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Government can’t run on social media-Chasaya


Public Service Commission Chairperson Mr. Dickson Chasaya
Public Service Commission Chairperson Mr. Dickson Chasaya

The Civil Service Commission has warned civil servants not to discuss government issues on Social media.

Chairman for the Civil Service Commission Dickson Chasaya disclosed that civil servants should not discuss any government issues on social media with the people they socialize with.

Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka today, the Commission Chairman further stated that civil servants should not discuss anything with the media on governmental issues.

He said no officer below the rank of the Permanent Secretary should give interviews to the media or discuss government business without the permission of the controlling officers.

Mr. Chasaya has however urged the civil servants to uphold their ethics as it will help them work accordingly in their execution of duty.

He explained that civil servants should be obedient, patient, and should always be secretive with anything to do with government affairs.

Mr. Chasaya encouraged all civil servants to mind what they do and behave in public and the people they meet.

He said Permanent Secretaries have always given guidance on the way the civil servants need to behave in the public domain.

Mr. Chasaya said that government cannot be run on social media, hence anyone found wanting will be dealt with.

He said with the coming up of the Smart Zambia, government is able to trace all the civil servants that are discussing government issues on social media.


    • It is a waste of resources and time moderating Social Media

      He has a point but I dont think this should be a priority

      They seem to be hell bent on making sure their good image is maintained which doesn’t quote exist in my opinion

      Congratulations Kim and Kanye on your healthy baby girl!
      You guys ROCK

      I hold a PhD



    • What is the problem with this ka kabusha kakolewa bowa, is he not past the 65 years retirement age, let him go relax at a farm, that is if he has got one.

  1. The government cannot cover its incompetency by stopping staff to divulge the rot prevalent in the system. And the Zambian is entitled to know how his/her government is being plundered and by who. Its a reflection and breakdown of the administration of the structures in the hierarchy fuelled by corruption across the strata of government. To improve on performance and efficiency government should allow for transparency and allow for whistle-blowers, otherwise Mr. Chasaya, all you will achieve is sweeping the dirt under the carpet. We should allow for naming, shaming and prosecuting those stealing from our coffers! If all you are doing is illegal and have nothing to hide you would not bother about exposure in the way you conduct business in public institutions.

    • Ba Chasaya I beg to differ with you social media is going to prevent the further outbreaks of corruption and cholera. In case you didn’t know social media is part of the technologies being used by progressive countries to address most challenges including improving service delivery and become more transparent. It is cost efficient, fast and quick to implement.
      For instance Estonia is famous for building an information technology infrastructure that has permitted widespread use of electronic services — everything from filing taxes online to filling doctors’ drug prescriptions.
      In La Paz, Bolivia, a citizen feedback system known as OnTrack allows residents of one of the city’s marginalized neighbourhoods to send a text message on their mobile phones to provide feedback, make suggestions…

  2. Mr Chasaya it is 2018. You belong in a museum or retirement home. No wonder young people cannot get jobs because of dinosaurs like you. What are you still doing working for the government.

    • That is where you get it wrong. Any institution be it governmental or the corporate world need experienced and tested people. We work in the western world and here the so called dinosaurs are respected and valued and the retirement age is 65 though you can work on after 65. That is why our country is messed up because you boys and girls think a degree from the universities where your major is rioting will land you in management with a couple years, NO. Zambia is a developed country that is short of skilled manpower and we need experienced people to contribute to the development of our country. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates was/is not a spring chicken but is more adept at using social media that the young ones.

  3. Note to Mr. Chasaya

    Dear sir,

    There are more important issues that your chairmanship needs to resolve. Several years ago, for the first time in the history of Zambia, the Public Service Commission held interviews to select diplomats to go and work in embassies abroad to promote trade on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry. Then, diplomats from this ministry were not handpicked like they are today. The head of state did not have a hand like he does today in almost all appointments. The public service commission then has clean hands. Why can’t you bring this back to your commission and stop politicians from appointing civil servants.

    It needs to be the responsibility of the commission to appoint civil servants in missions abroad. As a public service matter,…

    • My issue is not with what Chasaya is yapping about. ..appointments to foreign missions have always been influenced by the sitting president unless you’re extremely lucky as an outsider. Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Rupiah , Sata all had relatives in missions abroad. It’s a bad practice. My sister in law worked at the Zambian embassy in Angola during the Chiluba era but was sent home on indefinite leave just as soon as Mwanawasa got into office. She never went back up the time she passed on. Mr Sata had nieces and nephews in most embassies with wife and husband being posted to separate countries.

    • @Ndanje Khakis
      sad about your sister, sad readings indeed. appointment of relatives/connections is the worst form of corruption actually. I have been a victim of strong tribalism twice in my career path profile. I don’t even understand why I support them sometimes! Anyway, @economic.governance has raised valid points. Mr Chasaya has an opportunity to at least to change the way public service commission operates.

  4. Civil Servants are just people like you Mr Chasaya.Many of them are frustrated by your government.Imagine those that aare being transfered to remote ares or being retired in national interest.Those are people with faces,friends,do you think even those wako ni wako who are being left are not there friends?There are those whose professional progression is being hampared because the government is appointing cadres to jobs that they have been waiting to fill.

  5. President Edgar Lungu should retire this old man.surely if such old men are still working in Govnt,when will us young one get employed?am shocked.what did ECL see in this very old man called Chasaya?African presidents bwafya mwandi!!
    Can such a old man even understand the issue of social media?amazing!!

    • The man has made the Kabusha program very dull and not worthy it. He answers without research or with an open mind. Most of it is covered with interviews with government officials. He brushes the other presenter with veiled contempt. Not is his only old but it appears he spent most of his life in a village which explains his closed mind.

  6. No wonder jobs are very difficult to find. Employing retirees!Chasaya belongs to the old generation. This is a modern world old man!

  7. Leave the old alone..King solomon’s son consulted young men and reject the advice from older men, the results were terrible.A Country without older men’s wisdom and experience will always be a lost country.
    @Ndanje, On Kabusha programe you are spot on ..he needs to do away with interviews that are bent on time consuming leaving letters sent by various people unattended to. Please, Ba Chasaya follow the foot steps of the ate David Yumba. or your predecessor honourable Kapeya.

    • Chasaya for bushibukombe. Yes! And not supervising the civil service, is this payment in kind for campaigning for pf on kabusha akolewa bowa?

    • People are not really saying the old generation should not participate in the running of the affairs of the govt but should not hold appointments in govt long past retirement age. Let them form a pool of elders where the young can go and consult on the intricate of running govt for the good of all.It will also cause young ones rise in their respective portfolios thereby creating some employment spaces in the compressed employment base.It is time for him to go and play with his grand children.

  8. Retire this man from retirement who ever appointed him. Zambia won’t move with kabusha mentality. Let retirees retire and others to govern. Kabusha in the civil service won’t work.

  9. It’s ignorance pa Zed big time.
    Government employees are not allowed anywhere in the world to discuss government business as employees or even use their personal account on government computers to discuss government business.
    The day u are found out u will dance to the music.

  10. Obviously someone had to tell him the meaning and use of ‘Social Media’ before he could condemn it. Look old man, things have changed. You’re the type that insists on your grandchildren using logarithm books at school when solving mathematical problems even when a calculator is allowed.

  11. I don’t believe the main issue is about civil servants discussing what is going on in government on social media. Only a few are doing that.

    The main problem is the civil service’s attitude towards work or service delivery. Many employees waste too much time on social media admiring what others are posting or themselves pretending to be rich than doing what they were employed for. Don’t be deceived by people who show too much on social media. Chances are they are no where close to what they tend to portray on social media. Rather focus on doing right by what you have. Let each one of us put in just a little bit more effort in our work, irrespective of how much we earn. It should not always be a case of what’s in it for me. We should try and put the end goal of where we want our…

  12. Zambians donot show or expose your ignorance in public , as the old man is doing , it is really shameful ,
    what is for Government is for us , as Government is about people . Also that in the new way of Decentralization and so called Smart Zambia , what is expected is that Councils can actually social media to effectively engage and involve effective citizens participation .

    Also that before you so called laws and rules and policies they should be effectively be debated as is in America , even when the Presidents takes to senate it is brought back or refused, further citizens even sue and laws canceled that is America , so not here , please stop your ignorance, protect Zambia from criminals and dictatorship, note that dictators are made by those who eat from them , so us who eat…

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