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Call for national prayers in the wake of the cholera outbreak is a total mockery-Phiri


CiSCA mobilizing committee Chairperson Nicholas Phir
 Nicholas Phiri

Zitukule Consortium, a civil society organization, says the call for national prayers by the Zambian government in the wake of the cholera outbreak is a total mockery to God and the Zambian citizens.

Zitukule Consortium Executive Director Nicholas Phiri says the outbreak of cholera in Zambia has completely nothing to do with religion or God but that it is a manmade disaster emanating from lacking of robust planning, bad governance and politics of popularlism by those in power.

Mr. Phiri is advising the PF government and leadership to desist from consciously orchestrated manipulation of serious situations and focus on addressing the root and underlying causes of challenges facing the nation today.

He says political leaders take pride in calling Zambia as a Christian nation, not because they are, but because it nourishes their political expedience.

And Economic and Equity Party (EEP) Leader Chilufya Tayali says it is very clear that the PF Government is still experimenting on many governance matters.

Mr. Tayali has told QTV News that the decision by Religious Affairs Minister Godfridah Sumaili to call for a week long prayer and fasting for Cholera and rains is one that is confusing to Zambians.

Religious and Guidance Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili has announced that Zambia will pray and fast from Monday, 15th January, 2018 to 21st January, 2018 for rains and against cholera outbreak.

Rev. Sumaili has since called upon every Zambian to offer 30 Minutes of Prayer for seven days as the church joins the war against the Cholera outbreak.

But Mr. Tayali argues that last week the same government banned church gatherings in view of the outbreak of Cholera and yet now they have called for prayers wondering how people will meet to pray.

He says this is what he calls ‘Chipantepante’ because the PF policies are inconsistent.


  1. Will prayers drive away cholera!!!!!! Government should call a day off and let everyone clean the surroundings from their work places and nearby places like its done on Rwanda. Simple

    • This is the problem when you create Ministries that are meaningless. They start competing against natural logic. The logical thing to do is to cleanup the dirt around us. This is NOT done by going to sit down in church but by making people get up and go to work and remove all the garbage everywhere. Mobilize people for a good cause.A lot of people can willingly participate without government spending millions of our money. Sh!thole.

    • While any Zambians that are dull enough to listen to this nonsense, Religious and Guidance Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili will be praying for more money for Edgar CHOLERA Lungu to steal, and that it will help her keep getting paid for this ridiculous sham that is now a “Ministerial Post” which is nothing more than making nonsensical statements!
      For how long will Zambians accept being conned and defrauded out of their hard earned money by these thieves?

    • The level of incompetence by this administration is absolutely astounding. Please don’t insult our intelligence. Pray for what? For God to come and clean up your trash from your cities? This was preventable had you listened to the ordinary Zambians who kept telling you to prioritize sanitation in the country. Even God will tell you the same thing: “Go clean up your country, and set up an effective sanitation system.” Please don’t waste God’s time, by asking him to do the thing that you can do by yourselves. If your house is filthy and as a result your children are getting sick, the solution is not prayer. The solution is to get up and clean the house yourself. God hates laziness. So he’ll not hear your prayers as long as you’re not willing to keep the country clean by…

    • (Continue)… yourselves. All sane thinking Zambians shouldn’t participate in this, but dismiss it with the contempt that it deserves.

    • Natural logic has its origins in supernatural “logic” because it is the work of creation by God. Science and logic was created by God and he controls them. A classic example is the Red Sea crossing by the children of Israel. All logic obeyed God’s supernatural command and the laws of gravity and dynamics were suspended temporarily (Exodus 14:21-22). The Bible calls such an occurrence a miraculous sign. What about the widow’s little oil? By natural logic the jar of oil should have been poured out empty in the first instance. But what kept replenishing the jar until the last of the containers that she collected was filled, putting a stop to the flow of oil? He is God, beyond yours and my understanding. Even in our time, it is common knowledge that God has responded to prayer for rains,…

    • Even in our time, it is common knowledge that God has responded to prayer for rains, despite drought conditions exerted by natural law. Everything in creation including diseases is within God’s control. So do not doubt the power of prayer, for God is waiting for someone to do exactly that even as we continue with our own efforts to put down cholera. Nothing is impossible with God.

    • Rakho lokho shanda ndiya, Riya ba shandara, ribokolo, donkela kandolo.
      Fire upon the spirit of cholera
      fire, fire, fire,fire!!
      come out you demonic cholera vagabond
      come out, come out, come out!!

      Pwahahaha, this VISION-LESS PF Pompwes is really a fa.rt of a Govt. Shi.thole brains.Instead of rolling out water & sanitation projects, they are trying to mock God. Their downfall will be disgraceful & will serve as a lesson to all future leaders.

    • Rev. Sumaili didnt say that we shouldn’t clean up the surroundings. She requested for prayer and I dont see anything wrong with that. Thats what her ministry is for. Yes, we already condemned the filth in Lusaka and the disorderly vending.

      Also, an attempt to clean the streets was done and will still be done going forward. God can and will heal the nation from this Cholera crisis. And the Lord will also answer the prayers for the rain and it will rain, even if the rain is already forecast for Tuesday afternoon.

      Leave the Rev. alone. I plan carefully for my finances, but when things dont work out as planned due to unforeseen circumstances, I pray. And guess what, the Lord grants me wisdom or He simply resolves the problem using alternative means, which I wouldnt have thought of by…

    • What do call such a government where logic is illogical? And everyone is going crazy when Trump calls you by what you are “Sh!tholes”.. Tell us then what you are, since you are disputing his new word?

    • Zambia’s currency collapses, PF calls for prayers. Political contentions heat up and rise, PF calls for prayers. There is an outbreak of Cholera, and now the PF gov’t issues a call for prayers. There is no doubt that God answers prayers. But this is not a God-made tragedy. It is a man-made problem. Its PF’s numbskullness to blame for lack of proactive policies everywhere. God does not help clue-less incompetent leaders who do not fear Him as ECL’s corruption, drunkeness and visionlessness shows. You can not give leadership to someone who can not even manage a law firm, and who does not understand the levers of governance and policy. Zambians wake up and demand new leaders and accountability. Pure and simple.

  2. Yes it is justified to call for national prayers for the rains, not cholera. Cholera is a disaster of our own making. I do not want to go into the details of this. All of us know the problems in this country.

  3. This is what happens when you have a failed government and a religious minister who is a political cadre; there’s time for prayer for those who pray but prayer will not clean the filthy in Lusaka and Zambia; instead of praying call everyone to clean up every 30 minutes;

  4. An irrelevant minister seeking relevance
    A section in the cultural ministry would make more sence.
    Imbifi na bakasesema babufi calling foe prayer SMA

  5. Rev. minister, whatever your name is ….kindly stop this nonsense of abusing the name of the Lord. buy proper gear and chemical and ask people to volunteer in the clean up for a small payment especially in kanyama then you will see how God works when you do something about your situation than just sitting and praying…….there no miracles my dear….only had work. Amen

  6. Minister of Religion should resign for this. But I also question the religious leadership in zambia, particularly the Catholic Bishops.

    It seems to me that Catholic Bishops didn’t do philosophy. If they did, they could have objected this nonsense type of prayers. I agree people are free to pray for rain but not cholara. This is an insult to God and to us well educated Zambians.

  7. If you don’t want to fast and pray, don’t. It’s not an issue that even these money hungry NGOs should be trumpeting just to please their funders so they can splash the cash.

    • Africans are indeed blinded by religion, maybe because when you pray you don’t do no physical work….too lazy……instead of calling for every Zambian to offer 30 min to clean our surroundings ati let’s pray ?

    • @Spaka like lilo
      religion remains ‘opium’ in poverty-stricken Africa. People are totally blinded by religion. They want God to clean water for them, God to install water reticulation systems for them.

    • The cleaning up of surroundings was spearheaded by the president, that’s why every retail shop has sanitizer at their entrances for example. This exercise has heightened everyone’s conscious for the need for cleanliness already. What Hon. Musumali declared is complimentary. It is purely personal, she hasn’t asked people stop work and go and pray. If you want, you can pray at lunch and still get back to work. This issue is being blown out of proportion. If you don’t want, you wont get arrested!!!

  8. The blind leading the blind, they will both soon fall in the ditch. The writer’s expression is true PF is using God to stay in power deceiving their many blind followers. Christianity has nothing to do with feelings and claims, it is about lifestyle, values and principles is that makes one to be a Christian. You can not continue living a sexual immoral life and expect not contract sexual transmitted diseases, the same as watching your own people continually living in filthy and dirty and not to expect disease outbreak, that is why a government is elected to manage for the citizens these things. The outbreak of cholera is proof of failure by government to provide basic social services to the people. They say it must not be politicised – it must because it is a political and social…

    • This is clearly the mentality that make cholera thrive every year in Zambia. Zambian still waiting for government clean their filth. The backward habits of Zambians spitting and littering wherever they go will never eliminate cholera no matter how much organization and money anyone throws at it. Zambians litter wherever they are. Urinate wherever. Some even defecate wherever. Even where basic sanitation is provided, its sh*t every where. Do you really expect a government to come and clean up after you so you do not have cholera. Bane wise up and clean after yourselves then there will be no cholera. Those in the diaspora know what I am talking about.

  9. Too many organizations in Zambia no wonder there’s too much confusion. Prayers are voluntary. Personally I will go for my daily shawama from after ten. But I won’t disparage those who will starve themselves, it’s their choice and belief.

    • Exactly. I have reported for work, my business is still running, was buying school stuff for my child yesterday, still enjoyed Liverpool v Man City followed by Uganda v Zambia (CHAN)….NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN MY ROUTINE!!! So why should what the Minister of Religious Affairs declared be such a fuss???? Prayer is personal choice, God will not judge me because I prayed with PF or whoever, he will judge me based on my personal deeds.

    • If it’s personal and a choice, please tell your minister not to abuse public media space to announce her personal religious dealings, let her do it in her own enclosure.

    • That is why she is “religious affairs” minister. It is her duty to handle matters of religious nature. Why can’t she use public media, ya bawiso????

    • @divided and ruled….The minister only declared didn’t order that everyone must fast and pray. Your opposition to everything government is not only deplorable but despicable and desperate. You always twist things to discredit government. Of course government being run by human beings can never be without imperfection but there is still some good things.

  10. Cont…They say it must not be politicised – it must because it is a political and social failure, it is proof of failure run government no excuses. PF and their instruments must stop mocking the Holy God or else He will visit them with His wrath.

  11. Praying after using the toilet instead of washing your hands. Praying before drinking water instead of boiling it or adding chlorine. Has God not given you wisdom already?? The Useless Ministry should have used GUIDANCE (I believe thats the other part of it) to ask people to spend 30 mins cleaning their surroundings after work. Ministers could have been aired pa tv cleaning their communities as an example. Instead you choose to use God to gain political mileage and effectively book the country a ticket to next rainy seasons cholera awards.

  12. But Mr. Tayali argues that last week the same government banned church gatherings in view of the outbreak of Cholera and yet now they have called for prayers wondering how people will meet to pray.

  13. Sometimes it’s good to copy if you can paste. In Nigeria they have set a day every month which is called SANITARY DAY. Meaning that everyone or each household has to clean there surroundings thoroughly atleast once a month not forgeting the daily routine cleanups.
    Before the Chorela outbreak I used to Street Vendors sweeping as early as 06:00hrs in the morning at Kamwala shops which was being pro active.

  14. Africans are indeed blinded by religion, maybe because when you pray you don’t do no physical work….too lazy……instead of calling for every Zambian to offer 30 min to clean our surroundings ati 30 min each let’s pray ?

  15. Please Government man. stop abusing the name of the Lord.Instead of buying all those SUVs, use that money to build public toilets allover the country. The money you used to buy one SUV can build one toilet and a health post and even provide supplies for the health post for at least a year.
    Be serious. i won’t be part of your prayer band.

  16. That boy,phiri must start reading the bible not novels. He lacks spiritual understanding. If not God,who can solve our problems?

  17. For one who has alluded to public toilets, just visit townships especially on the copperbelt and you’ll agree that the facility exists but has either vandalized or abused. To support your suggestion, I think local authorities must enforce by-laws that protect public toilets from vandals. Otherwise we shall just be going around in circles.

  18. In Zambia, like many parts in Africa, it is ultimately the folk who have been to school and not the illiterate masses that have actually let their people down

  19. Paul encouraged believers to pray without ceasing , prayer is the life line of all who loved God and even those who belong to Allah they pray three times a day .
    When Christians pray it is called to be strange and political , however we servants of the most high encourage people to pray so that satan doesnt take an upper hand in the affairs of this world.
    You dont just pray when you have a problem but always and daily , you will enjoy the joy of the Lord . Mark that you have to work as well clean your house and remain tidy a clean environment is good for your health and eat good food clean clothes and behave well as a citizen.

  20. ya ok u r cleaning lusaka can i bring to the attesion of lcc that they must also sort our car parking people are parking cars any how on cairo road on the flower beds and other places lcc should tow theses cars out to their depo and must pay fine of k25000 for parking wrong and will see how clean lusaka will be and lcc will have an income

  21. Tayali does not know what prayer is all about. Prayer is the language that is used by believers to communicate with their God. To say you stopped people from gatherings to pray amid the cholera epidemic is simplifying the consequences of the disease. Prayer can be done even in the air or, and, indeed on the sea as you travel. Are you going to erect a church on the plane when in fact you may be the only christian on it? Let the believers do it their way just like our friends the Muslim do even when there is No mosque in sight.

  22. Go to kigali in Rwanda or windhoek in Namibia the two cleanest cities in africa proper Sanitary system development, township cleaning, refuse removal and drainage management these are basic social services to the people especially in towns, before you buy 42 firefighters @ 1million Us dollar each. That money is enough to have added another 42 refuse removal equipped trucks. Keep defending a failed government, until cholera will overtake your mother, unlike the Zambian police cholera does not discriminate whether you are a PF cadre it will kill you. Accept nothing but the best services from the government, that is why you elected the to serve if their sleeping on duty causes death, hold them responsible.

  23. We have always said it time and again that when you create irrelevant ministries, ministers in these irrelevant ministries will always be desperate to be heard even when it does not make sense. For example whats the point of praying for dirt and filthy in our country. You even time dirt and filthy ati you can only pray for 2 hours. It does not make sense just like others have already said. Just imagine someone drawing a salary for saying such things that don’t add value to our nation. No wonder our kwacha has no value because people are paid for doing nothing.

  24. That ministry should not even exist. The resources it gobbles up could have been used to tackle the water and sanitation issue. To imagine that her office even has an IN and OUT tray and people get paid in the ministry, including huge perks for her, boggles the mind. Zambia should never even have been declared a christian country. Not necessary at all. Leave religion to the personal and private realm. Zambia, starting from the leadership, is full of hypocrites – it is a pagan nation for the most and all these prayer ‘directives’ only serve to divert the nation from the real issues.

  25. PF like hiding behind prayers. As for this one its purely cover up for failure to provide service and hoodwining people that God will kill cholera when people after prayer will go back to drink contaminated water. Do not put God to test. Ask Bowan Lusambo about the video that has gone viral in his province where people where showing how they use plastics as toilet and they showed blocked sewer system. Do you call for fasting when people are living like animals? Come on Christian for Lungu and convenors of prayers its time to do something then after that call for thanksgiving prayers.

  26. No GOD can change approaching weather. The weather channel will show you when it will rain and where the rain is coming from. Satellite pictures from space will show upcoming weather including hurricanes and tornadoes. These natural phenomenons cannot be prayed away. But you can be prepared by boarding up your windows and staying at home until the weather passes. Those who believe God has responded to their prayers for rain are liars and totally uneducated. You have to go to school to find out what you don’t know. Otherwise you think you know everything. Read about what causes weather patterns everywhere in the world.

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