Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Government Cholera Update Media Briefing



  1. Response heart warming, thank you very much concerned parties. We sincerely greatful and we entreat you to continue with your generosity until we lid Zambia of this ugly monster_ cholera

  2. 3 flag AlbertC >>> thats right no more street vending.. don’t listen to poeple that say what are they going to eat. Quickly build descent market. Bravo ECL for being this courageous. So far , you one of the courageous President.. you signed the 50+1 constituition, You increase electricity for the seek of investment now you removed street vendors … you are something my preisdent…

  3. Many thanks donors for your invaluable assistance in the fight against cholera. God bless you all. My only hope and pray is that , as other bloggers have already said, there will be no more street vending. I appeal to the President and his government not to listen to these cheap politicians who want to make a political capital out of the cholera outbreak. It is better you leave a legacy that you stopped street vending than engage in politics of appeasement. A vote cannot be more precious than saving a human life.

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