina muli Lesa. Countrymen, if you pray let it be so that God gives each one of us to the wisdom to realize that this thieving, trial-and-error govt is not taking us anywhere other than early graves! All the money that they have been abusing, they still expect relief from God? Which God?

  14. Lets pray for better wisdom for Zambians ,more competent leaders and that the hard lessons learned so far will change us into better citizens like Rwandans did after 1994 bloodshed.

    • All leadership is bestowed by God. So says the book. It appears to me that God doesn’t have the skills to know who would make a good leader and who would not.

  15. Madam Minister and Government , we need to instead against corruption , for hardworking wisdom for the President and all in Government , PF and all opposition leaders , also back this with behavior change as is in Rwanda , but very important spatial planning and more

    Donot be forced by these people who live offerings and tithes , not even used the way God or Jesus would have done or loved us to .Lets stop being foolish hypocrites

  16. Am I reading right? Why are these people so stupid that they suggest things that completely expose their incompetence and ineptitude?

    Iwe Chi Con Woman chi Godfridah, whats your purpose in life apart from siphoning scarce Zambian resources to fill your already Bloated useless body??
    Zo- ona Zed is a real Sh1th0le Nation!!
    Godfidah if your prayers work, why didnt you simply fast, gnash teeth, & pray to God, to make the filth to disappear from that toilet City Lusaka?
    Answer is because Godfridah you are a shameless Con Job, & charlatan, just like P.F, officials, & the many Prophets infesting our communities preying on the ignorant masses.
    GO TO HELL!!

  18. I think someone on the inside deliberately wants this government to fail even more, otherwise how does someone suggest this prayer facade? You cant keep mocking God. These gimmicks have gone past their “use by dates” try something else such as being honest and accepting your failures.

  19. When I call Edgar Lungu – Lazy Bum Edgar you think its an insult ….surely who declares one week fasting for rains and fighting cholera in this era…Zambians wake up from your docility. This folly has to end, we have a country to build …these are wasted years, these thieves are not up to job!!

  20. God helps those that help themselves. Government need to implement laws that promote and deter health and safety isssues by educating or fining people who breach these laws. As a fellow Zambian , this issue is embarrassing and infuriating. The Government has not shown leadership on this matter and now they think prayer will magically make people become aware of the causes of cholera or other health related issues. #jokerstotheworld

  21. Clean water, decent sewage systems , decent housing all need to Co exist along with people whom practice clean habits.
    That is what will prevent Cholera .
    Prayers and Bible bashers will do nothing to help.
    Zambia has the resources being lime to make the cement , Zambia has the agrigrit , the two components required to make the cement to build the pipes to carry away the sewage, Zambia has the man power to build the oxidation ponds , yes build them the old way by man power this gives employment to many and is cheaper in the long run than with machines. After all this how all construction was carried out 80–100 years ago. The same can be done for bring in clean water and building decent housing.
    It can be done eagerly, just requires good organisation skills , for thought and…

  22. Religion and worship is an individual choice.It is not legislated nor mandated. As to why we have a ministry of such, per se, defies logic.I am not pure in religious thought but how does fasting resolve problems? The hon minister seems to be pontificating from her salaried job.Why dont we name a pope? We will solve problems easier.

  23. I am no fool having been heavily involved in the roading, town building, water harvest and farmland developement industries for more than 45 years.
    I have the sound practical knowledge learnt over those ensuing years .

  24. “Prayer without works is dead.” Let us be more practical as prayer alone will not save lives nor provide the desired clean drinking, good hygiene …hello

  25. Allan cron. You are so correct we have abundant untapped manpower that is hungry, provide employment ease hunger and build self respect.
    Let govt create national projects, funded by govt not borrowing, and utilise the abundant labour.
    We get investors that contribute money but create limited employment . We want manufacturing, industrialization yet we can’t even dig sewer lines

  26. Iwee Godfred musumaili, you are a joker. You don’t need prayers, what are you hiding from, your fire tenders, ambulances, mukula, and now because of your stupidity not cleaning the city, you want to ask for prayers, who is going to listen to you. And the weather forcus says Monday and Tuesday its raining, forget about it. You are a hypocrite. Fake rev.

  27. My friends from the medical fraternity tell me that we are lucky thst its not raining. Otherwise this cholera would have been worse.

  28. I don’t think it’s wealth to have this ministry of religion, it does nothing, this Musumaili, she is always traveling , the ps is the one who does all the work. She is a tourist. This a waste of tax payers money to creat this ministry. Atizambia isn’t a Christian country Bull sheet. Very corrupt and dirty nation.

  29. We already have GOD given intelligence and knowledge that being dirty leads to cholera GOD has already given us his reply to cholera, what more do you want minister?

    I agree with the quote from above by Zambia Never Learns, which I will repeat :-

    (Give a Zambian a fish and you will feed him for a day, give him religion and he will starve praying for that fish to eat again!)

  30. @Matador-you are right. God has stopped the rains to help Zambia organize. We have no shortage of rains this season. Churches have been banned from meeting Madam. Is it appeasing the church after realising the consequences? MWILATUBONFYA NGE FIKOLOPO. HOW IS NOT HAPPY. FIRST THING APOLOGIZE FOR ANTAGONING THE CHURCH

    • Iwe Tofo there was a rainbow during or after one of these prayers ala! We will see another one on on on on on.. What’s the date for ending this fast prayer?

  31. Don’t pray my ignorant people ,just change your behaviours and backward culture and everything will take care of itself.Faithless communist China certainly doesn’t have cholera,does it?

  32. Just follow me, come pray with me that God gives wisdom, determination and strength to ALL our leaders that they never, EVER AGAIN, allow street vending in our beautiful towns and cities EVER AGAIN, now and in future, give them the votes that they seek without relying on street vendors and without compromising our cleanliness and health.
    That is my prayer, everyone please design yours and pray, its a more civilised and healthier alternative to inciting riots and rioting. Amen.

  33. You want to pray for more rains ?? More of you will die like flies with cholera when those pit latrines wash into your bore holes…..

    • God has it already covered, this little dry spell will be no more very soon, by the way this minister should learn to use her Android or iPhone apps especially apps like accuweather, for weather forecasts, it’s already focused rains will be back. Let them not cheat people.

  34. You 5tupid ungodlly cow, People are been fasting for years now because your fellow CORRUPT ministers have been stealing from them.
    Go to hell you ungodly witch

  35. Cholera has nothing whatsoever to do with prayers .We do have enough water in our country .It is high time you started providing tap water and sanitation to Zambians . You have been too comfortable staying in Kabulonga enjoying the trappings of being a minister with tap water running 24/7 and a flushing toilet and you don’t give a shi* about the people that gave you that jolly good job .Your job has been to trot around the globe , arrest people for nothing, earning trolly loads of allowances and stealing from the poor you scum bags .

  36. Zambians in denial. Ur told pf and its leadership is shithole u say we are bitter, tribal, losers. Smell the cholere. Prayer and fasting to end cholera?

  37. Hopefully Trump will not get to know this praying and fasting business against cholera. Otherwise his next comment on Africans will be too insulting and demeaning.

    • Trump is painfully correct and honest. Blacks actually annoy god.If there had been no dry spell the cholera would have been worse!! Pray to God that lucky there’s been a dry spell.Africa twasebana!!??

  38. Madame if I were you I would be quiet in this matter. Do you really believe we the people of Zambia are dull to believe every foolish utterance that comes out of your mouth? Where is the president to address the nation and give us some hope? aLSO WHERE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO PRAY AS CHURCH GATHERINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED? in a bar as minister Mwale allowed bars rather than churches to trade .CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS. DO YOU THINK BECAUSE WE ARE NOT ALL MINISTERS THAT WE LACK INTELLIGENCE? STOP STEALING AND PUT THAT MONEY INTO HEALTH AND SANITATION.

  39. In my previuos life not too long ago I knew some suppliers of electricity poles under corruption. They never hid or denied the practice, nor they stopped and repent, never. Today they are helping a prominent opposition leader to design and proclaim the “fight” against corruption.

  40. How ludicrous! you ‘re better off declaring national cleanliness day where councils around the country order people to clean up. Zambia full of engineers and doctors, why have they opted to remain mute? Is it really that difficult to build proper drainage and provide clean water? We have some of the most advanced undergrounds mines in the world and you are telling me, we can’t put up a good sewer system or drainage? Nonsense Zambians deserve better.

  41. Jay Jay and others, if you are honest with yourselves, unfortunately updn is not the alternative that Zambia seeks. As Stephen Sackur told hh, “your policies if you have any at all are no different”. Its leadership they have their own baggage. Thats just the leadership ka. In the general membership, if you peruse the AG’s report and names are named awe sure. Pots calling the kettle black!!!

    Democracy? Please be kind to me today is sunday. All I can say is that none of them is elected, from head to toe.

  42. Praying for rain when you are indiscriminately cutting trees for charcoal? One of the conditions for rain is trees forests. Take care of the environment. 10 years from now these charcoal burners will make our forests disappear. Ive been to Zimbabwe been to south africa you will never find charcoal burners like zed.
    Use your brains you shitholes!!!

  43. UPND and HH, please stop mocking prayer and fasting. Please take heed and read history, God can’t be mocked. If you continue disparaging remarks against prayer, your party and its functionaries will disintegrate before 2021.

  44. God is looking for politicians who will provide clean water, clean enviroment, clean food, flashing toilets and above all empowering people with resources that will enable them earn a living. Then he will look down from heaven a see a justy society not political gmmicks to hoodwink people no.

  45. Nothing wrong with prayers and fasting, which most Zambians are already doing.

    Like many bloggers before me, the only objection I raise against this declaration is that Cholera is purely a man made disaster and not spiritual – which requires that it should be addressed physically above all.

    Why not declare a national cleanliness and awareness week instead?

  46. Declare a national month or year of prayer against corruption and poor governance. These are the basic challenges the country is facing today.

  47. Pharaoh’s Family to many pestilences in your reign, locusts, army worms, cholera, mukula deforestation, thuggish cadres, impele, swine fever, farmer e-voucher delays,…

  48. It’s already focused that it will rain next week & u want to say that it rained because of prayers & fasting. Cry my beloved country. The pipo especially the vendors have no food for almost two weeks now due to lack of business which is due to clean up going on & u want them to fast. What’s your intention? To have another outbreak of starving pipo. If need be that we have to pray, please, please please let us pray for the following:

    Incompetence, corruption, hate on anyone who is not in your party, lack of priorities, greed, petty & stubbornness.

  49. We have had useless govt officials before, but in PF led govt we have a bunch of fools are bent on misleading the nation at all costs. The mafias will never take responsibility for anything and will only hide in religion and the docile Zambians will run for this nonsense as shying away will mean you are satanist. What a waste of time and resources by these govt. Instead of making life easier for the citizen they are constantly making it hard.

  50. This is a good thing, a platform for all leaders of churches to preach about the importance of cleanness at house hold level, community level and national level instead of always preaching about offerings . As Christians our great leader is GOD who’s son governs through his chosen people (Church leaders) to give proper leadership concerning how Christians should lead they lives not only in prayers but also in action (had working) . We are to show love to our neighbors in action and in prayers. Due to selfishness we have brought this pandemic upon our selves hence the need to repent through fasting and prayers , not only for pandemic also for other sins we have committed before we face the consequences of our sins.

  51. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these cholera and rains will not be. The problem is that we want to use God.

  52. I will pretend you a chartered accountant trained in London never mind your famous sorjourns with your course mate accountant leading to an over grown child still resident in your home…please declare fasting against corruption something even the head of state is ‘shocked’ at he will be calling his ministers one by one this week and we hear next week there will be a cabinet overhaul we also here acc will be summoning ps and directors…for me that’s where real prayer is required….also lets fast for our people to be clean for we way too dirty….

  53. I have never witnessed such stiff naked *****s in my life. And they will all flock to pray instead of improving sanitation.

    Cholera is not a religious issue you fools. It’s a hygiene issue that needs hygienic solutions, not prayer.

  54. How on earth can you make poverty stricken citizens to fast when they already fast 3 quarters of their day to day livelihood??? Even in times of Idia Amin such nonsense was never exhibited during his 8 year reign of terror!!!!! Plse get rid of that religious ministry because that former british colony needs hard working leaders and not prayers to manage the affairs of the country!!!! grow up!!

  55. Good god. Zambians wake up and smell the roses. This is a man made crisis; it’s not from outer space. Poor water and sanitation. Dirty social habits. Poor council infrastructure. Overcrowding. Poverty. Desperate politics.

    Sorry Donald is right. A right hole. We only have ourselves to blame.

    Since the crisis is man made, ergo the solution is man made. Professionals know the answer. Build water and sanitation. Provide waste management. Clear up the environment. Feed the poor. Provide jobs. Close the Ministry or spend savings on health education and environment protection. Cut government waste. Ban street vending. Have respect for people’s intelligence.

    In short use science, education, and hard work to solve this. It’s not rocket science.

  56. So, all of that which we have been saying all along have been falling on deaf ears? Prayers for what? PF have been mocking us. Now they want to mock God, and yet God is not mocked. As far as cholera is concerned, are we not reaping what we sowed?

  57. What is God going to do to answer the prayers, come and start sweeping the road? Or implementing sewerage systems? Or maybe he will arrest… Ridiculous

  58. The bitterness of the opposition has not reduced since they lost both the 2016 election and the petition. The result is that it is very difficult to detect good advice from their criticism. All their good advice is drowned in their bitterness. To me this matter is simple and I will now demonstrate how it is done among civilised people:

    Mama Hon Rev Sumaili, we appreciate your desire to thank our Lord Amighty God for all that we have achieved in our fight against cholera. But this is too sensitive a time, the mood is not right for you to start a new controversy in our beloved nation. Why dont you wait until we put this cholera completely behind us and political sensitivities have quietened down before you call nation wide prayer. For now you can encourage us as individual citizens to…

  59. For now you can encourage us as individual citizens to continue praying to our God.
    Please abandon the idea of even churches beginning to congregate for even what you call short periods of time, cholera is not time based, it is contact based and even minutes are enough for transmission. You may not be a medical doctor Madam but you can sit back and await guidance and instructions from the experts. NO NEED FOR ANYBODY GOVERNMENT OR OPPOSITION PARTY TO STIR UNNECESSARY CONTROVERSY AT THIS SENSITIVE HOUR.

  60. This is Lungu and his advisors taking Zambians for f00ls. And the thinking is like….Zambians are gullible throw a prayer in the mix and problem solved! This docility is gonna kill us someday people. I suggest government takes back 15 fire Engines out of 42 and get a refund – $15m and use that cash to improve sanitation and drainage systems in our favelas around Lusaka. Now that is something worth praying for!! The weather reports indicate that Zambia will have enough rains. Is it not time to channel our prayers in healing our corrupt government?

  61. Unfortunately, this is not a joke! This the mindset of the people and these guys have read them well! There were comp!aints on the banning of prayer gatherings. One marketeer complained “manje ba lesa kuphemphela, baganiza kuti tiphemphele bwanji kuti kolera iyende?”
    You can’t make up this sh!t!!!!

  62. Awe kwena napapa. Not a single post in support of the government of a Christian nation! This is a vote of NP confidence in the declaration of a Christian nation. Let’s revoke it

  63. With due respect Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili is misleading people. All the prayers in the world will not mitigate the Chorea crisis if the root cause is not addressed. The Bible teaches wisdom. Basic sanitation and good hygiene practices to population is key.

    Zambia’s long-term solution for cholera control lies in universal access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili needs instead to be praying to God to touch the hearts of all our politicians to start doing their job to develop the country and not for their own financial gain.

  64. Ministry of religious affairs and national guidance. What guidance? The ministry itself need guidance because it is misguiding people. Wolves in Sheep skins.

  65. A Pig is a Pig! It does not matter how many long prayers you make for it. It remains a filthy pig! That is Zambia for you! You pray amiss!
    Ultimately it is Zambians to blame! They don’t know how to choose leaders. Sadly, they quickly blame their mistakes on God saying he is the one who chose bad leaders for us. One day I see this country putting a monkey on the throne and they will say it’s God who chooses. Really? I can even guess God’s answers to your prayers. Go and clean your filthy houses and be clean! Use the brains I blessed you with. God has no pleasure in f00ls!

  66. Is it safer for us to meet for prayers than the banned Sunday services? Its laughable to let loose drunkards while churches are shut.

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