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Tutwa Ngulube apologizes, to withdraw case against PF

Headlines Tutwa Ngulube apologizes, to withdraw case against PF

PRESIDENT Lungu with government chief whip Richard Musukwa (right) and Kabwe Central member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube (centre) after a meeting with parliamentarians at Parliament Building yesterday. PICTURE: COLLINS PHIRI
FILE: PRESIDENT Lungu with government chief whip Richard Musukwa (right) and Kabwe Central member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube (centre) after a meeting with parliamentarians at Parliament Building yesterday. PICTURE: COLLINS PHIRI

Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube has unreservedly apologised to President Edgar Lungu for the harsh comments he has been uttering in the media.

Mr. Ngulube has also apologised to all PF Members he might have offended by his utterances, as well as his move to take the party to court.

He has told ZNBC News that the party is bigger than any individual hence the need to promote peace and reconciliation.

Mr. Ngulube says what the party needs now is unity and not divisions.

He further says he will withdraw the court case against the PF when the matter comes up on Wednesday for the interparty hearing in Kabwe.

Last week , the Kabwe lawmaker sued the party for trying to violate his rights as an MP and party member. Speaking to journalists shortly after filing in an injunction at the Kabwe High Court, Mr Ngulube also asked the court for an injunction restraining the PF from expelling him as doing so would affect his rights as MP and as a member of the party.

“Today, the 11th of January, 2018, I have decided to sue the PF and asked the court for an injunction restraining them from victimising me because what they are trying to do is going to affect my rights as MP and as a member of the party,” said Mr Ngulube.

Mr Ngulube confirmed that the matter of expelling him from the party has now been launched and becomes a court case, adding that what remained was to serve the party in the province with the documents so that the legal battle can begin.

Mr Ngulube said as far as he was concerned, the issue of trying to expel him from the party was a serious matter because the people who are trying to do so have no authority under the PF constitution to expel an MP.

He added that the person who appointed them to push for his expulsion, also do not have the powers to appoint them.

“As far as I am concerned, this is not a matter we should even be joking about because the people who want to deal with me do not have the powers under the PF constitution to deal with the MP,” said Mr Ngulube.


  1. The shape of his head says it all? Today he says PF has brought a lot of development in Kabwe, the following day he says something to the contrary.

    • PF should sue it for defamation of $9million. Or is that Tutwa was about to swindled State house.
      I can’t forgive such a conman, only in PF.
      Who knows maybe he was on gun point???

    • The youngman Tutwa though a learned legal mind, has certainly not managed his frustrations well. There are better ways of expressing oneself to the leadership presumed detracted from appreciating deserved solidarity. Frictional politicking is one such option that wins. President Lungu has the temperament and open mind though clouded for countless executive issues that give him reasonable pressure. Deal with your internal matters amicably. If true, it is a wise move-Bravo!

    • @Titus Musankwa..the shape of the head has everything to do with your thinking because that’s where the brains are stored in case you didn’t know. If the head has too many corners, some part of the brain will be hidden from reality most of the time.

    • Is he attending the same pre-school as his fellow U5, who shouts political obscenities in public and apologizes in his heart. You know who..

    • Interesting….., we really need to examine the shape of the heads of all government officials, kick off those with heads having many corners. But Tutwa`s head doesn’t seem to have many corners.

      @Ndanje, can you show your head please, as a starting point, we need to apply this theory, and if found valid, we will use it to vet all next presidential candidates. Anyone with many corners, Out!! Just pure oval heads are required in no. 1 house.

    • Ndanje Khakis, you must stop smoking nganja. It’s to hot and you smoking alone, you start imagining things and visualise in your head. Your smoking too much weed prepared in cowdung. Fala sana iwe Ndanje Khakis

  2. Lungu knew the chap was not joking about spilling the beans on how fraudulently he was elected at Kabwe with raising of pangas in the air. Crime usually bonds people together.

  3. Scared coward… any shred of integrity that he had left in him is now outta window. They probably threatened him with arrest, maybe he has some corruption skeleton in his closet. Why is it hard to have people with principles that don’t inconveniently shift in this sh!thole country they call Zambia. Surely even poverty or low IQ couldn’t concentrate so much in one country. Even in Malawi you hear principled men and women from time to time.

    • Sorry, your washes have been defeated. PF knows how to solve it’s internal problems. It will even be more stronger and formidable to defeat the upnd and hh again in 2021.

    • #Asegai you’re spot on. I was in this butchery run by a Upnd member. The guy has got his own version of current affairs. He went through a list of people Lungu has unfairly treated. He mentioned names like Wilbur Simusa…that he’s been negotiated in Chingola (but Wilbur is an ambassador), next it was Yamfwa Mukanga according to my friend Yamfwa is struggling in Mufulira ….yet the man is an ambassador. Another was Mwenya Musenge, but Mwenya was adopted for Chimwemwe against the wishes of the local population and he lost the election and for reasons best known to himself he started attacking Lungu a few weeks after the loss.

  4. He had to be stopped by all means. He needs to be smart and 2 steps ahead of them though. He might have won now, to keep him quiet but he should not be cheated that everything is ok, they will be setting traps for him, mafia temunobe. Once trust is destroyed it is difficult to rebuild.

  5. The kingmaker is actually a chicken and unprincipled, wow! Yes, your political party is bigger than any individual but don’t forget the people of Zambia are bigger than any political party

    • Ngulube knows what a winning team looks like. He knows PF is very strong than any other party for the 2021 elections. Intelligent people do things that may appear stupid to the simple and under 5 minds.

  6. When the captain didn’t qualify to the commandership of the warship in a clean process ,then the leutenants & gunners are also duty bound to use blackmail.

  7. And how do you know all that? Havent you ever changed your mind or reconciled or repented or realised your folly in your life? Maturity is the courage to listen to advice and change accordingly. If you are appointed to lead an opposition party because you are the correct tribe the result is that you become a perpertual loser at national level elections, you never achieve the very objective that they appointed you for. You can do all gymnastic all tricks to paint yourself non tribal to appoint a few sellected tribes. As long as you dont come to terms with yourself to admmit your mistakes awe sure ni mapenzi buyo.

    Congrats Tutwa, that is the stuff what mature, great men are made of!

  8. Another topic another agenda has been set for our headless colleagues to comment themselves hoarse, no names for now but they will be sleeping flat and tired by end of day until another topic agenda is set for them, oh my what a life!

  9. Corruption? Before you yap corruption look at your own top leadeship, and the corrupt did not sneak into your party, no they were deliberately appointed with full knowledge of the appointing authority and ALL Zambians. Corruption my foot!! You are stinking of it yourself so much that your leaders cannot sit in one room without suffocating from the stench!

  10. @11 you mean as in visiting your home?
    If you mean responding to all ru.bbish spewed in this country from s.hit.ho.les, what time is he going to fight cholera?

  11. Max described you, and asked to recontest and see if you can ever win! You are suspended for 12 months to allow you to reflect on your conduct. Whether you will be adopted on PF ticket ever again your guess is as good as mine. Lastly a lawyer of good standing rarely sues for legal fees or parades what he did for a client.

  12. We’ve to now concentrate on development and not cheap devastating politics, because we ” One Zambia One nation” Mr Ngulube , thanks and that is the way to go

  13. Ngulube now that’s lacking principles ,lacking of moral fibre and living the politics of the belly.You’re a disgrace to democracy ,rule of law and to mother Zambia.

    • Only with principles will admit their mistakes. This is a winning spirit. The wishes of upnd have been urinated upon. PF is self -healing, rejuvenating itself in readiness for 2021. UPND is is still burying it’s head in the sand and cannot see reality.

  14. No wonder Trump calls us names with such nonsense.Probably he has been promised something just wait and see.

  15. If you go into politics without a sense of measuring and considering the chances to take, you’ll end up like hakainde who knows that he has no principles but believes that ‘aleisa-aleisa’ may one day land him in state house. Though, he knows that it will take him nowhere.
    Good move Tutwa, shows that you have a higher reasoning capacity.

  16. Just when I thought we have a gallant man in Tutwa Ngulube only to be disappointed by his fake apology. I wonder what happened. Did the powers-that-be silently promise him to settle what they owe him but on condition that he renders an apology? From today onwards no one will believe you Tutwa.Don’t turn yourself into a Miles Sampa.

  17. That’s the way to go ba Tutwa. Don’t be misled by the bitter and disillusioned, disgruntled UPND chaps. All they rejoice in is seeing others fail.
    Now get back to the grassroots, remember the people who put you in that position to spearhead the much needed development of Kabwe under H.E. President Lungu.
    Just take a while and imagine the critical role Kabwe and Central Province plays in realising the bigger vision of making Zambia the most wonderful and developed country in Africa under PF! Get back to work and ignore the distractors sponsored by HH.

  18. Ha ha ha ba president knows that if it was not Tutwa he would not have been a president.He should respect Tutwa for helping him.Indeed the president made fake promises to kabwe residents by promising to open mulungushi textile.he should opologize for lying.Meanwhile this matero MP should be serious.There is no water in the constituency.I don’t know what he thinks with his Councillors like abena saulosi who can’t even fix anything in his ward.Matero MP please fix Kizito road which links Mumgwi and lumumba road.The road is vital for people from Lusaka west.It’s guys making the PF very unpopular coz u can’t do anything.Pipo really miss Miles Sampa in matero otherwise ba Kazhiya tefitu

  19. Out of court deal…This chap has some dirt on his party, indeed. He sure needs to watch his back though. Note: Sunday Chanda has kept quiet on this one.

  20. Like my village mate has done. There’s too much corruption in PF but I will remain a member of the PF. What baffles me is how a man can go public to announce that his wife is a prostitute but she’ll remain his wife. How are you going to live let alone share a bed with a woman you know very well sleeps with other men. It beats all logic. Anything bad must be cut off completely. Unless that promiscuous wife is the main source of your livelihood and you’re incapable of generating your own income.

  21. That’s Zambian lawyers for you. Imagine hiring a quackery scam of society like this as a lawyer! No wonder he is called Ngulube, its for a good reason.

  22. Its an issue of someone you love having their phone off then in your lack of patience move on to start asking for a breakup not knowing that their battery had just died. Agony in this case is that Tutwa even went as far as revealing private matters in the relationship to the elders “courts” and started asking that they start sharing property and demanding his nsalamu back and all he did as a partner in the relationship. I believe president Lungu just called him directly and asked what was happening then he realized he was in the wrong

  23. ECL hasnt commented on this young mans apology , so i guess soon TUTWA shall be appointed as full cabinet minister , WATCH THE SPACE, this is in exchange of legal order that he gave to to PF

  24. Wait and see as he is getting an appointment as a cabinet minister very soon what a shame cry mother Zambia. Anyway weather u apologize or not what gone out if your mouth and mind can not be taken back. We all now know what is going on in there. And how you did it in style for them to get there you told the nation yourself and you were not forced to tell it all
    anyway good lucky my friend

  25. It’s mind boggling.
    It’s crazy.
    It’s sickening.
    It’s childish.
    What can I say sure mwebantu about these UPND people?
    You can’t have a political party where all members agree on policy and implementation issues.Differences will always be there.What matters is the ability of a party to resolve those differences if possible or to move forward in unity regardless of the differences.

    So,why should the UPND cadres be unhappy to see people resolve differences within their party?

    There is a saying that a wiseman changes his mind.
    This doesn’t necessarily mean Tutwa now agrees with the current policy direction or implementation.On the contrary,it may just mean he has changed his approach to his disagreement.

  26. The comments that I post are not meant to judge others but to prompt second thoughts to the earlier moves. Ba Ngulube, as a lawyer and at the same time a low maker must tekanya so that when you utter something, it should be expected to stand. whereas the apology may be accepted, the scar remains. Kabwe is your town and you must fight for its improvement because it is NOT the only that needs this attention. Never give up and use proper channels. Your party in government is doing better than the others before.

  27. Do we have principled politicians in this country? To me its all about what is beneficial to them as individuals and for their pockets. I pity cadres on either side of the political divide who passionately follow these characters and think they are their key out of poverty.

    • Czar, you are right no politics of service this time for sure but people that are ready for service are for sure existing.


  29. Consistancy is very important in politics.late Michael Sata preached about this issue to young politicians oftenly.Tutwa Ngulube should know where he stands in politics or else he will be finished politically just after 5 years.
    Somehow,i appreciate tongas because they are upnd day and night!!in politics once you start behaving like a headless chicken,then you are finished!!
    Hope from now Tutwa Ngulube will change and start supporting PF throughout!!only PF can win Tutwa a seat in kabwe town in 2021!!

  30. Ka Tutwa mulebako nama Principles! Today you say this mailo this, sichopeti kembo iwe! Politricks indeed!

    @Ndanje, please share the Ganja you smoke! Mwandi the ka head says it all, maybe the other side has water

  31. Though you have apologised Hon Tutwa Ngulube, it does not mean president Lungu will consider you for anything. He is still awarding MMD. You original PF are perpetual spectators in your own party because Mr Lungu’s godfather of politics RB dictates what he has to do. I feel for you people and you have shut yourself to seeing the reality. How will you speak for the people of Kabwe again? Will you have the audacity to speak about re-opening Mulungushi Textiles? Or will you accompany the president to fake re-opening of the Textlie in 2021 during election campaign? Harry Kalaba is principled and he shall be trusted by his people i am sure.

  32. Congratulations young man! That’s the spirit. We all make mistakes. As I advised in an earlier post, there was no need for Hon Tutwa to make unnecessary enmity with the ruling party which I knew he loves so much. It takes a courageous man to realise his mistakes and say “I am sorry.” I am happy that the party leadership has since forgiven him.

  33. when tutwa was all over out spoken many of you got so happy and today he has said sorry for the mistakes he made again you insult him wat kind of cadres are upnd ,really you ar u5s coming into power basankwa ha basimbi you has to convince me not your insults bravo tutwa way to go

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