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Cholera cases continue to drop

Health Cholera cases continue to drop

Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
The Ministry of Health says they have continued to record a marked reduction in the number of new Cholera cases following the robust interventions put in place.

In today’s Cholera update, Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya said in the last 24 hours, they had 29 cases compared to the 68 cases recorded over the same period.

Dr. Chilufya said of the new cases three were recorded at Chipata, 11 at Kanyama, Zero at Bauleni, four at Chawama, one at Matero, one at Chelstone and nine at Heroes cholera hospital noting that, no deaths has been recorded in the last 24 hours.

He said nine cases were reported from Heroes Cholera Hospital, three are from Chipata Sub –district, four from Matero Sub-district and two from Kanyama sub-district.

Dr. Chilufya said Lusaka district has reported 92 cases in total under treatment and 64 discharges in the last 24 hours.

He said a total of eight new suspected cases have been recorded in other districts in the last 24 hours, four in Mazabuka, three in Chikankata and one in Chongwe.

Dr. Chilufya said countrywide there has been a cumulative total of 3260 cases and 74 deaths; of these Lusaka recorded 3,089 cases, 2,913 of which were successfully treated and discharged as at 06 hours today.

He said cumulative death toll in Lusaka stands at 68 and in other districts a total of 171 cases were reported out of which 149 have been treated and discharged and six deaths have been recorded cumulatively to date.

Dr. Chilufya added that the Oral Cholera Vaccine campaign has had overwhelming response from the public.

He said as of day five of the campaign, Chawama had recorded 162,742 total vaccinations, Kanyama stood at 217,378 total vaccinated, Matero recorded a total of 195,007 while Chipata had 320,746.

Dr. Chilufya said overall, a total of 895, 873, and 73 percent of the targeted headcount population has been vaccinated.

He said despite scaling down risk levels, government is not going to slow down its response efforts but multiply until they arrest the outbreak.

Dr. Chilufya said they are going to maintain the trend and ensure that the public health rules are adhered to avoid sliding back and loose what they have gained so far.


  1. Good Hon Chitalu Chilufya, excellent work. Please pass our congratulations to your dedicated team for a job well done under difficult circumstances. Also to commend cooperating partners and the many many Zambian donors. That is the national spirit that created Zambia.

    • In a normal country people would lose their jobs and be accountable for the preventable deaths of citizens….

  2. You call that Excellent work???? The level of Cholera cases should not have happened at all? Poor management does not deserve praises. Especially when Lives were lost. He should be held accountable.

  3. Did we even have a ministry of health? I doubt; How did a ministry of health allow the city to look like a toilet or rubbish dump? am sure that this health minister must have been sleeping like his city mayor; i trust they do’t sleep again;

  4. The problem of Cholera should be looked at in many perspectives. 1. The council have failed to provide water and sanitation facilities to the street vendors and all marketeers in the town center of Lusaka. The street vending is not the source of cholera but luck of toilets and running water. 2. Let the council allow private developers to make fee paying toilets around town center and the issue of cholera will not be blowing off the much needed resources. 3 . You can walk from end to end Chachacha, Freedomway, Cairo road, Lumumba road where street vending is down…there are no waste bins. The council has no justification for crucifying vendors for their failed duties. The out break of Cholera in Lusaka means there is a big hole in the management of the town.We should not blame cholera or…

  5. I would like to appeal to the politicians that please do not sacrifice our health for votes when elections start in 2021. Dont forget that the trigger for cholera was uncontrolled vending which made waste disposal management practically impossible to control. Congratulations for the measures you have put in place so far but dont go to sleep again because the sin will be unpardonable and the consequences will be catastrophic to contemplate.

    • In case u didnt know, 74 people perished!!!! This is a lot of of people for preventable condition like Chorela. Its actually an embarassment to ECL because it took plca in his backyard

  6. Hon. Dr. Chilufya, I can only say MWABOMBENI BAKALAMBA. Your commitment to the fight is worth emulating by many inclusive of myself.

  7. Its a shame that so many people died. Please don’t cave into pressure don’t let street vendors back to the streets.

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