The Nkana Water and Sewerage Company has embarked on a water and sanitation rehabilitation project which will involve overhauling most water and sewer pipe lines in Kitwe, Kalulushi and Chambeshi.

The project will include the expansion of the water supply and sewer services management by the water utility company.

It will cost US$200 million and funded by government and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Kitwe today, Nkana Water and Sewerage Company Public Relations Manager Bivan Saluseki said water pipe replacement works have already started.

Mr. Saluseki said water and sewer pipes have been replaced in the area covering the Nkana East treatment plant to 17th Avenue along Central Street.

Others are Wusakile, Mindolo, Buchi-Kamitondo and Ndeke while St. Anthony had new water and sewer pipes installed.

He said once the project is completed, the company will improve its provision of water to all its clients and will connect new clients to water.

And Mr Saluseki said the water utility company has obtained meters to ensure that all its 60,000 clients are metered to enhance its revenue collection.

He added that the water utility company is also installing pre-paid meters although the process is being done at a slow rate because the concept is still new to most clients.

Nkana Water and Sewerage Company provides water and sanitation services to Kitwe, Kalulushi and Chambeshi in the Copperbelt province.

The project will help cushion the water shortages that are being experienced in the fast growing districts of Kitwe and Kalulushi.

Meanwhile, the National Water Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO) has called on all commercial utilities to continue being diligent and on alert following the prevailing cholera situation.

NWASCO Director, Kelvin Chitumbo said despite the cholera outbreak being contained, it is important that commercial utilities remain vigilant and provide clean water to people.

Mr. Chitumbo said provision of clean water will discourage members of the public from drinking water from shallow wells and other untreated water sources.

He noted that utility companies should also have enough chemicals in stock to ensure continuous provision of clean and safe drinking water.

Mr. Chitumbo stated that currently annual and spot inspections are underway in different parts of the country including Lusaka which are aimed at ensuring that people are being provided with clean and safe drinking water.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chitumbo has further appealed to the utility companies to avoid carrying out any water disconnections in cholera affected areas as doing so may result in worsening the situation.

He added that people must continue to maintain good hygiene at both personal and community level.

Mr. Chitumbo further said all solid waste should be disposed off safely, washing hands before handling food and after using the toilet including boiling or treating water before drinking.

And Mr. Chitumbo has also implored Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company to come up with a plan and ensure that the new water points being put up in the affected areas are sustained by extending piped water supply to them.

He has also directed all commercial utilities to respond with urgency to any reports or complaints on sewer blockages in order to safeguard the water quality and health of the people.

This is according to a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by NWASCO Public Relations and Communications Officer, Mpunga Simukwai.

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  1. Biven Salukeki could he be from the late Post Newspaper? How many times has this company talked about “attractive” projects which have not yielded anything? The Mwambashi project is a living example of white elephants created by Nkana Water and Sewerage Company.


  2. Kafubu water in Ndola , what is the way forward? A lot of new residential areas are without running water and those that have, are consuming contaminated water because of lack of maintenance on corroded broken down pipes. Mr MP and copperbelt Minister we need holistic water reticulation to all Ndola residents



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